Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, Duck and (Re)Cover?

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I can still remember sneaking into one of those old Broadway movie palaces (of the sort you can see in Edward Hopper’s classic painting) with two friends. It was 1959, in the midst of a global “Cold War,” and I was 15 years old, too young as I recall to be allowed in to see Stanley Kramer’s On the Beach without a grown-up.

We sat in the first row of the balcony (it was read more

On April 2nd, Let’s Take Peace into Our Own Hands

World BEYOND War supports getting in the streets everywhere on April 2nd for peace and nonviolent action with Europe for Peace. World BEYOND War members in Europe will spread the word and take part, and we will encourage our chapters around the world to join in. I’m executive director of World BEYOND War, and I live in the United States where antiwar activism is most needed and least present. We have lots of excuses: the vast distances over which we are spread out, the intense propaganda read more

Speaking Truth to Empire

“Speaking Truth to Empire” on KFCF 88.1 FM independently owned and locally operated in Fresno since 1975, Dan Yaseen interviews Christian Sorensen a former U.S. Air Force Arabic linguist, novelist, military analyst, and independent journalist. His work mainly focuses on the U.S. defense industry and war profiteering. The topic of discussion is Military Industrial Congressional Complex. His website is

World BEYOND War: What the United Nations Should Be

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, March 18, 2023

I want to begin with three lessons from 20 years ago.

First, on the question of launching a war on Iraq, the United Nations got it right. It said no to the war. It did so because people around the world got it right and applied pressure to governments. Whistleblowers exposed U.S. spying and threats and bribes. Representatives represented. They voted no. Global democracy, for all its flaws, succeeded. The rogue U.S. outlaw failed. But, not only did read more

Iraq and 15 Lessons We Never Learned

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, March 17, 2023

The peace movement did a great many things right in the first decade of this millennium, some of which we’ve forgotten. It also fell short in many ways. I want to highlight the lessons I think we’ve most failed to learn and suggest how we might benefit from them today.

  1. We formed uncomfortably large coalitions. We brought together war abolitionists with
read more

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Singing the “Bourgeois Blues”

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On my way home from the doctor’s office, I regularly pass the New York apartment building where I grew up. I would invariably stop, stare, and feel an overwhelming desire to visit the place I hadn’t seen in perhaps 60 years. The street door hadn’t changed a bit.

A few months ago, on a whim, I looked for the buzzer to apartment 6D, pressed it, and a woman’s voice answered. read more

Rejecting Ideology, Upholding Justice: A Veteran for Peace on the Ethics of Pacifism and Ukrainian Self-Defense

Rejecting Ideology, Upholding Justice: =&0=&

E.K. Knappenberger, 13 Mar. 202

A Veteran for Peace

“Knappenberger, stop complaining! We are the best army in the world, we do things as well as they can be done.” So said the commanding officer of my company in 2006 in a plywood shack in the middle of Iraq.

When I was a soldier in the war nearly twenty years ago, it seemed like our US hegemony was unchallengeable, unstoppable, inevitable. We read more