Focus: North Korea Update – Sep 26, 2017

Trump lowers temperature in simmering conflict with North Korea and claims pressure is working – The Washington Post

Trump: military option for North Korea not preferred, but would be ‘devastating’ for Pyongyang – Reuters

Trump insists North Korea’s Kim started war of words, ‘He’s saying things that should never, ever be said. And we’re replying to those things. It’s not an original statement’ – POLITICO

VIDEO: President Trump joint press conference with Spanish P.M. Mariano Rajoy (on North Korea starts at 5:00 min and 22:30 min) – YouTube

Trump administration sanctions North Korean banks, bank workers – CBS News

U.S. still seeks diplomatic solution to North Korea crisis, Mattis says – WSJ

McMaster: US has four or five North Korea scenarios, ‘Some uglier than others…What we hope to do is avoid war, but we cannot discount that possibility’ –


Dunford says North Korea has not changed military posture despite rhetoric, the US military takes the risk of miscalculation into account when planning operations – TheHill

Tillerson to visit China this week for talks that will include the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs – Reuters

US says it’s not pushing for regime change in North Korea – Fox News

According to a Pentagon estimate, 20,000 South Koreans killed per day even in the event of a conventional non-nuclear war with North Korea – TODAYonline

A North Korean nuclear missile fired at Hawaii could possibly avoid interception, would hit too fast to evacuate the population and would claim 15,000 lives, government file reveals – DailyMail

California is already preparing for a North Korean nuclear attack, (including full text of the Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center report) – Foreign Policy

Dems ask Mattis: How many people would die in war with North Korea – TheHill

North Korea prepares Air Force build up after U.S. bombers arrive in South –

North Korea incapable of shooting down U.S. planes despite threats: Experts – AP

US aircraft carrier and jets DESTROYED by Kim Jong-un missiles in North Korea propaganda video (VIDEO) –

North Korean officials seek meetings with GOP analysts to figure out Trump: report – TheHill

Kim has stash of up to $5 billion hidden abroad, says analyst – The Asahi Shimbun

China sees ‘no winner’ in a war on Korean peninsula – THE BUSINESS TIMES

Russian foreign ministry ‘working behind scenes’ to resolve North Korea crisis: RIA – CNBC

Otto Warmbier’s parents open up about son’s torture by North Korea: their son was blind and deaf, with mangled teeth, jerking violently and moaning on a stretcher with a feeding tube coming out of his nose – Fox News

VIDEO: Otto Warmbier’s parents says son was tortured in North Korea – YouTube

In a twitter Donald Trump accuses North Korea of ‘torturing’ US student Otto Warmbier after an interview with his parents –

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