Clues to Who Might Be At/Near the Source of the Rove Leak Scandal

By David Sirota

I am not one who likes to engage in a lot of speculation, but the Karl Rove/leak scandal has really gotten me thinking: why won't they just fire Rove? The answer is not that Rove is innocent, or even that they can't because he's too powerful - I'm starting to think the reason is because while Rove was definitely involved and definitely deserves to face legal consequnces, he wasn't the root. Somebody else was the root of this leak - and that somebody is likely a person the Bush administration can't just cut loose like they could even Rove, who is after all, a staffer. It must be somebody even higher up on the food chain.

Congressman Barney Frank and John Bonifaz in Boston

Congressman Barney Frank and Co-Founder John Bonifaz will lead a discussion of the Downing Street Minutes in Boston on July 31. Here's a flyer all about it.

Bonifaz in Deerfield, Mass.

"After Downing Street!"
Thursday, July 21, 2005
Woolman Hill Conference Center
Keets Road, Deerfield, Mass.

This month we observe the third Anniversary of the infamous Downing Street meeting. The British Intelligence memo on this meeting gives proof that the US and UK were lying about Iraq's WMD programs in order to make their case for war. Consider with Atty. John Bonifaz, (MacArthur Fellow, national voting rights advocate, and co-founder of what is to be done about President Bush ordering intelligence to be manufactured.

John Bonifaz says, “Was there a deliberate deception campaign? … That is a question of the highest magnitude for this Congress to consider.

Miller Could Face Longer Time In Jail As Probe Deepens

Editor and Publisher
By E&P Staff

NEW YORK Special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald may seek criminal contempt charges against New York Times reporter Judith Miller, which could significantly lengthen her time in jail, Howard Kurtz and Carol Leonnig report in today's Washington Post.

They also reveal that, according to two sources, Miller spoke with Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, during the period in July 2003 just before Robert Novak's fateful column appeared.

"Fitzgerald and Chief U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan have both raised the possibility in open court that Miller could be charged with criminal contempt if she continues to defy Hogan's order to cooperate in the investigation of who may have unlawfully leaked the name of undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame to the media," the Post observes.

San Diego Democrats: Impeach Bush

Resolution charges high crimes and misdemeanors
© 2005

The San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld for "high crimes and misdemeanors."

The committee, in a vote Tuesday, asks Congress to immediately begin impeachment proceedings based on "evidence" that the administration lied to the American people and created a false justification for going to war in Iraq.

The resolution refers to the so-called Downing Street Memo – official minutes of a meeting between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and members of the Bush administration – and "new leaks of British documents."

Rep. Jim McDermott to Hold Town Hall Meeting in Seattle

Rep. Jim McDermott to Hold Town Hall Meeting in Seattle to discuss Downing Street Minutes, Rovegate, and the ongoing deception of the Iraq War.

(Seattle, WA) Congressperson Jim McDermott will host a town hall meeting to discuss the manipulation of prewar intelligence, the Downing Street Minutes, White House improprieties committed by Karl Rove and other Bush Administration officials, and the war in Iraq. The event, free and open to the public, will be held at the Seattle Labor Temple, July 23, 1-3 pm. The Seattle Labor Temple is located at 2800 1st Ave, between Broad and Clay Streets, and the event will be in Hall One.


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How Comcast Censors Political Content

How Comcast Censors Political Content
Or Why My Comcast Horror Story Is Better Than Yours
By David Swanson

Most Comcast internet customers seem to have horror stories, but in my humble opinion this one is a doozie and may even suggest threats to freedom of speech more significant than the jailing of a court stenographer.

I'm working on a campaign headquartered at that seeks to draw attention to the Downing Street Minutes and to lobby Congress to open an investigation into whether the President has committed impeachable offenses. According to a recent Zogby poll, 42 percent of Americans favor impeachment proceedings if the President lied about the reasons for war, and according to a recent ABC News / Washington Post poll, 52 percent think he did. But this story is nowhere to be found in the corporate media. So, our website attracts a lot of traffic.

Progressive Internet Activists Win Battle with Symantec Brightmail Spam Software

UPDATE (8:05 p.m. ET): Co-Founder and President Bob Fertik contacted a number of people this evening in the corporate communications office of Symantec, and they fixed the problem. Fertik issued this statement:

"I want to thank the Symantec Corporation for responding in real time upon being notified that their Bright Mail product was the source of the problem."

