Focus: The GOP Tax Bill – Nov 6, 2017

Republicans propose last-minute changes to tax bill, Kevin Brady unveils amendment – The New York Times

House tax panel adopts GOP changes after day of partisan bickering – The Washington Post

Democrats yell, seethe during markup of GOP tax plan – CNN

House holds off on cutting several Obamacare taxes in GOP bill-

Read: Rep. Kevin Brady’s amendment to the House’s tax reform bill – Vox

Live coverage: Ways and Means begins tax bill markup – TheHill


VIDEO (Full): House Ways and Means Committee marks up tax reform bill – YouTube

Cornyn: Senate GOP tax plan to be released Thursday – TheHill

Senate tax bill likely to keep $1 Million mortgage cap – Bloomberg

Group of Democratic senators to huddle with White House officials on tax reform Tuesday – The Washington Post

John McCain confirms: Tax reform is “DOA (dead on arrival) in the Senate” – Zero Hedge

James Lankford says he won’t support tax bill if it increases debt too much – CBS News

The Penn Wharton Budget Model research group says GOP tax bill costs $1.75 trillion – TheHill

Report: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Static effect on federal tax revenues – Penn Wharton Budget Model

Tax Policy Center retracts analysis of GOP tax bill after discovering an error in its model – The Washington Post

Wall Street Journal editorial slams GOP tax plan’s ‘stealth’ rate: ‘If the Kevin Brady-Paul Ryan 45.6% bubble bracket becomes law, this will soon become the new top rate for everybody’ – TheHill

“Bubble tax”: The GOP’s hidden 46% tax bracket – Zero Hedge

Mixed small business reception for GOP tax plan – SFGate

GOP small-business tax cut: Not much to see here –

Housing industry unites against Republican tax plan – HousingWire

Complicated foreign excise tax for U.S. companies could pose problems for House Republican tax bill, group compares it to a controversial border-adjustment tax – LA Times

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