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No Common Ground With Torturers

Video of Dennis Loo

The Iraq Report CBS News Doesn't Want You to See report on the flipside...

Congresswoman Lois Capps: "It's Never Totally Off the Table"

Listen to Capps reply to a question about impeachment from Paul Berenson.


Bush 'Welcomed' in Wilmington...

Wednesday morning after his SOTU, Smirk went to Wilmington, DE to hawk his bogus "energy" plan. He did not recieve a "warm" welcome from the good citizens....

UFPJ - March on Washington January 27, 2007

Music video montage of the Washington DC event...

US Soldiers Watch and Laugh as Iraqi Soldiers Beat Sunnis

US soldiers, supposedly "training" Iraqi Shiite soldiers watch and do nothing as Sunnis are beaten and manhandled. Won't see this on "fair and balanced" Amerikan TV....

Seven More Us Troops Killed - Breaking News Announced After Anti-War Interview on MSNBC

How much more poingnant does it get? At the tail end of an MSNBC interview with the anti-war Progressive Caucus Co-Chair, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, its announced seven more US service personel have been killed in Iraq....

Report below the fold...

Listen to Leaders in the Middle East

A video presentation of PGI's Iraqi Voices Project

Listening with open ears has accomplished much over the course of history. Perhaps spreading the voices of those enmeshed in the Iraqi conundrum will spur positive action.

By Dal LaMagna

View our video of dinner with Congressman Jim McDermott and leading Iraqis in Amman Jordan

At the dinner table, sit a host of Middle East leaders with Congressman Jim McDermott. The setting is Amman, Jordan; the topic is what to do about Iraq.

U.S. v. George W. Bush

Watada Hearing: Testimony Worth Listening To

By Dennis Kyne

This testimony is from the heaing regarding LT WATADA. His trial is on 2/ 5/ 2007. please visit

Darrell Anderson (purple heart, '04)
and Chanan Suarez-Diaz (listen to what he is saying.)

Dennis Kyne

Thanks to Ryan Tompkins, many thanks.

listen to the song that is telling the same story. here

Andy Griffith vs Patriot Act

From back in the day, you know, when we had a Constitution...

Ehren Watada on NPR

Officer Refused to Deploy to Iraq

Fresh Air from WHYY, January 25, 2007 · Army Lieutenant Ehren Watada is the first American officer to refuse to deploy to Iraq on the grounds that he thinks the war is illegal. He is joined by one of his lawyers, Eric Seitz, a civillian. Watada is now being court-martialed for his refusal, and for statements he made opposing the war and the Bush administration's leadership. LISTEN

Rosie O'Donnell Calls for Bush's Impeachment

Contact ABC here to urge them to give Rosie any job she wants:

Iraq's Right to Determine Its Own Destiny

Finally, an anti-war measure that recognizes the Iraqi people's right to be sovereign in their own country.
Black Agenda Radio, from Glen Ford

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