What Does NATO Have to Do with the Genocide in GAZA?

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, April 11, 2023

NATO will be celebrating 75 years of itself — and plotting future wars and weapons sales — in Washington D.C. in July, and a lot of people are busy planning a counter-summit and rally to oppose NATO’s agenda.

For those who care about life on Earth, or who are upset by the horrors and risks of one of the current wars in Gaza or Ukraine, taking steps to move humanity away from the course plotted by the largest military alliance ever to exist read more

Imagine There Are No Borders

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, April 6, 2024

I wonder if we can. I’m sitting in the airport in Bogotá, heading back to the U.S., with only the hassle of a universal criminal x-ray/strip search/eyeballs photographing routine, delayed flights, bad food, etc., while my friends in Colombia cannot simply go through that standard global-travel routine (as they can to visit much of the world) to visit the United States, having instead to apply for permission and wait months or years. Presumably read more

In Praise of Neutrality

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, April 4, 2024

Remarks at Neutrality Congress, held April 4-6 2024 at Congress of the Republic of Colombia, Bógota, Colombia


The brilliant and wonderful late U.S. historian Howard Zinn wrote that you cannot be neutral on a moving train. We all agree, I’m sure, that in the face of injustice, one should not be neutral, that silence and inaction are means of supporting those committing wrongs, that as was said by the late Dr. Martin read more