Focus: Antifa in Berkeley – Aug 28, 2017

Black-clad Antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators that marched for a “Rally Against Hate” gathering in Berkeley – The Washington Post

Berkeley police allowed Antifa to jump barricades, assault demonstrators – Breitbart

Patriot Prayer’s free speech rally falsely condemned as “white supremacist” (VIDEO) –

Berkeley counter-demonstration organizers defend Antifa – CBS San Francisco

Trump retweets D’Souza about Antifa-sparked violence at Berkeley claiming the president was right about left-wing violence –

Democrats silent after Antifa attacks in Berkeley on Trump supporters – Washington Times

Fox News’s Boothe: ‘When will Democrats denounce Antifa?’ (VIDEO) – TheHill


Four major liberal outlets denounce Antifa –

Berkeley Mayor condemn Antifa, says it is a ‘gang’ – CBS San Francisco

New statement from Berkeley mayor JesseArreguin on berkeleyprotests (Click on the statement to read full text) – Casey Tolan on Twitter

US Commission on Civil Rights refuses to condemn Antifa violence – Live Trading News

Antifa to host violent anti-cop workshops – Law Officer

VIDEO: Berkeley in chaos this wknd when Antifa crashed a peaceful rally – Trish Regan on Twitter

VIDEO: Antifa violence: Clip is from live chopper feed by kcranews in Berkeley. No cops seen – Nick Short on Twitter

VIDEO: Antifa attack father and son in Berkeley – YouTube

VIDEO: Antifa beat and pour urine on Trump supporter at Berkeley protest – YouTube

VIDEO: Antifa mob spits all over Trump supporter –

AVIDEO: Antifa stalk female UC Berkeley student trying to exit rally – YouTube

VIDEO: Conservative reporter ambushed and beaten by Antifa in Berkeley – YouTube

VIDEO: Patriot Prayer organizer pursued by black-clad Antifa protesters – YouTube

PHOTOS: Cameraman that Antifa assaulted. Hit w/baton in 1st pic (already bleeding) then punched/kicked multiple times. Cops “helped” after assaults. – Nick Short on Twitter

VIDEO: Antifa attacks KTVU reporter in Berkeley – YouTube

VIDEO: “Take his camera, take his phone,” they are shouting at a journalist – Lizzie Johnson on Twitter

VIDEO: Police moved out & allowed Antifa protesters to take MLK Park. Call in national guard if police won’t do their job – Kevin W. on Twitter

VIDEO: Antifa chase cops out of MLK plaza in Berkeley. police fire teargas – YouTube

VIDEO: Berkeley police chief says he let Antifa enter the park to avoid more violence, there was “no need for a confrontation over a grass patch” – Secret Report

VIDEO: Cops caught hiding as Antifa beat people in the streets of Berkeley – YouTube

VIDEO: Berkeley counter-protest organizers defend actions of black-clad Antifa activists – YouTube

VIDEO: Former Antifa member speaks out – Stefan Molyneux on Twitter

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