The Shame of the Richest Country in the World Just Not Being the Richest Country in the World

“In the richest country in the world, it’s an injustice that millions of people lack basic health care,” said Sen. Ed Markey.

“[T]he richest country in the world [is] struggling to provide basic nutrition to many of its infants,” according to Vox.

Politico tells us that “the richest country in the world could find itself out of money to combat a Covid resurgence on its own soil.”

“In the richest country in the history of the world, it is absurd, to say the least, that we have sentenced read more

What If Western Saharans Mattered?

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, May 11, 2022

If I object, in the United States, to the Israeli government’s brutal occupation of Palestine, most people will not only know what I’m talking about but also understand immediately what a hateful antisemite I must be.

If, on the other hand, I object, in the United States, to Morocco’s brutal occupation of Western Sahara, most people will have no idea what I’m talking about. Isn’t that actually worse?

Remarkably, the Moroccan government is read more

If Televisions Cared About This Planet

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, May 6, 2022

When we doubt that swift and dramatic change is possible, what we really mean is that we haven’t seen much swift and dramatic change for the better lately. There’s actually no disputing that massive and almost instant change is perfectly possible. For example, in a matter of days, the unified voices of virtually every television network, newspaper, news website, and entertainment outlet in the United States took millions of people without a thought read more

Peace Advocates Must Meet People Where They Are

By David Swanson

I set out to meet people where they are. But where are they?

I found some of them at the nearby organic vegan fairtrade coffeeshop. I asked them what they thought of Ukraine. We exchanged ideas and outraged lamentations for a few cappuccini, and came up with a short statement that we thought we could all agree with and that was more peaceful than they would have proposed on their own. I offer it here as a model for peace groups to consider:

“The maximum possible quantity and quality read more

Protests Around Globe Target World’s Biggest Weapons Company Lockheed Martin

By World BEYOND War, April 29, 2022

From April 21st to 28th, crowds and small groups of people in locations around the world have brought petitions, banners, and protests to the offices of the world’s largest weapons dealer, Lockheed Martin. Details, including photos and videos, of the Global Mobilization to #StopLockheedMartin are still being collected and posted at

The read more

Idiot Anti-Nukers Will Only Have Seconds to Say They Were Right

There’s a lot of funny stuff in politics, but the most ludicrous has got to be these holdovers from the 1980s running around warning that we could all die in a nuclear war. The idiots have not realized that nobody cares, that they look like morons, and that they’ll only have seconds in which to point out that they were right. What sort of awards do they expect to be given in the space of a half a minute?

Everybody’s going to be about to die in a matter of seconds. Maybe some people read more