One Earth, One Chance: Six Activists Discuss Climate

UPDATE: Now included in this video is the Q&A portion.

Here’s a video I encourage you to watch above or at this LINK. The part that I’m in, which addresses climate and war, starts around minute 40, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing.

This was an event in Charlottesville, Va., on February 28, 2020, featuring activists whose portraits have been painted by Robert Shetterly. Meeting other such activists has been a major source of inspiration to me. In this case, those activists include Sherri Mitchell, Kelsey Juliana, Diane Wilson, and John Hunter. They’re terrific.

As often happens, some of the best parts of this event were in the Question and Answer portion with the audience participating. That part is not in this video, but I have some hope of getting it and adding it here in the coming days. It took over a month to get this video of the initial remarks, which I’m going ahead and sharing with you.

Parts of this video may show up in a forthcoming film called “Truth Tellers,” which I expect I’ll be strongly encouraging everyone to watch.

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