UPDATE: (6:45 p.m. ET): The manager of Comcast's abuse department now claims that they have a contract with Bright Mail (part of Symantec)and that Bright Mail controls the filter and refuses to lift the blog (claiming to have received 46,000 spam messages with the ADS url in them; but refusing to show us a single such message). Bright Mail also serves OTHER large ISPs, not just Comcast.

Any Emails you've sent in the past week that included "" did not reach a lot of people. And the problem is not fixed. You can work around this by leaving the initial www. off the address

Democratic Leaders to Speaker Hastert: Congress Must Investigate Leak of CIA Agent's Identity

Democratic Leaders to Speaker Hastert: Congress Must Investigate Leak of CIA Agent's Identity

Distribution Source : U.S. Newswire

Date : Friday, July 15, 2005

To: National Desk

Contact: Brendan Daly or Jennifer Crider, 202-226-7616, both of the Office of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Web:

WASHINGTON, July 15 /U.S. Newswire/ -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, Democratic Caucus Chairman Robert Menendez, and Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman James E. Clyburn sent a letter to Speaker Dennis Hastert today calling on him to direct House committees to immediately schedule hearings into the White House's involvement in leaking the identity of CIA covert agent Valerie Plame.

Rep. Conyers and 91 Members of Congress Call on Karl Rove to Resign

Rep. Conyers and 91 Members of Congress Call on Karl Rove to Resign or Explain Outing of CIA Operative Valerie Plame

News from Rep. Conyer's office:

Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, released a letter signed by 91 Members of Congress asking that the President either demand that Karl Rove come forward to explain his role in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame, or that he ask him to resign (a copy of the letter and the list of signatories is available as a PDF).

Frank, Conyers Inquire Into Impeachment of 'Senior White House Officials'

By Brad Blog

Letter Sent to 'Neutral Legal Authority' at Library of Congress for Clarification of Constitutional Impeachment Clause

Congressmen Express Belief that Clause 'Clearly Applies to High-Ranking Officials!'

The BRAD BLOG has learned that Congressmen John Conyers (D-MI) and Barney Frank (D-MA) have inquired with officials at the Library of Congress' Congressional Research Service this afternoon into whether impeachment proceedings would be appropriate for Senior White House Officials.

The release of the letter was accompanied by a press release from the office of the ranking minority House Judiciary Committee member, John Conyers. In the letter, the two congressmen seek clarification from "a neutral authority" of whether the U.S. Constitutions Article II regarding impeachment of a sitting President and Vice-President would also apply to Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove who is currently embroiled in the on-going criminal investigation into who leaked the classified information concerning covert CIA operative, Valerie Plame.

Editorial: Dump Rove / The investigation moves closer to the president

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As the Valerie Plame case becomes increasingly the Karl Rove case, and as the rising water of it begins to lap closer to President Bush, there are several truths about this matter that are worth keeping in mind.

1. In the very beginning Mr. Bush said that it was unlikely that the leaker would ever be found. There is every reason to believe that he would then have taken steps to make that true.

2. It is now clear that presidential adviser Karl Rove did discuss Valerie Plame with reporters, however those discussions are now being described or construed. Mr. Bush said he would fire anyone in the White House who did that.

Rove Knew Her Name and Leaked Her Name

By American Progress Action Fund

In August 2004, Karl Rove told CNN, "I didn't know her name and didn't leak her name." The New York Times reveals this morning that Rove was not truthful on both counts. According to the Times, "Mr. Rove has told investigators that he learned from the columnist [Robert Novak] the name of the C.I.A. officer" and confirmed that she was employed at the CIA. Rove told Novak upon hearing of Plame's identity and occupation, "I heard that, too." The growing scandal that President Bush has called "a very serious matter," a matter which has forced him and his vice president to be interviewed by a federal prosecutor, is now forcing the White House to deal with a major credibility problem over unanswered questions. The New York Times writes, "The disclosure of Mr. Rove's conversation with Mr. Novak raises a question the White House has never addressed: whether Mr. Rove ever discussed that conversation, or his exchange with [Time magazine reporter Matt] Cooper, with the president." The credibility of the entire Bush White House is at stake, and it's time for them to stop playing politics and address the issue candidly.

Sidney Blumenthal vs. Norman Solomon on Karl Rove, the Democrats and Iraq

By Democracy Now!

