Focus: The GOP Senate Tax Bill and Obamacare

POLL: Tax reform & Obamacare: Poll finds voters want them dealt with separately – National Review

POLL: 60 percent to blame Trump, GOP for ObamaCare problems – TheHill

House Republicans are divided over Obamacare individual mandate push in tax plan – The Washington Post

Republican U.S. senators to watch in the debate on the tax bill, two of them have qualms about including repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate in the tax bill – Reuters

Pro-Obamacare group ads target swing Republicans on taxes – POLITICO


Trump met Senate Republicans on ObamaCare fix, The importance of the Alexander/Murray bipartisan bill has increased  given that Senate Republicans are now proposing to repeal ObamaCare’s individual mandate in their tax bill  – TheHill

Senate Committee clears GOP tax bill to set post-Thanksgiving table – US News

Killing Obamacare mandate won’t cut number of insured — or budget deficit — as much as predicted by the CBO, Standard & Poor’s report says – CNBC

Senate bill would cut taxes on all groups at first, but then raise taxes on middle earners, in part thanks to a wrinkle caused by the tax bill’s repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate: Joint Committee on Taxation –

Trump legislative director: The Joint Committee on Taxation analysis of GOP tax bill ‘misleading’ and ‘dishonest’ –

CBO: Republican tax plan would trigger big cuts to Medicare, $25 billion only next year – MSNBC

Tax plan puts GOP lawmakers in bind over Medicare spending cuts and and they might need Democrats to help fix the problem – Bloomberg

GOP tax bill would spike Obamacare premiums nearly $2,000 for families: Center for American Progress analysis – CNBC

Commentary: GOP Obamacare tax plan will create nightmare for middle class – CNBC

Democrats blame Trump for Obamacare rate hikes – Fox News

Obamacare enrollment at 1.48 million, up more than 46 percent over last year’s pace – CNBC

POLL: About a third of Americans unaware of Obamacare open enrollment – Kaiser Health News

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