“It Means What We Say It Means”: The Quiet Death of Limitations on the Self-Defence Excuse in International Law

William S. Geimer

Because so many of us are committed to nonviolence, in our own lives and in international affairs, we sometimes do not pay sufficient attention to the reality that self-defence is the only recognized exception to the use of lethal force in both contexts. That inattention is  unfortunate because, as we focus elsewhere, internationally recognized limitations on claims of self-defence are disappearing.  If those limitations survive and are honoured, wars will not end immediately read more

Will Koreans Count This Time?

William S. Geimer

Author: Canada: The Case for Staying Out of Other People’s Wars

Blog: DearVirtualEditor.com

A number of important matters are being ignored in the latest furor of North Korea. One is the fact that the U.S. created North Korea and South Korea, and then rejected the only democratic option for unification. The U.S. made these moves with little or no regard for the wishes of the Korean people, and at the cost of millions of their lives. To date, it has been clear that Korea is no read more