Focus: The Trump Dossier – Oct 30, 2017

Hill Republicans want more answers from Wasserman Schultz, Podesta about Trump dossier money – Fox News

Trey Gowdy: No difference between Obama DOJ and Trump DOJ when it comes to dossier transparency –

VIDEO (and transcript): Gowdy: Did Obama Justice Department rely on Steele dossier to get FISA warrant? – RealClearPolitics

Ryan: FBI to turn over anti-Trump dossier documents to Congress this week – Washington Times

House Intelligence Committee strikes deal with Fusion GPS for firm’s bank records –

Trump heralds GOP “anger, unity” concerning the dossier, uranium deal and Clinton deleted emails as WSJ warns Dems “the Russian dossier dam is breaking” – Zero Hedge

Obama campaign paid $972,000 to law firm that paid Fusion GPS –


Tom Fitton: Obama campaign payments to law firm raises questions –

VIDEO: Tom Fitton: Obama campaign payments to law firm raises questions – YouTube

According to Bloomberg, Steele dossier was not the basis for Trump-related surveillance – LawNewz

Were FISA warrants to monitor Trump associates improperly obtained in part on the basis of the Russia dossier? Trump himself could remove much of the mystery regarding this matter if he were to order release of the FISA warrants (Part 1-5) – Power Line

ARCHIVE: FBI used Trump dossier to help get warrant to monitor ex-aide: report – TheHill

Fusion GPS scandal: Clinton, DNC broke campaign finance law with dossier funding, FEC complaint says – Fox News

Clinton’s payments for the Russia dossier were legal, but hiding them was not – TheHill

Clinton did not know about Trump dossier until publication: report – TheHill

What did Dems know about Trump dossier? Their handling of Muslim IT spy affair is instructive – Freedom Outpost

Dossier revelations spotlight influence, authority of lawyer Marc Elias – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Free Beacon did nothing wrong hiring Trump dossier-linked research firm; It was a different project –

Statement of the Washington Free Beacon on Fusion GPS – Washington Free Beacon

CNN’s undisclosed ties to Fusion GPS – The Daily Caller

Is special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia fatally tainted by the Steele dossier? –

PODCAST: Kenneth P. Vogel, a New York Times reporter discusses the dossier and the president Trump’ top lawyer Ty Cobb interviewed – The New York Times

Edward Klein: New book reveals FBI report on Deep State’s ‘all out war’ to destroy Trump –

Book: Obama aides’ plot to ‘destroy Trump’ over Russia hatched at Christmas –

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