We Asked People to Comment on U.S. Weapons Shipments to Wars

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, February 23, 2024

We asked people to sign this petition and add comments. Here are some of the comments they added:

Stop the weapons shipments, and replace them with diplomacy and a new focus on the human and environmental crises that these wars defund, distract from, and exacerbate.

The arms trade is negative value production that adversely impacts on international currencies as well as life, living standards, and the natural world.

“Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.” — John F. Kennedy. YOU DO REALIZE THAT YOU ARE PART OF THE MANKIND THAT WILL BE ENDED, RIGHT?

“The money made by the sale of weapons is money drenched in blood!” Pope Francis address to the U.S. Congress 2015. Stop the sale of arms now!

Is the United States ready to grow up, or will it continue to promote barbarism and murder in the name of profit?

Vengeance is misguided grief.

A government’s primary responsibility is to care for its own people– not by waging wars or sending weapons to other countries, but by ensuring the welfare and quality of life of its own people. Humanity begins at home.

A growing number of us hate what our country is turning into.

A total prohibition on all arms exports is also imperative given that an estimated 40% of global corruption can apparently be traced back to the arms industry.

A World Beyond War must be possible.

Absolutely, no more weapons shipments, including airplanes, to Israel. Why would anyone add fuel to this horrific, fiery war?

Actually represent the people for once… Not your damned owners.

All beings everywhere on the Earth deserve support, not destruction.

All empires fail.

All militaries are terrorist organizations.

All the money you are giving to the weapon manufacturers could erase the need for more wars, death and destruction.

America’s exporting of weapons to waring nations has to stop immediately

Any one State can turn into a powder keg. The risk is too great a chance for another World War

Armaments contribute massively to global warming.

Arming a nation is as morally wrong as fighting. Think what all the money could achieve which we now spend on weapons

Arming any side in conflict situations only increases the harm to all sides.

As a global citizen we are asking you to please stop.

As a Registered Nurse, with forty years experience in patient care, I follow the Hippocratic Oath, “First, Do No Harm.” I expect all people of conscience and good will, especially government leaders who represent me, to act similarly.

As a Ukrainian citizen, I am deeply concerned about the role that the US plays in prolonging the tragic situation of war in my home country.

We see the evidence of pushing for an increased production and selling of armaments but no tangible effort to restore diplomacy, or to actively engage the civil society in a public dialogue around peace building efforts, or to take concrete steps in the direction of de-escalation of tension between nuclear armed states.

We have had enough of military answers to conflicts that only lead to deepening of divisions and intergenerational trauma. We need the US government and military officials to acknowledge their contribution to the co-creation of wars in Ukraine, Israel, and of tensions in countries that have unresolved historical grievances, such as Taiwan and China. We want the US government to reconsider its policy toward these states and adjust it in ways that opens dialogue and builds bridges of understanding and cooperation.

Therefore, we are calling for immediate stopping of all shipment of U.S. weapons overseas and for allowing other communities to reconcile, heal, and find their own way toward unity, understanding, just and lasting peace.

We are calling for reallocation of funds, energy, and efforts of the US government away from sponsoring wars in other countries and toward peace-building diplomacy and sustainable practices. Toward support of peace activists and human rights advocates from the affected communities that can help all of us to move away from divisive thinking, rhetoric, and actions that cause the destruction of human life and our natural habitats.

We are calling for our voices to be heard, considered, and responded to, honoring the role of government as a representative of the will of its people. And now we are willing for peace efforts, for diplomacy and dialogue, for negotiation and agreements, not for more military actions and not for politically-motivated support of one side against the other.

We are calling for unity consciousness and respect for interconnectedness of all life on Earth to replace self-serving interests and never-ending competition for dominance and control over territories and resources.

Those of us who voted for Biden have been sadly let down by the war-mongering, genocide-supporting machinations of this supposedly ‚”Democratic” president!

Biden should know his stubbornness on this issue will doom his efforts to hold the Presidency.

Diplomacy FIRST! Weapons NEVER! Stop fighting everyone who you can’t manipulate, exploit and who does not want to live exactly your American way of life!

Dismantle all military industries now – we cant afford the wars or the carbon costs.

Do not assist war!

Do not make me and the American people complicit in the Netanyahu government’s war crimes.

There are many thousands more comments along these lines.

Add your own.

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