Figuring out a fabulist: Big Lies about Blacks from Bigot Boy

Man with a premonition, Philadelphia 2016 (photo by LWJ)


By Linn Washington, Jr.

During President Trump’s appearance on a nationally televised Town Hall forum held recently at the U.S. Constitution Center in Philadelphia, he engaged in the ‘Big Lie’ – that propaganda technique linked with Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Trump spun Big Lies of varying size on topics ranging from health care to racial hatred throughout that Q-&-A session broadcast from the specialized museum located two blocks from historic Independence Hall where America’s Declaration of Independence and its Constitution were both adopted.

One of the more repugnant pieces of propaganda oozed by self-declared white nationalist Trump during that Town Hall was Trump’s declaration that he’s “done more” for Black Americans than any U.S. President.

Remember,  just a dozen days before that Town Hall declaration Trump executed yet another despicable act against Blacks.

This time Trump undermined efforts within the federal government to mitigate prejudice that too frequently impedes progress by Blacks. Trump banned training programs devised to reduce racist practices within federal agencies. Those anti-racism programs, Trump’s administration inaccurately asserted, perpetrate “anti-American propaganda.”

Also, when judging Trump on his appointment of powerful federal appeals court judges, clear-&-convincing evidence proves the ‘I’ve done more for Blacks’ Trump has done far less for Blacks than his seven predecessors that included four Republicans. The 53 new appellate judges selected by Trump include NO Blacks.

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, is often quoted for his declaration that, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Trump hopes his Big Lie about helping Blacks will help lead voters to believe he is not the brazen bigot his actions confirm.

It’s important to note what Goebbels also noted: “…truth is the mortal enemy of the lie…”

Eight years before Goebbels birth in 1897, an American government worker is credited for a phrase applicable to Trump’s declarations about his efforts for Blacks: Figures never lie but liars figure! The truth about Trump’s record on Blacks does not back Trump’s boasts about Blacks.

Philadelphia is a city where the poverty rate for Blacks is more than double the rate for whites. Philadelphia’s over-all poverty level only lessened around one percent during Trump’s presidency. Trump crows that he created the best economy ever anywhere. But figures show irrefutably that Trump’s economy helped few Philadelphians mired in poverty.

Infant mortality – another indicator of impoverishment in Philadelphia – also evidences the Big Lie of Pro-Life preening President Trump doing more for Blacks. In Philadelphia Black babies are more that “three times more likely” to die before their first birthday than white babies according to 2019 report from Philadelphia’s Department of Health. Additionally, Black babies in Philadelphia lead in low weight births and pre-term births – more attributes of impoverishment that did not abate during Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s inaccurate, insulting declaration about doing more for Blacks came inside the Constitution Center…

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