Focus: North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – Oct 11, 2017

In a meeting with Trudeau, Trump says NAFTA talks ‘tough’ and failure possible: ‘If we can’t make a deal, it’ll be terminated and that will be fine’ –

Trump says separate trade pacts with Canada, Mexico could replace NAFTA – Fox Business

VIDEO: Trump says ‘we’ll see what happens’ regarding NAFTA – YouTube

VIDEO: Trudeau remains optimistic for a positive outcome to NAFTA negotiations – YouTube

VIDEO: Canada’s Justin Trudeau takes questions on NAFTA, US relations – YouTube

‘Mexico’s bigger than NAFTA’, will only remain in the trade pact if good for national interest: FM sends dire warning to US – RT America

Mexico warns that abandoning NAFTA could end broader cooperation with US against drug trafficking and illegal migration – The Guardian


Mexican senators lay out six ‘red lines’ for NAFTA renegotiation – WSJ

Mexican Senate chief backs complete withdrawal from NAFTA –

Mexican business leaders say no NAFTA better than bad deal – Reuters

Mexican Peso drops amid NAFTA talk troubles – Fox Business

Chambers of Commerce from all 50 States urge Trump administration to modernize NAFTA, ‘Do no harm’ – U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Speech of U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Donohue: Preserving North American growth, jobs, and competitiveness. Trump’s poison pill proposals could doom NAFTA – U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Text of the Coalition Chamber Federation letter on NAFTA to the President and Congress – U.S. Chamber of Commerce

White House pushes backs against Chamber of Commerce criticism of NAFTA talks –

AFL-CIO says Trump administration has ‘listened’ on trade, ‘The U.S. Chamber’s negative reaction… reveals a lot about how much corporate CEOs benefit under the NAFTA status quo’  –

Politicians take a negative view on trade deals — even the ones they voted for – The Washington Post

House Democrats call for change in NAFTA, The representatives want the investor-state dispute settlement provision removed during renegotiations – US News

Business, farm groups lobby the Hill as contentious phase of NAFTA talks begin – POLITICO

Editorial Board: Trump’s moves on NAFTA risk massive damage – The Washington Post

NAFTA talks will focus on U.S. demands for more America-made content – Bloomberg

Auto industry warns Trump is proposing ‘lose-lose’ changes to NAFTA, consumers may also face rising prices – Bloomberg

NAFTA benefits Canada more than the US, Agriculture Secretary says – Fox Business

NAFTA talks resume amid US-Canada aircraft dispute – AFP

Opinion: New NAFTA must protect American innovation and creativity — not punish it – TheHill

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