Focus: Raqqa – Aug 7, 2017

ISIS vows grueling battle against U.S.-led coalition forces in Raqqa –

ISIS warns of ‘a fire that burns the cross and its people’, In the new issue of its magazine Rumiyah interviews a Raqqa commander –

The Islamic State’s latest issue of the magazine Rumiyah includes instructions to fighters on how to dodge white phosphorus reportedly used by U.S. and Russian forces – The Daily Caller

Full English text of the Islamic State’s latest issue of the magazine Rumiyah (slow to download) – rum12en.pdf

In Raqqa, a battle of attrition as civilians flee in shock – The Washington Post

Three suburbs captured in Raqqa city after Kurdish forces resume offensive –


In pictures: ISIS combatants lurk around every Raqqa corner with rocket launchers –

ISIS deployed snipers with night vision to defend raqqa from YPG ,,,,several YPG were killed last night due to ISIS snipers shots – Independent on Twitter

In pictures: ISIS suicide bomber takes out large Kurdish gathering in Raqqa city –

ISIS releases 30-min propaganda video on fighting Kurdish-led forces in Raqqa (VIDEO) –

US sends armored bulldozers to Kurdish militants to defeat IEDs –

U.S. embassy in Turkey denies sending tanks to groups in Syria –

Officials release details of latest strikes against ISIS in Syria, Iraq – MilTech

US-led coalition jets destroy 30 Daesh fighting positions near Raqqa – Sputnik International

Operation Inherent Resolve monthly civilian casualty report – Operation Inherent Resolve

The US is far more deeply involved in Syria than you know –

Brett McGurk: Under Trump, gains against ISIS have ‘dramatically accelerated’ – The Washington Post

Trump’s decision to delegate is ‘key difference’ in gains against ISIS, special envoy McGurk says – PBS NewsHour

U.S. Envoy McGurk: U.S.-Russian cooperation in Syria working well –

VIDEO: Brett McGurk: Dramatic gains made against ISIS since Trump took office – Fox News

VIDEO: McGurk: Coalition in ‘phase one’ of IS fight – YouTube

VIDEO: Watch the full briefing with Special Envoy Brett McGurk – YouTube

After military shake-up, Erdogan says Turkey to tackle Kurds in Syria –

Turkish reinforcements arrive on Syrian border to counter US-backed SDF –

Turkey supplies Syrian Free Army police with armored vehicles (PHOTOS) –

Turkey shells villages near Afrin on daily basis: YPG –

VIDEO: Aleppo: Video shows heavy FSA shelling on YPG in Ayn_Daqnah village today – WorldOnAlert on Twitter


US-backed Kurdish fighters display heavy firepower in show of force to Turkey (VIDEO) –

Rojava administration trains hundreds of fighters in Afrin – ARA News

VIDEO: Footage of SDF special forces training in Afrin –

Kurdish federalism: Plans for 3 regions, 6 cantons including Raqqa –

Ankara opposes Russian demand to include PYD in the Syrian opposition – TRT World

Turkey arrests French journalist on charges of links to a Kurdish militia Ankara regards as a terror group: source –

2 Czechs imprisoned in Turkey for links to Kurdish group – The New York Times

Turkey blasts US envoy over “unacceptable” remarks suggesting Ankara had encouraged the rise of Al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria’s Idlib province – ZAMAN ALWSL

POLL: Washington-based research shows more than 70 pct in Turkey see US as major threat – Daily Sabah

Turkey, Iran, Russia to hold Syria talks in Tehran Aug. 8-9 – Daily Sabah

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