Sidney Blumenthal, a former assistant and senior advisor to President Clinton, takes on Norman Solomon of the Institute for Public Accuracy and author of "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death" on Iraq, the Democrats, the invasion of Iraq and much more.

Sidney Blumenthal, a former assistant and senior advisor to President Clinton and author of "The Clinton Wars." His latest article is "Rove's War" on

Norman Solomon, executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy in San Francisco and the co-founder of Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). He latest book, just published, is "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death."

Rove-gate: Who Leaked to the Leakers?

This isn't about Karl Rove
By Justin Raimondo

What if Karl Rove isn't guilty of knowingly leaking Valerie Plame's name as a covert CIA agent involved in nuclear proliferation issues? What if Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, is correct when he says that he's been assured by prosecutors that his client is not a target of the ongoing investigation into Plame-gate? I'm going to swim against the tide, here, and against the expectations of my readers, by suggesting that this investigation isn't about Rove – and, furthermore, that Rove is a victim, in an important sense, someone who was used and abused by the real culprits. And who are these mysterious culprits? We'll get to that in a moment, but first some background…

Rove May Have Lied to Federal Agents

Report Shows Karl Rove May Have Lied to Federal Agents, a Federal Crime, During Oct 2003 Testimony Into CIA Agent Leak
July 14, 2005
By Jason Leopold

Looks like Karl Rove did break the law, the same federal law that got Martha Stewart sentenced to six months in prison.

It now appears that Rove, President Bush’s chief of staff, may have lied to the FBI in October 2003—a federal crime—when he was questioned by federal agents investigating who was responsible for leaking information about a covert CIA operative to the media.

During questioning by the FBI about his role in the Plame affair, Rove told federal agents that he only started sharing information about Plame with reporters and White House officials for the first time after conservative columnist Robert Novak identified her covert CIA status in his column on July 14, 2003, according to a report in the American Prospect about Rove’s testimony in March 2004, a copy of which can be found at

The Karl Rove Scandal and Bush’s Drive for War with Iraq

Political Affairs Magazine
By Joel Wendland

It’s all very exciting. Just days ago, word came out that White House aid and President Bush’s close friend, Karl Rove, leaked classified information to the press about the identity of an undercover CIA agent.

When the story broke last year, that someone from the White House may have been the source of the leak, Bush promised to fire the culprit. Earlier this week, when it became clear that Rove was the culprit, rather than keeping his word, Bush kept mum. He also refused to express confidence in Rove, an admission that something serious is going down.

AP: Rove learned CIA agent's name from Novak

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Chief presidential adviser Karl Rove testified to a grand jury that he talked with two journalists before they divulged the identity of an undercover CIA officer but that he originally learned about the operative from the news media and not government sources, according to a person briefed on the testimony.

The person, who works in the legal profession and spoke only on condition of anonymity because of grand jury secrecy, told The Associated Press that Rove testified last year that he remembers specifically being told by columnist Robert Novak that Valerie Plame, the wife of a harsh Iraq war critic, worked for the CIA.

Rove Claims a Journalist Told Him

Report says Rove got name of agent from journalist
By Mike Allen
The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — White House official Karl Rove indirectly confirmed the identity of a CIA operative for Robert Novak the week before the columnist revealed her name and her relation to an administration critic, a lawyer involved in the case said yesterday.

The lawyer, who has firsthand knowledge of the conversations between Rove and prosecutors, said President Bush's deputy chief of staff has told investigators that he first learned about the operative, Valerie Plame, from a journalist.

"I don't think that he has a clear recollection," the lawyer said. "He's told them that he believes he may have heard it from a journalist." Asked who it was, the lawyer said, "I don't think he's able to identify that, or to identify precisely when he may have heard it."

New York Times Does Reporting! Source Fingers Rove, Novak

Source says Rove spoke to columnist
By David Johnston and Richard W. Stevenson

WASHINGTON - Karl Rove, the White House senior adviser, spoke with columnist Robert Novak as Novak was preparing an article in July 2003 that identified an undercover CIA officer, someone who has been officially briefed on the matter said Thursday.

Rove has told investigators that he learned from Novak the name of the CIA officer, who was referred to by her maiden name, Valerie Plame, and the circumstances in which her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson IV, traveled to Africa to investigate possible uranium sales to Iraq, the person said.

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I’m Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq. Casey was one of more than 1700 Americans who’ve lost their lives in the war.

Recently I read a secret British intelligence document called the Downing Street memo, and was appalled to learn that the Bush administration manipulated intelligence and facts to justify the Iraq war.

