Focus: Russia Sanctions and Europe – July 31, 2017

State TV interview: Putin defends massive cut of US diplomatic staff in Russia in response to sanctions – TASS

VIDEO: Putin: US diplomatic mission needs to cut 755 employees, time to show we won’t leave anything unanswered – YouTube

Washington can decide embassy staff cuts, Kremlin says – TheHill

Putin says the U.S. diplomatic mission in Russia needs to cut 755 employees. What do all these people do? – The Denver Post

U.S. embassy in Moscow says locked out of diplomatic property –


US calls Vladimir Putin’s expulsion of diplomats from Russia ‘regrettable and uncalled for’ – The Independent

What’s in the Russia sanctions bill that Trump will sign – ABC News

Will Trump hold signing ceremony on Russian sanctions? – TheHill

ARCHIVE: Text of bill to provide congressional review and to counter aggression by the Governments of Iran, the Russian Federation, and North Korea –

Pence takes tough tone on Russia after Moscow retaliates against sanctions legislation – The Washington Post

Remarks by the Vice President with Baltic leaders in a JPA –

US unlikely to shift from agreements on Syria over diplomats’ expulsion: Top Russian official – Sputnik International

Pentagon, State Department devise plans to provide arms to Ukraine: Report –

100+ military vessels take part in Russian Navy Day celebrations around the world, incl in Syrian port (PHOTOS) – RT News

Right and left on the Russia sanctions and Putin’s response – The New York Times

Oliver Stone defends his Putin interviews – Consortiumnews

German economy minister urges ‘countermeasures’ against US for Russia sanctions that could hit European companies, says they are ‘a violation of international law’ – CNBC

Germany expects the US authorities will contact European partners concerning application of new Russian sanctions – TASS

German foreign minister hopes Trump will not sign current edition of bill on Russian sanctions, says they are meant ‘to squeeze Russian gas out of the European market to give room to American gas’ – TASS

POLL: Germany says ‘nein’ to U.S. energy ambitions, most respondents view U.S. sanctions on Russia as a way to move into the European energy market –

Austria to protect its interests if US applies anti-Russian sanctions to EU: Foreign ministry – TASS


New US Russia sanctions ‘absolutely unacceptable,’ come at expense of EU jobs: Austrian chancellor – RT News

France says U.S. sanctions on Iran, Russia look illegal –

Juncker warns USA that EU will protect Brussels & German energy deals with Russia at all costs, says ”America first cannot mean that Europe’s interests come last’ –

Eight European projects to be hit by US sanctions on energy sector –

How new US sanctions will impact on the EU energy independence – Sputnik International

German island hit by Russia sanctions -DW

EU may limit bank loans to US firms in response to new Russia sanctions: Source – Sputnik International

Russia′s countersanctions not affecting EU, expert tells DW – DW

‘Terribly bad mistake’: US Senator says Russia sanctions go against EU energy security & free trade – RT America

New U.S. sanctions damage ties with Europe – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

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