US shares Israel war crime guilt: It’s US-supplied Planes and Bombs that are Slaughtering Palestinian Children in Gaza

Israeli jet bombs a residential area in Gaza using what is most likely a US-provided bomb (Al-Jezeera)

By Dave Lindorff

When you’re watching those horrific images of massive explosions taking down high-rise apartment buildings in Gaza, and reading the statistics of dead in Gaza (195 dead, nearly half of them women and including over 40 children as young as six-months of age), remember that while it’s Israel bombing these buildings and killing these women, children and babies, it is all being done using American fighter-bombers and made-in-American bombs.

Lest there remained any doubt about this, when the Biden administration had a chance to use military aid as leverage to pressure the Netanyahu government in Israel not to launch an attack on Gaza, the president opted inxtead to approve the sale of $735 million worth of allegedly precision- guided bombs to Israel to the Israeli Defense Force’s already bulging stockpile, which is kept well supplied courtesy of $3.8 billion in free arms provided each year by US taxpayersby the US taxpayer. 

One of those bombs, it should be noted, was deliberately dropped on an apartment building that included among its tenants two international news organizations, that of the Associated Press, and of Al-Jazeera. The IDF reportedly gave a one-hour warning to the two international news organizations that it was going to bomb their building, which gave the staff time to leave, but that warning also gives the lie to the IDF’s excuse for that attack, which was a claim that the building was being use by Hamas fighters and rocket launchers. 

If that were the reason for the bombing, then such a warning, which AP and Al-Jazeera staff would certainly have relayed to neighboring and occupants of their building, would make no sense at all. It would also have given any Hamas fighters plenty of time to leave and escape the attack.

No, that attack was clearly designed to cut off or limit as much as possible AP and Al-Jazeera television broadcasts to the outside world documenting the massive Israeli assault on the 2 million people of Gaza.

The US has been playing a crooked game in this conflict as in conflicts between Israel and Palestinians in the past, always calling on “both sides” to call off the fighting and condemning the “violence on both sides,”  when what we really have is an embattled and imprisoned people trapped in gigantic prison camp fighting a battle of resistance against one of the world’s most powerful countries, Israel, with its significant nuclear arsenal and virtually endless backing from the United States.

The shadow puppet show continued today with news that President Biden, after a phone conversation with Netanyahu, had called on “the two sides” in the fighting to accept a cease fire, only to have Israel’s IDF launch a major pre-dawn bombing raid on Gaza using over 100 bombs and rockets that reportedly killed 42 Palestinians, bringing the death toll of children in Gaza from IDF attacks to 52… 

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