Visual Database Lets You Examine Over 900 U.S. Bases Outside the United States

As World BEYOND War is steadily reporting on, the U.S. military is constantly adding more military bases outside the borders of the United States, and sometimes being blocked in its plans, and sometimes being ordered to leave.

With the help of numerous informants around the globe, World BEYOND War is tracking the ever-changing global archipelago of U.S. military outposts with an online tool that allows you to spin the globe, zoom in on a base, and see images and information about it.

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The Pro-Peace Case to Stop Changing Our Clocks

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, March 20, 2024

The first reason I’d like the United States to drop the whole ordeal of changing clocks twice a year is that it causes endless confusion and missed meetings for groups, organizations, and events that are not contained within the little 4% of humanity that lives in the United States. To make cross-border zoom meetings work, you have to either get people in the United States to learn what Coordinated Universal Time is, or make 96% of the world read more

Charlottesville City Council Refuses to Oppose Genocide for Disturbing Reasons

Monday night (video here), three of five City Council Members in Charlottesville, Virginia, voted No on a resolution (in agenda packet here) in support of a ceasefire in Gaza.

Council Members Michael Payne and Natalie Oschrin put the resolution on the agenda and spoke well in support of it.

But Council Members Lloyd Snook, Brian Pinkston, and Juandiego Wade voted No.

Snook claimed to have no competence in foreign policy, spreading what is a pernicious idea in a supposedly self-governing land, namely read more

Corporate Media Can’t Undertand Biden’s Unpopularity

A New York Times columnist on Saturday expressed bewilderment as to Biden’s unpopularity, finally concluding that it must be because borrowing money for homes or cars is expensive.

I’m not saying that’s entirely wrong, but here are some additional possibilities.

There’s the ever-worsening inequality, but also the ever-worsening healthcare system, and the ever-worsening climate collapse. In the absence of radical change, many crises will go on getting worse, and each new occupant of the White read more

The Soundbyte That Abolishes War

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, March 7, 2024

It’s been a long and ciruitous search to find the handful of words that can end all warfare on Earth.

Living in the United States I was long tripped up by the “Excuse me, but WHAT ABOUT HITLER?” question.

I tried pointing out that the U.S. and British governments refused to rescue Nazis’ victims because they simply didn’t want them as immigrants, that the war could have been avoided, that Nazism could have been avoided, that the U.S. didn’t read more

Telling the Truth About Peace

Some acts of truth-telling about war and peace are easy, and some involve extreme risk. Some are simple, and some require great strategic planning. Some involve facts, some analysis, and some storytelling.

Yes, storytelling. I don’t believe war could go on existing long if major communications systems told large numbers of people the detailed sympathetic stories of war victims on all sides of all wars, similar to the way U.S. corporate media outlets “humanize” Ukrainian or Israeli war victims read more