The Rovegate Controversy; What It Really Means

By Congressman John Conyers

As I have considered the case of the President's top advisor, Karl Rove, disclosing to the press that Ambassador Wilson's wife was a CIA operative in order to discredit and/or seek retribution against the Ambassador, it has become increasingly clear that we need to focus beyond the specific facts of that case -- as important and damaging as they are.

Properly understood, the outing of Valerie Plame appears to be just another facet of the deceptions evident in the Downing Street Minutes, and the overall marketing and disinformation of the Iraq war itself. As I have been putting together the chronology of the events and statements leading up to the war and subsequent to the war itself, the pattern becomes more and more obvious -- the Administration emphasizes and overstates facts needed to justify the war; seeks to discredit or punish anyone or thing who dares to challenge its assertions; and when the original justificiation no longer works, comes up with a new after-the-fact set of justifications. Then the cycle of deception and retribution begins over and over again.

VOTE ALERT: GOP Supports National Security Leaks

By David Sirota

The Senate just finished up voting on the Democratic amendment to crackdown on high government officials who leak classified information and compromise U.S. national security. Incredibly, the self-described "pro-national security" Republican Party voted down the legislation, apparently ignoring all of their previous claims to despise leaks. The GOP also voted down their own amendment, apparently realizing how ridiculous it really was. To see how your Senator voted, see the final roll call votes on both the Democratic and Republican amendments linked below (the links should be active in the next few minutes).

It's clear the leakers knew what they were doing

The Hill
By Josh Marshall

Strip away all the stress and fury on both sides of the aisle this week and you’ll find one key question at the heart of both the legal and political storm surrounding the president’s top political adviser.

That is, did Karl Rove and other top administration officials, for whatever reason, knowingly reveal the identity of a covert CIA agent or were they unaware of her covert status? As prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald would no doubt tell us if he were at liberty to speak, divining, let alone proving, knowledge and intent in such a case is a very tricky business. But there’s a good bit of circumstantial evidence pointing to the conclusion that Rove and others knew exactly what they were doing.

Listen Tonight

TONIGHT, July 14, from 7-8 p.m. PT catch AfterDowningStreet co-founder David Swanson live on the internet or over the Mendocino County, Calif., airwaves on KZYX radio.

Sen. Kerry is wielding a double-edged sword

The Hill
By Alexander Bolton

Sen. John Kerry is facing a dilemma.

With an eye towards running for president again in 2008, the Massachusetts Democrat has positioned himself as one of the most pugnacious critics of the Bush administration, often aligning himself with liberal activists. But at times, his aggressive anti-Bush rhetoric risks alienating other parts of his own party.

Kerry’s predicament was apparent this week as he took the lead among Democrats by calling for President Bush to fire his deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove, for Rove’s alleged role in revealing the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

Where Are Those Republicans?

Plan peaceful protests:

Thursday July 14, 2005
MEHLMAN in Milwaukee, WI * 9:30 AM: Republican National Committee (RNC)Chairman Ken Mehlman will address the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's (NAACP) 96th Annual Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday July 14, 2005. Chairman Mehlman's remarks will reflect the Party's on-going commitment to reaching out to the African American community. [RNC, 7/12/05]

UPDATED* BUSH in Indianapolis, Indiana - 12:45 PM EDT: Bush goes to Indianapolis to address the Indiana Black Expo Corporate Luncheon. Roughly 3,200 will attend the event in the RCA Dome, the largest event of its kind in North America. Bush is expected to discuss economic security, home ownership and ensuring opportunity. The speech is available live at 12:45 p.m. EDT. The group is expected to present the president with a lifetime achievement award. [, 7/14/05]

Whose Ass is Judith Miller Trying to Save?

There Are Sources and There Are Sources
By Dave Lindorff

No journalist likes to see a fellow reporter in jail, but as even the NY Times observed in an editorial, there is a difference between protecting the identy of a source who could be punished by superiors for revealing information and a source who is actively promoting propaganda for higher-ups, or trying to smear someone on behalf of higher-ups.

As William E Jackson, a former U.S. arms control official, wrote on June 12 in Editor & Publisher, It would appear that this is more likely what the Times' Judith Millir was up to in her dealings with Rove et al. If so, it would seriously undermine her self-described role as journalistic hero, and could eventually expose her as more of a co-conspirator in the campaign to smear a real whistle-blower--Joseph Wilson.

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