New TCBH! poem: The judgement

I was driving to town.

I rounded a curve and jammed the brakes.

There was a raccoon walking away

Right in the middle of the road.

I slowed down to the speed of her gait.

I had a good chance to look at her.

I determined she was a she

With a dark outer coat.

About twenty feet and she turned

To cross to the left side of the road.

And as she turned, she stopped for a second

And looked right at me

Before scurrying into the woods.

The way she looked haunted me

All the way into town.

It was a look of judgment.

It was a lucid look.

It was a look that made me ask the her-in-me,


Why are you glaring at me?

Didn’t I slow down for you?

It was the middle of the day.

When wild animals appear in broad daylight

We automatically think –



For the rest of this new poem by GARY LINDORFF, is poet-in-residence at ThisCantBeHappening!, please go to:

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