The Latest Lies About Russia

Things that we now know are not actually true:

  • Russia impacted the U.S. election results in 2016 or 2020.
  • Russia hacked into U.S. election machines.
  • The recent U.S. government report alleging election interference contained any evidence of anything.
  • The report so much as alleged Russian involvement in the Biden-Ukraine-corruption story.
  • Russia changed the GOP platform.
  • Russia worked with WikiLeaks.
  • Russia met with Michael Cohen in Prague.
  • 17 U.S. agencies claimed Putin launched cyber-attacks in 2016.
  • Russia hacked Vermont’s electricity.
  • The pee and prostitutes story.
  • Anyone has confirmed the allegation against Russia of placing bounties on heads in Afghanistan.
  • The people of Crimea voting to re-join Russia is the worst threat to peace on earth in recent decades, in contrast to U.S. led wars that have killed and displaced millions but not disturbed the stable peaceful world order.
  • Rejecting lies about Russia requires believing anything good about Russia or Donald Trump.
  • Threatening or attacking a nation improves its respect for human rights.
  • Risking nuclear war is justified by some greater good.

Things you can find in the U.S. media:

  • President Joe Biden written about as a victim or an observer of his calling Vladimir Putin a killer.
  • The falsehoods above are accepted truth and Russia is to blame for the U.S. mass shooter problem.
  • Biden calling Putin a killer was a good thing, but Putin wishing Biden good health was a threat made from occupied Crimea.
  • Noble democratic movements in Russia are represented and led by vicious xenophobe Aleksei Navalny (who in reality has little support in Russia but has posted a video in which he pretends to kill an immigrant).
  • NATO is good for you.
  • Wildly out of control military spending is needed to “deter Russia,” which spends 8 percent what the United States does on militarism.

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