Warren’s Choice: Quit Now and Back Sanders or Continue a Doomed Campaign and Help Defeat Him?

Laurie Dobson

I started this article intending prior to Super Tuesday, to appeal to Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be true to her ‘Sooner State’ roots and to drop out sooner, not later. I realize that dropping out is not in her nature, but feel it’s worth a try, for the sake of her being able to claim her role in helping secure, and be part of, a progressive ticket. The alternative is to be remembered as the spoiler of the progressive movement’s best chance at the White House in generations.

 “Progressive spoiler” will be the title that will stick to her should she fail to recognize and seize her moment. She will become this decade’s Ralph Nader, deservedly or not. Alternatively, Warren can take a different path instead and assume her rightful place as VP and Treasury Secretary, in a progressive administration headed by candidate Sanders, who unlike her still has a strong shot at winning the Democratic Presidential nomination and the general election.She can make this happen right now, a day prior to Super Tuesday.

 There are similarities in our upbringing that give me hope that she will consider my suggestion.

 Like Warren, I grew up in Oklahoma, in stolen Indian Territory. Like her, I was surrounded by masculine energies, of the military variety. (I grew up on an Air Force Base, and she has three brothers who were in the military. I remember the jock, cowboy mentality in the flat Oklahoma panhandle, where the men had the fancy titles, bomber jets and uniforms, and women were considered ‘squaws.’)

 Like Warren, I moved to the Northeast when I got older, raised three children, hit the sexist glass ceiling, and, in my case, was convinced that I should raise my children before continuing a career. I know about foiled opportunities.

 I don’t know that I can convince Elizabeth with this appeal, particularly since I have again become a Bernie supporter (despite his abdicating to Clinton in 2016, when even Bloomberg said Sanders could have beaten Trump). Everyone knows Warren has more balls than Bernie and is willing to push harder, say more, and say it more memorably. Like me, she is supremely capable in certain arenas and will not be told what to do.

 It galls me that Warren would try to win at Bernie’s expense by accusing him of sexism (with CNN’s willing connivance) during the Iowa debate, However, if she has been scarred by male attitudes, including his, I get her anger. Having experienced domestic violence and other assaults myself, I appreciate Warren’s sensitivity toward male authoritarianism whether in the workplace, at home or on the campaign.

 Actually, I could write a whole article on our similarities in age, temperament, experience and early childhood lessons in the unfair treatment of women. I even ran for office myself, twice for State Representative and once for US Senator. I too know about corrupt politicians and electoral practices!

 While I was an early and unapologetic progressive, I admired Warren for her willingness to drive harder and say more. She has a commendable past and has been a powerful force for reform.

 However,  I did not like Warren’s decision to support Hillary over Bernie in the 2016 Democratic Primary, given that they are longtime political allies and friends. Bernie was akin to her in progressive politics. But if this race, for her, is about being a woman and wanting a woman to be President, it makes sense.

 When Warren talks about “the mommas,” she sounds like she’s speaking from her core beliefs. She is in it to win it for women, the largest and most repressed identity group. We women have been denied the vote and other basic human rights longer than any other group. And, to this day, men do not get it.  However, I still believe Warren must drop out now and support Sanders.

 Pete Buttegieg’s departure from the primary competition over the weekend and Amy Klobuchar’s departure on Monday (she endorsed Joe Biden), could allow the notoriously antagonistic, demented creep Biden, to get over the top in delegates. It also potentially benefits Bloomberg, who may win enough delegates to either help Biden, or himself, should Biden short circuit (which seems likely, given his history of regrettable gaffes). The Buttigieg’s “suspension” of his campaign will also quickly undermine Warren if she stays in the contest any longer. Her star will fade and there will be no room for her on any ticket aside from the neoliberal status quo variety…


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