Focus: Russia and Ukraine – Aug 25, 2017

Jim Mattis, in Ukraine, says U.S. is thinking of sending weapons, vows to help the country stand up to Russia – The New York Times

US to boost Ukrainian army and retain Russia sanctions until it stops supporting rebels and returns Crimea, Mattis says in Kiev – Daily Sabah

VIDEO: Press conference of Ukraine President Poroshenko and State Secretary Mattis – YouTube

TRANSCRIPT: Secretary Mattis joint press conference with Ukrainian President Poroshenko – U.S. Department of Defense

McCain renews calls for Trump to send weapons to Ukraine – TheHill

Opinion: For the U.S. arming Ukraine could be a deadly mistake, it is walking into a proxy war with Moscow — one that it is unprepared to win – The New York Times

Survey among experts on Ukraine: Does providing lethal weapons to Kiev serve US vital interests? – Russia Matters


Ukraine marks Independence Day with parade attended by NATO units, Poroshenko says Ukraine will become both a member of the EU and NATO – TASS

USS Porter enters Black Sea to strengthen NATO defenses – Stripes

Russia to respond to possible US increase of military presence in Ukraine – Sputnik International

Russian military experts: By pushing the US to supply it with advanced weapons, Ukraine is driving itself into a trap and provoking Russia to respond – Sputnik International

Moscow: Poroshenko’s statement about expanding defense industry cooperation with the United States is inappropriate in light of the new ceasefire – Sputnik International

Russia has 10 times more tanks and heavy equipment in Ukraine after three years of war, says Kiev –

Kiev forces continue militarization near contact line: Donbass militia – Sputnik International

Kiev strengthening Donbass blockade: Russia’s Contact Group envoy – Sputnik International

Separatist: Ukrainian troops kill over 30 people in Donbass amid ‘harvest ceasefire’ – Sputnik International

Latest from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine on ceasefire violations – ReliefWeb

East Ukraine conflict claimed nearly 3,000 civilian lives: ICRC – TASS

Moscow: Kiev tries to sabotage Minsk deal by asking for UN peacekeepers in Donbass – Sputnik International

Trilateral Contact Group and Ukraine separatists agrees on new ceasefire regime in Donbass –

Russia to consider retaliation if Ukraine toughens border control – Sputnik International

European energy specialist: US dragging Ukraine over the coals with exorbitant coal prices, since coal from both the blockaded Donbass region and Russia is significantly cheaper –

Rick Perry looks to strike energy ‘partnership’ deal with Ukraine –

Has Trump noticed Putin has cut off Ukraine’s Black Sea ports to accommodate the Crimea bridge construction? – Newsweek

Russia and Ukraine’s battle over Crimean heritage heats up, while Putin referred to an archeological site as “Russia’s Mecca” Ukraine wants recover “stolen” paintings –

Vladimir Putin’s trip to Crimea jazz festival angers Ukraine – Newsweek

Children’s culture trip to Russia triggers Ukrainian security service probe – RT News

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