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Toy Soldiers

'Outsourced Guantanamo' - FBI & CIA Interrogating Detainees in Secret Ethiopian Jails, U.S. Citizen Among Those Held

The CIA and FBI agents have been interrogating hundreds of detainees at
secret prisons in Ethiopia. Many of the prisoners were recently transferred
there secretly and illegally from Kenya and Somalia. They are being held
without charge or access to counsel. One of those held is 24 year-old U.S.
citizen, Amir Mohamed Meshal. We speak with an attorney working on Meshal's

Pentagon Report Corroborates the Downing Street Memo, Intelligence and Facts Fixed Around the Policy!

Office of Special Plans (OSP) exposed for fixing of the intelligence and facts around the policy! So how long 'til Dougie Feith is dragged before Congress to 'plain hisself? And who he did the fixin' for? (Dick Cheney) It's IMPEACHMENT TIME!!!

Pentagon Officer Created Phony Intel on Iraq/al-Qaeda Link By Matt Renner t r u t h o u t | Report Friday 06 April 2007

Newly released documents confirm that a Pentagon unit knowingly cooked up intelligence claiming a direct link between Iraq and al-Qaeda in order to win support for a preemptive strike against the country.

A report prepared by the Defense Department's Inspector General for Carl Levin, the Democratic Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, explicitly shows how former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith used his defense department position to cook intelligence claiming a connection between the terrorist organization and Saddam Hussein's regime....

Rachel Maddow on the Orrin Hatch/Alberto Gonzales dilemma [VIDEO]

How to show loyalty to Bush while dumping on the guy whose job you seek
Air America's Rachel Maddow parses the appearance of hard-to-find supporter of Alberto Gonzales Orrin Hatch -- a man who also seeks to take his job. LINK

Why Does Bill O’Reilly Hate Our Troops and American Values?


By: SilentPatriot

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WRIGHT: "I want to make sure the United States treats people properly.."

O'REILLY: "Sure you do. Sure you do."

WRIGHT: "I surely do. That's what I spent 29 years of my life trying to do."

O'REILLY: "Sorry. No you didn't. You know what happened to you…somewhere along the line you started to dislike your own country….

WRIGHT: "I served 29 years. How many did you serve? Where did you teach the Geneva Conventions?"

O'REILLY: "Cut her mic." 

Can anyone argue with a straight face that FOX doesn't engage in pure agenda journalism? Bill knew exactly who Wright was and had the intention of painting her as an America-hating kook the entire time. But when she very reasonably explained that you can't talk about the Iranian situation without talking about how the United States treats it's own captured prisoners, Bill ends up losing it and accusing her — a 29 year Army veteran — of hating America. When did serving your country and demanding it abide by the Geneva Conventions become "hating America"? And when did cutting the mic of an Army veteran and accusing her of "hating America" become loving America?

Thanks for the civics lesson, Bill.

Sean Penn at Barabara Lee's Town Hall Meeting Mar. 24, 2007

Introduced by Congresswoman Barabara Lee...

part 2 below...

Video: Code Pink Sends a Message to Capitol Hill

Gael Murphy Medea Benjamin and Lori Perdue from WaPo video report on Code Pink

Video: Code Pink Sends a Message to Capitol Hill
By Lucian Perkins ( / 03/28/2007

As Congress debates how to fund the war in Iraq, members of Code Pink, a women's inspired peace group, come from around the country and make their presence felt on Capitol Hill as they find creative ways to bring attention to the war. Watch video.

Impeach Them - Bring Them Home

protest photographs along with "Bring Them Home" song...

billybobjoe57 Responds to Kucinich's Call for Impeachment


Leahy avoids impeachment question

Sam Husseini asked Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont about investigating the White House in regards to impeachment proceedings. The Senator spoke about other investigations under way, but did not address the issue of impeachment. VIDEO

Sam Husseini: Senator, townspeople all over your state of Vermont have recently voted for impeachment. Do you think that the facts and the constitution, not the politics, but the facts on the Constitution merit at least investigating Bush and Cheney for impeachment?

Sen. Hagel: On news of US-supported attacks on Iran, war funding and his war support

Senator Hagel was questioned about recent reports of Kurdish militias receiving U.S. support and operating out of Iraq to launch attacks into Iran. The Senator said he had no knowledge of these reports. Sam Husseini also questioned Hagel about his vote to give the President the authorization to use force and the lead-up to the Iraq war. When Husseini pressed that some public information existed at the time that could cause one to doubt the President’s claims before the war, Hagel insisted that “the entire intelligence community of this government, all 16 agencies,” and our allies were all convinced of the existence of weapons of mass destruction, although Hagel also admitted regretting his vote. VIDEO

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