Tomgram: Engelhardt, A Story of the Decline and Fall of It All

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Old Man World Leftovers of the American Century By

Let one old man deal with two others.

I turn 80 in July, which makes me just over a year-and-a-half younger than Joe Biden and almost two years older than Donald Trump. And, honestly, I know my limits. Yes, I still walk — no small thing — six miles a day. And I work constantly. But I’m also aware that, on my second walk of the day and then as night approaches, I feel significantly read more

5 Reasons Why What Congress Just Did Does Not Help Ukraine

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, April 21, 2024

You may have heard that the U.S. Congress is finally doing the decent, moral, liberal, democratic, Democratic thing and aiding Ukraine.

You may believe, as pretty much everyone I ask tells me, that there was only one other choice available, namely “letting Putin win.”

You may agree with me that the Russian government and its leader — like every government I’ve ever heard of — have done horrendous things, that invading a country militarily read more

Speaking Truth to Empire

On Speaking Truth to Empire on KFCF 88.1 FM independently owned and locally operated since 1975 in Fresno, Dan Yaseen interviews Ramzy Baroud, a US-Palestinian journalist, media consultant, an author, internationally-syndicated columnist, and the Editor of The Palestine Chronicle. He is the author of five books. His latest is “These Chains Will Be Broken: Palestinian Stories of Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Prisons”. Baroud is a Non-resident read more

What Does NATO Have to Do with the Genocide in GAZA?

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, April 11, 2023

NATO will be celebrating 75 years of itself — and plotting future wars and weapons sales — in Washington D.C. in July, and a lot of people are busy planning a counter-summit and rally to oppose NATO’s agenda.

For those who care about life on Earth, or who are upset by the horrors and risks of one of the current wars in Gaza or Ukraine, taking steps to move humanity away from the course plotted by the largest military alliance ever to exist read more