Focus: North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – Aug 16, 2017

U.S. takes tough lines as NAFTA negotiations begin: ‘We feel that NAFTA has fundamentally failed many, many Americans and needs major improvement’ – Yahoo News

VIDEO: NAFTA 2.0 press conference with US, Canada and Mexico representatives – United States Trade Representative

TRANSCRIPT: Opening statement of USTR Robert Lighthizer at the first round of NAFTA renegotiations – United States Trade Representative

Full text of the Trump administration’s Summary of Objectives for NAFTA Renegotiation –

Canada and Mexico rebuke Trump at tense start of NAFTA talks –

What the U.S., Canada and Mexico want from a new NAFTA – US News


Address by Canada Foreign Affairs Minister Freeland on the modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) –

U.S. trade vets say Canada’s NAFTA demands a ‘long shot’ –

Prioridades de México en las negociaciones para la modernización del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte – Secretaría de Economía | Gobierno

The A team across the table: The top US, Canada and Mexico negotiators – Bloomberg

NAFTA talks open with spat over how to settle tariff conflicts, the U.S. wants to do away with dispute-resolution panels – WSJ

NAFTA: Early indications suggest autos will emerge as U.S. priority No. 1 – The Chronicle Herald

Trump and U.S. car companies are fighting over what it means to be made in America – The Washington Post 

US tech companies ramp up NAFTA lobbying on eve of trade talks – THE BUSINESS TIMES

Agriculture industry in the U.S., Canada and Mexico wants few changes to NAFTA –

U.S. pursuing aggressive timeline for wrapping Up NAFTA talks – Bloomberg

Democrats warn NAFTA reform dead without their support –

My full statement on the Trump Administration renegotiating NAFTA. Time to look at our ABetterDeal trade proposals.- Chuck Schumer on Twitter

ARCHIVE: Democrats push ‘Better Deal’ agenda, call for tougher trade policies –

ARCHIVE: A Better Deal on Trade and Jobs: Fighting Back Against Corporations that Outsource American Jobs and Countries that Manipulate Trade Laws – Senate Democrats

Labor Unions to Trump: No more trickle-down trade deals – Alternet

John McCain warns Trump not to rip up NAFTA –

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