Focus: The Khan Sheikhoun alleged Sarin gas attack – June 26, 2017

Note: I have reached no conclusions on the Khan Sheikhoun alleged Sarin gas attack, waiting for the OPCW report. Below are the latest news plus older documentation.

Syria: Trump‘s red line, Seymour M. Hersh investigates the case of the alleged Sarin gas attack – WELT

Intelligence officials doubted the alleged Sarin gas attack at Khan Sheikhoun. WELT presents a chat protocol of a security advisor and an active American soldier on duty at a key base in the region – WELT

Air strike in Syria: The fog of war, Seymour Hersh and the question as to what really happened in Khan Sheikhoun – WELT

Will get fooled again: Seymour Hersh, Welt, and the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack – bellingcat

People saying that Seymour Hersh’s article is based on unverified sources but he has told WELT the names of all the sources he quotes anonymously – James Stuart on Twitter

Discussion: Debunking this article by Hersh, who claims that the victims weren’t poisoned by Sarin but by “organophosphates used in many fertilizers” – Reddit

ARCHIVE: Status update of the OPCW fact-finding mission in Syria regarding a reported incident in Khan Shaykhun, 4 April 2017 –

ARCHIVE: The Syrian government’s widespread and systematic use of chemical weapons – HRW

ARCHIVE: A critique of the HRW report on Khan Sheikhoun – DocDroid

ARCHIVE: Russian MoD disputes HRW report claiming Soviet chem bomb was used in Syria’s Idlib – RT News

ARCHIVE: Sarin in Khan Sheikhoun: 3D reconstruction and comparison of the cap with the Russian Sarin bomb “ХБ-250”,shows different in size and shape – Timmi Allen on Twitter

ARCHIVE: Postol: The Human Rights Watch report cites evidence that disaffirms its own conclusions about the alleged nerve agent attack at Khan Sheikhoun in Syria – normanpilon

ARCHIVE: Postol: Russian explanation of the mass poisoning in Syria could be true – Truthdig

ARCHIVE: Idlib Chemical Massacre: The blasts – Monitor on Massacre Marketing

ARCHIVE: Idlib CW Massacre 4-4-17: The when and where, wind direction explainer – Monitor on Massacre Marketing

VIDEO ARCHIVE: Different wind directions in KhanSheikhoun chemical attack footage on ground and in height – Timmi Allen on Twitter

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