Call to resist the ongoing assault on Assange and Manning: Mr. Johnson, Tear Down This Wall!

David Rovics sings his new song (Nov.12), “Behind These Prison Walls”, in front of Belmarsh Prison, Britain’s “Guantanamo Bay Prison” where the US tortures prisoners as it does whistleblower Chelsea Manning in a Virginia prison. At Belmarsh, US partner UK tortures the world’s most important whistleblowing journalist Julian Assange

By Ron Ridenour

 On June 12, 1987, the greatest president in the history of the United States of America (according to US opinion polls), Ronald Reagan, challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. Twenty-nine months later, November 9, 1989, the communist party leaderships of the DDR and Soviet Union, complied and opened the wall.

I call upon the prime minister of the “United Kingdom”, Boris Johnson, to do the same at Belmarsh Prison where political prisoners, such as Julian Assange, are held to languish up to eternity. I call upon President Donald Trump to rescind the extradition order, and to release Chelsea Manning.

Realizing that these state war criminals will not do so, I urge Brits to vote into power a decent labor-unionist, anti-war politician, Jeremy Corbyn, who would (I believe) release this brave human being as he would also stop allying Britain with US wars of aggression. Regardless of where we stand on the political spectrum, we must at least vote for some sanity. I am a socialist revolutionary and never vote for The Establishment, but I would vote for Corbyn precisely because he opposes aggressive wars and incarcerating truth-tellers. Those two concerns must be the litmus test for any electoral strategy and voting. I’ll let leftists living in the US to decide what they will do about the 2020 election campaign.

I also call upon every self-identifying old-time liberal, progressive, leftist, conservative for human rights, activist for human rights, activist and journalist for a free press and free speech to ACT against this legalized murder of the world’s most important publisher of information that reveals war crimes of any and all governments and government crimes against human rights.

Protest and resist, including with civil disobedience where you can, especially where Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are held captives as political prisoners. Once turned away, return the next day. Learn from the brave demonstrators in Ecuador (home of US assassin-partner President Lenin Moreno) where they resist higher costs of living and police murderers. As you protest, sing along with David Rovics’ newest song, “Behind These Prison Walls”

Behind these prison walls, in solitary confinement
In a land of rolling hills and royalty and other such refinement
Is someone who is a hero to whistleblowers everywhere
Who helped them tell the world of the crimes of Tony Blair

Behind these prison walls you will find a mortal man 
The reason why we know what happened in Afghanistan
When the soldiers of the empire whose sun set long before
Were torturing civilians in their terror war…


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