Focus: China and North Korea – Aug 14, 2017

In joint WSJ editorial Mattis, Tillerson say ‘U.S. has no interest in regime change or accelerated reunification of Korea’,  pressure China to step up and deal with North Korea –

Jim Mattis, Rex Tillerson editorial: We’re holding Pyongyang to account – WSJ

General Dunford: ‘It would be a horrible thing were a war to be conducted here on the (Korea) peninsula, and that’s why we’re so focused on coming up with a peaceful way ahead’ – Stripes

Resolve N. Korea nuclear issue peacefully: President Moon – The Straits Times

Trump signs trade actions against China as North Korea crisis looms over move – Washington Times

Trump’s trade war with China is war on North Korea by other means – IBD

US-North Korea standoff could spark economic war with China – CNBC


Chinese state newspaper says Trump trade probe will ‘poison’ relations, it is unfair for Trump to put the burden on China for dissuading Pyongyang from its actions – Reuters

China implements UN sanctions against North Korea, as Trump trade probe looms – Fox News

Experts: North Korea’s dependency on Chinese fuel is China’s choke hold on Pyongyang, China is leaving a life line for North Korea – Bloomberg

North Korea trade with China rises despite sanctions – CBN News

VIDEO: At China-North Korea border, business carrying on as usual despite sanctions – NBC

North Korea factories humming with ‘Made in China’ clothes, Chinese textile firms are increasingly using North Korean factories – Reuters

Undaunted by tensions, Chinese tourists flock into North Korea – IOL Travel

ARCHIVE: To curb North Korea’s nuclear program, follow the money: North Korean business managers embed themselves in commercial hubs in China –

Sanction China over North Korea? The case for and against. –

How US sanctions against North Korea could affect Chinese banks that have dealings with North Korean companies – South China Morning Post

ARCHIVE: U.S. sanctions Chinese entities over North Korea – The Atlantic

Why China isn’t doing more to stop North Korea – The Atlantic

China holds the most important cards for addressing the North Korean threat, but until now we have not offered a combination of inducements and threats that were sufficient to alter their calculus – US News

How Beijing handles the brinkmanship of Kim Jong Un is the most important test the Chinese have yet faced. The crisis is first a measure of China’s reliability – The Washington Post

Communist Party newspaper: China would join forces with North Korea if U.S. launches pre-emptive strike, but will remain neutral if North Korea fires missiles at US territory first – Newsweek

China bolsters defences on North Korean border amid tensions over nuclear program – Telegraph

Why a ‘double freeze’ Chinese proposal is really double trouble for nuclear deterrence –

Strong UN Sanctions slapped on North Korea, but experts say they won’t work – Fox News

Why didn’t sanctions stop North Korea’s missile program? –

How North Korea cheats sanctions – The Atlantic

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