Climate Crisis Chronicle #1: Cat 4 and 5 Hurricanes, Tornados Where They Haven’t Been, and Rising Temps Ahead Bode More Like It

By Dave Lindorff

My township of Upper Dublin, located about 12 miles north of Philadelphia, got clobbered by Hurricane Ida, but what’s strange about that is we’re located 1100 miles, as the crow (or a jet plane on a direct route) flies, from where Ida made landfall last Sunday.

While hurricanes, even a powerful Cat 4 storm like Ida with 150 mph sustained winds as it reached the coast of Louisiana, weaken quickly once they leave a warm body of water, and become no read more

Kids die last as Biden tries plays tough guy: Humbled US Leaves Chaos and Mass Murder while Fleeing Afghanistan

By Dave Lindorff

America’s last days in Afghanistan offered a sickening display of all that was wrong with the $2.3-trillion, 20-year failed attempt by a blundering, self-congratulatory but decaying empire to have its way in a place it neither really cared about at all, nor understood in the least.

First there was a catastrophic but predictable attack on US and Taliban troops as well as desperate civilians trying to escape the ruins and chaos of the country the US read more

20 years of war finally end in Kabul without a bang: Biden Could Have Spared Afghanistan and US 6 Months of Pointless War by Just Ending It

By Dave Lindorff

There are two things I suppose everyone would agree are true about the remarkable events of the past several weeks in Afghanistan.

One is that we are witnessing the latest  major loss in a string of wars and incursions” that the US has lost since the end of World War II. The other is that the entire  two-decade-long, $2.3-trillion US invasion, war and occupation of  one of the poorest countries in the world, was an abject failure from the beginning.

Officially, read more

Petulance as foreign policy: Bomber Biden Sends in B-52 Bombers in a Tantrum over Taliban Advance

By Dave Lindorff

In what can only be called a criminal and murderous tantrum by a loser, the United States, on the order of President Joe Biden, has begun dispatching B-52 Stratofortress bombers and AC-130 fixed-wing gunships equipped with large Gatling machine guns and a cannon to carpet-bomb and perpetrate mass killing on Taliban forces surging to victory across Afghanistan.

The bloody attack by unchallengeable  air power in a country that Biden has already withdrawn read more

The tipping points are arriving: A Nighttime Walk without Bugs or Bats

By Dave Lindorff

This past Thursday evening, not having done my usual run because of the heat, I waited until later when things had cooled down a bit. It was still quite humid and even faintly misty and not wanting to get all sweaty I opted to walk the four mile circle through the exurb north of Philadelphia where we live.

It was totally quiet as I walked the paved streets past the houses on one-acre lots with their neatly mowed lawns and sculpted flower patches.

At first read more

Building more atomic bomb triggers is the ‘pits’: Time to Stop Modernizing America’s Nukes and to Start Negotiating Peace

By Dave Lindorff

The Biden administration, in its proposed military budget, is calling for a restart of something the US arms industry has not produced in any significant quantity since 1992: nuclear “pits” — the spherical plutonium-based core of implosion bombs like that dropped on Nagasaki. 

In his record-breaking $753-billion National Security Budget, $715 billion of which is for the Pentagon, is another $38 billion for the portion of the Energy read more

US shares Israel war crime guilt: It’s US-supplied Planes and Bombs that are Slaughtering Palestinian Children in Gaza

By Dave Lindorff

When you’re watching those horrific images of massive explosions taking down high-rise apartment buildings in Gaza, and reading the statistics of dead in Gaza (195 dead, nearly half of them women and including over 40 children as young as six-months of age), remember that while it’s Israel bombing these buildings and killing these women, children and babies, it is all being done using American fighter-bombers and made-in-American bombs.

Lest there read more

Maskless in America: Biden Caves to Anti-Masker Political Pressure, Has ‘Mission Accomplished’ Moment

By Dave Lindorff

In the clash between sound science and political pressure from anti-science crackpots in the United States, the Biden administration and the Center for Disease Control have blinked, announcing prematurely that people who are vaccinated can basically give up masking except when traveling on public transit or visiting health facilities.

The idiocy and mendacity  of this announcement, at a time when  read more

Children of color appear to be fair game for too many cops: No More Police Killings of Kids!

By Dave Lindorff

The latest police murder — and thats what it was whatever the circumstances — of 16-old foster child MaKhia Bryant by a Columbus, Ohio cop, is sickening to watch.

No way did that officer,  Nicholas Reardon, have to kill that young teenage girl. Maybe she had a knife, and maybe she was even planning to try and stab or cut the girl or woman dressed in pink that she was running towards at the time of the shooting.  But the odds of such an injury read more