Focus: New Probes of Russian Uranium Deal and FBI Clinton email investigation – Oct 24, 2017

House Republicans launch new probes into Obama-era Uranium One deal, FBI handling of Clinton email investigation – Fox News

VIDEO: Rep. Devin Nunes announces probe into Russia uranium deal – YouTube

GOP seeks testimony from ‘informant’ on Russia uranium deal (VIDEO) –

DOJ is ‘reviewing’ Grassley letter about lifting gag order on FBI informant in Clinton-Russia-Uranium probe –

VIDEO: FBI informant blocked by Obama-era AG can unlock key info on the Russian uranium deal, his attorney says – Fox Business


Hillary Clinton pushes back on Russian uranium deal reports: ‘Baloney’ – TheHill

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton pushes back on Russian uranium deal reports: ‘Baloney’ – YouTube

Media sees no meat at all in the Russian uranium deal-

Dan Gainor: Media obsessed with Trump Russia conspiracy ignoring Clinton Uranium One –

The Hill’s flimsy Russia-uranium story lands with maximum effect – The Washington Post

Interview with former prosecutor McCarthy on the Uranium One deal: Russia not a story now that focus is on Dems (VIDEO) –

DOJ should explore RICO case v. Clinton Foundation & Hillary State Dept, folding in UnraniumOne, as I argued here: – Andrew C. McCarthy on Twitter

Investigative journalist Charles Ortel believes that the uranium deal may become the trigger for an all-out inquiry into the Clinton Foundation – Zero Hedge

FBI was surprised but took no action after Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 from Russian bank while Hillary was asked to sign off on a uranium deal – Daily Mail Online

As FBI chief Robert Mueller watched and allowed the Russian uranium deal, in 2009 Mueller flew to Moscow to provide Russia with a sample of 10 grams of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) – The Epoch Times

VIDEO: Investigate Mueller, Comey, Holder & Rosenstein in uranium deal: The gang of 4 –

The FBI’s political meddling, Mueller is the wrong sleuth when his ex-agency is so tangled up with Russia – WSJ

James Comey and Robert Mueller imperil the rule of law, the former FBI directors tend to investigate Republicans far more zealously than Democrats – WSJ

Statement: Goodlatte, Gowdy open investigation into decisions made by DOJ in 2016 regarding the Clinton email investigation – U.S. House of Representatives

Top House Democrats lash out at new Republican-led probes into Hillary Clinton email investigations –


Brian Frosh, Maryland attorney general, seeks to derail probe into Hillary Clinton’s lawyers involved in the email scandal – Washington Times

Judicial Watch: State Dept. still sitting on a motherload of Clinton emails –

Lawyer files to have ex-FBI chief James Comey disbarred after Clinton email scandal – Washington Times

Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Trump dossier – The Washington Post


Congress fights for bank records tied to Trump Dossier –

Text of the House Intelligence Committee court filing urging a federal judge to authorize its subpoena targeting the political-research firm that sponsored the Trump dossier –

Bernie Sanders supporter sues DNC and Hillary Clinton for fraud and seeks access to the committee’s servers claiming they hold evidence to prove the primary was rigged and DNC worker Seth Rich was murdered – Daily Mail Online

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