Tomgram: David Bromwich, The Everlasting Alibi

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The old anti-Vietnam War song that began, “War, what Is It good for? Absolutely nothing!” couldn’t be more on the mark these days. Just imagine that you live on a planet where the truest “war” may be the one we’re waging against nature — and that nature is increasingly waging on us. That “war” could, in the end, simply broil us all.

This summer, the war in read more

The War Abolisher Awards of 2023 and Why They’re Needed

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, August 29, 2023

World BEYOND War has just announced the four winners of its third-annual War Abolisher Awards. All are relatively unknown individuals or organizations working from different angles at the giant task of ridding the world of war.

Before explaining who they are, I’d like to offer a very brief explanation of why such awards are needed. It’s not because Alfred Nobel got something wrong in creating the Nobel Peace Prize, but precisely because he read more

2023 War Abolisher Award Winners Announced

The 2023 War Abolisher Awards have been announced.

See the announcements and acceptance videos, and those from past years too, at

The 2023 Individual War Abolisher Award goes to Sultana Khaya.

The 2023 Organizational War Abolisher Award goes to Wage Peace Australia.

The 2023 David Hartsough Individual Lifetime War Abolisher Award goes to David Bradbury.

The 2023 Organizational Lifetime War Abolisher Award goes to Fundación Mil Milenios de Paz.

The New York Times Tries to Lie About Ukraine Without Lying

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, Agust 27, 2023

I’m pretty sure I usually read the New York Times differently from how some people read it. I read it looking for two things: the insinuations and the independent evidence.

By insinuations, I mean the bulk of it, the stuff that’s put in there to communicate without any straightforward assertion of verifiable facts. Here’s a sample article from Sunday, starting with the headline:

“A Former French President Gives a Voice to Obstinate Russian read more

Speaking Truth to Empire

On Speaking Truth to Empire on KFCF 88.1 FM independently owned and locally operated since 1975 in Fresno, Dan Yaseen interviews Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Professor Emeritus from Bowling Green State

University, Ohio and from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He is an author, blogger and a geopolitical analyst. They discuss anti-imperialism from Ukraine to West Africa. You can access his blogs at

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Kissinger at 100

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I only hope I’ll be around in 2123 for Henry Kissinger’s 200th birthday celebration. (I’d be a mere 179 then.) Still, at least I made it to his 100th. Imagine, in fact, that when I was in my twenties and in the streets protesting the war in Vietnam (Cambodia and Laos), he was already Richard Nixon’s national security adviser, a crucial figure overseeing a conflict that read more

Why Does Turning Against a War Never Include Admitting Who Was Right All Along?

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, August 19, 2023

The better part of a year into the current phase of the war in Ukraine, General Mark Milley accidentally blurted out that peace talks might be a good alternative to an endless bloody war for the same results. Now it’s becoming more acceptable in Washington, D.C., to anonymously whisper that he was right. But we’re lifetimes away read more

The Kid at Los Alamos Who Gave the Secrets to the Soviet Union

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, August 17, 2023

One of the scientists at Los Alamos with Oppenheimer was 18 years old. While Oppenheimer was publicly and falsely accused of spying for the Societ Union, this young man did in fact give many of the most important secrets from Los Alamos to the Soviets, and the U.S. government chose not to prosecute him. And there is a brand-new movie by a two-time Oscar-nominated director about this other guy that is in many ways a better movie than Oppenheimer, read more