Focus: The GOP Tax Bill and the Federal Deficit

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report: Senate tax plan would increase deficit by $1.4T over 10 years – CNNPolitics

Report: Congressional Budget Office cost estimate of the of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act –

Trump’s tax bill faces opposition by two Republican lawmakers who could prevent the legislation from reaching the Senate floor, Corker wants to add a backstop measure to prevent tax cuts from ballooning the deficit – Reuters

GOP senator Lankford seeking back-up revenue plan on taxes to secure his vote – CNNPolitics

Republican deficit hawks could be the real barrier to passing tax reform – Vox


How can Congress pass a tax bill that increases the deficit? Lawmakers have many ways to get around their own rules on fiscal discipline – MarketWatch

Experts are battling over Republicans’ tax bill, economic growth and federal tax revenues – Business Insider

Tax reform’s growth: A balm for deficit worries – U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Wall Street Journal editorial: Tax reform, growth and the deficit –

How tax reform will lift the economy, a letter from nine academic economists to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin – WSJ

Cutting US corporate tax is worth the cost: Martin Feldstein – Project Syndicate

C.E.O. deficit fears dissolve with the prospect of corporate tax cuts – The New York Times

Paul Krugman: The biggest tax scam in history – The New York Times

Is fiscal conservatism dead? As he campaigned, Trump emphasized jobs and the economy rarely addressing government spending and size – CBS News

Penn Wharton report: The Senate tax bill raises debt by more than advertised – Vox

Report: The House Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Dynamic effect on the budget and the economy — Penn Wharton Budget Model

Report: Can tax reform generate 0.4% additional growth? Estimates shows that it will likely increase by no more than 0.1 percentage points per year – Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Opinion: Raising income rates on the rich is an easy way to pay for corporate tax cuts which will spur economic growth and job creation – Quartz

Federal Fumbles: 86-page report from Sen. James Lankford identifies $437.6 billion in “wasteful and inefficient” federal spending – Fox News

More on the Sen. Lankford waste report ‘Federal Fumbles’ – The Daily Caller


Report: Federal Fumbles: 100 ways the government dropped the ball –

VIDEO: Senator Lankford officially releases Federal Fumbles Vol. 3 – YouTube

VIDEO: Senator Lankford discusses Federal Fumbles on Fox & Friends – YouTube

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