Focus: Tax Reform – Oct 16, 2017

Report by the White House Council of Economic Advisers says corporate tax cuts will lift workers’ wages, it draws on several economic studies that find similar results – The New York Times

Press release: CEA report: Corporate tax reform and wages: Theory and evidence –

CEA report (Full text): Corporate tax reform and wages: Theory and evidence –

VIDEO: White House chief economist Kevin Hassett: Corporate tax cuts will boost wages – CNBC

Schumer slams WH report on corporate tax cuts, says it is using ‘fake math’ –

Detractors pile on a White House study that foresees incomes getting a boost of $4,000 a year if the corporate tax rate is cut to 20% from 35% – MarketWatch


I got issues with the new CEA report – Jared Bernstein

Press release: Report: Corporate tax cuts boost CEO pay, not jobs – Institute for Policy Studies

IPS report (full text): Report: Corporate tax cuts boost CEO pay, not jobs – Institute for Policy Studies

Summers says Trump officials are making things up about their tax plan – Bloomberg

VIDEO: Ex-Treasury Secretary Summers: White House tax plan ‘indefensible’ – CNBC

Opinion: A corporate tax cut isn’t just a giveaway to the rich, workers would benefit a lot especially if the income-tax burden were shifted from the middle class to the wealthy – Bloomberg

Kevin Hassett spanks the Tax Policy Center for manufacturing ‘tax cuts for the rich’ and deficit numbers that don’t even exist – National Review

Kevin Hassett’s full remarks on tax reform at the Tax Policy Center – Tax Foundation

The Kochs want that tax cut. Badly. – The Boston Globe

Koch brothers’ internal strategy memo on selling tax cuts: Ignore the deficit –

In a new ad Koch group says realtors and other special interests ‘jeopardizing’ tax overhaul – Bloomberg

Housing lobby enters fray over tax reform –

Tax reform advocates, opponents rolling out new ads – TheHill

These 11 companies have the lowest effective tax rate in the US – Business Insider

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell want tax reform done this year – CNBC

Trump pushes Laffer’s call for bipartisan tax reform support, says Dems ‘only want to increase taxes and obstruct’ –

VIDEO (and transcript): Art Laffer: Democrats should vote for tax reform, they believe in it; a ‘vote against America’ to oppose it – RealClearPolitics

Trump, red state Democrats warily approach each other on tax cuts – The Washington Post

Ivanka Trump, Kushner to host Democrats for tax reform dinner – POLITICO


Top economic aide: Trump will be ‘very flexible’ on tax reform details – TheHill

A vote on this week’s budget resolution will be a vote for or against tax reform – TheHill

Deficit hawks trampled in GOP tax cut stampede – POLITICO

Bernie Sanders op-ed: The Republican budget is a gift to billionaires: it’s Robin Hood in reverse – The Guardian

Schumer wants Pence to explain plan to end tax deduction – The Buffalo News

VP Pence is traveling to Buffalo tomorrow. Here’s how the GOP’s planned elimination of the state & local tax deduction affects Western NY(several tweets) – Chuck Schumer on Twitter

The vast majority of people who receive the state and local tax break are high-income earners: 81 percent of all SALT deductions claimed by taxpayers earning $100,000 or more – PBS 

Why tax reform should eliminate state and local tax deductions – The Heritage Foundation

Trump estate tax repeal paints pretty picture for wealthy art collectors – ABC News

POLL (Reuters/Ipsos): Most Americans want to raise taxes on the rich – New York Post

POLL (CBS): Americans feel tax reform plans would favor wealthy – CBS News

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