How to File a Complaint with FCC over Robertson's Call for Assassination

Phil Restino reports:

According to today’s telephone conversation (888) 225-5322 with the FCC, this threat needs to be reported in writing to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with the following details of when, where and offense and sent into the FCC’s Broadcast Complaint Office via Fax, Email and/or U.S. Mail.

FCC Broadcast Complaint Office
445 12th Street S.W.
Washington, DC 20554
Fax: (866) 418-0232

Pat Robertson calls for Assassination of Foreign Leader

When: Monday, August 22, 2005 at 6:30 PM and 11:00 PM EST

Where: Christian Broadcast Network “The 700 Club

Photos and Reports of Activism Around Country

Here's a new photo gallery.

Three are photos of crosses at Camp Casey sent in by Carly Miller.

Four are photos of a candlelight vigil in New York sent in by Julie Peny along with this report:
Here are some of the pictures I took. I made a lot of extra posters, brought extra candles, and flags. (We always have to remember to bring flags so the right doesn't outpatriot us). Our vigil was in Water Mill, Long Island, NY. I did a head count: 230 of us but I knowI missed some. We had the press there: Newsday, & the local press: The Southampton Press, The East Hampton Star, The Independent, (but TV didn't show) The Sag Harbor Express will carry a photo I took. Our "East End Vets" were there. They put up the crosses. The Vets spoke, and a nun just back from Iraq. Even the model Christie Brinkly (it is the "Hamptons" afterall) read an essay on truth telling and compassion. We lined up along the Montauk Hwy and the summer traffic--a captive audience--drove by us slowly waving, giving us peace-signs, tooting their horns. The best was when truckers would go by and blast their air-horns in solidarity with us.

Rumsfeld Announces that US Military Will Obey Laws; Media Buries Lead

Evangelist tells 7m TV viewers: US should kill Venezuela's president
Julian Borger in Washington and Duncan Campbell
Wednesday August 24, 2005
The Guardian (UK)

America's leading televangelist appeared to take Christian fundamentalism into uncharted territory yesterday when he called for the assassination of Venezuela's president, Hugo Chávez.

Speaking on his own channel, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson said President Chávez should be targeted because he was a "terrific danger" whose country, a big supplier of oil to the US, was "a launching pad for communist infiltration and Islamic extremism all over the country".

Into the community

We definitely do more than sit in ditches around here, and tomorrow's main event is proof positive: at 11 a.m. we'll be caravaning from the Crawford Peace House to the VA hospital in Waco to protest its imminent closure. Texas has the nation's third-largest population of veterans, and the hospital in Waco provides what is considered the best post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and blind rehabilitation facilities in the country. Over 250,000 veterans entered the VA health care system this fiscal year; 40% of them are from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a figure that highlights the decreasing average age of vets. Yet Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson says it needs to go, along with 17 other VA hospitals around the country. As many Vietnam and Iraq vets here at Camp Casey have asked, "Is this how we treat our veterans?" Think of us tomorrow, and even better, find out about the fate of VA hospitals in your area. After all, when we send our soldiers to war, we'd better make sure we take care of them properly when they return.

Come one, come all!

This upcoming weekend (27th and 28th) is going to be HUGE at Camp Casey! It's the last weekend we will spend in Crawford before heading to D.C., and we want to lots of people here to experience the wonder of Camp Casey.

Saturday we will be having a fabulous Texas-style BBQ at Casey II, to which we have invited the President and First Lady (though I suspect the food will be more authentically Texan than they are).

Sunday is a National Day of Prayer for the troops; regardless of your political persuasion or position on the war, this is a day for you and your community to pray for/meditate on the troops' well-being in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rebuilding Iraq... and soldiers' lives

Adele Kubein's daughter probably never should have been deployed to Iraq in the first place. Following a civilian accident several years ago, her leg was held together by an 8-inch metal plate and 9 steel screws-- an injury that could have allowed her to opt out of service. But instead she "felt she had a duty to her nation," according to her mother, and went into battle anyway.

The following is the story of Adele's daughter as told to me yesterday evening at Camp Casey. Adele cannot use her daughter's name as she is still active duty military. She speaks of her daughter's deployment to Iraq, injury in a helicopter crash, and the long process of physical and psychological recovery. For it is not just the families of killed soldiers who suffer; according to the website Iraq Coalition Casualty report, the wounded now number 13,877 and counting, meaning 13,877 American families must care for their loved ones returning from Iraq with missing limbs, burned skin, and other tragic physical disabilities.

The media is only as liberal as the conservative corporations that own it

Boise Network Affiliates Reject Cindy Sheehan TV Spot

CBS, FOX Refuse to Air Cindy's Plea to President

BOISE, ID--A television ad in which Cindy Sheehan asks President Bush questions about the Iraq war has been rejected by Boise affiliates CBS and FOX. The same ad began airing in Salt Lake City on Monday on NBC CBS and FOX affiliates.

The timing of the ads coincides with the President's visit to nearby Donnelly, Idaho where the President will be staying through Wednesday.

Representatives for the two stations expressed different responses for their rejection of the ad. The Vice President of sales at Fisher Broadcasting Inc., which owns KBCI (CBS) said: "In the spot, Ms. Sheehan accuses the President of the United States of being a liar. She claims the President lied about, among other things, the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There is no proof that we are aware of regarding the truthfulness of her claim. We require proof of claims such as this. Until that is provided, our station will not carry this ad."

Statement by Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson

August 22nd, 2005

The Bush White House and its right wing allies are responding to Cindy Sheehan and the military families’ vigil in Central Texas in the same way that they always respond to bad news –by unleashing personal attacks and smears against her.

This White House never wants an open public discussion, and it certainly never wants to be told that it is wrong. It always tries to change the message by attacking the messenger.

They did it with former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill when he wrote a book that suggested that the White House used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq.

Black Politicians Starting to Show Support for Anti-War Protesters

Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2005
By: Monica Lewis,

Camp Casey, the ever-growing anti-war protest set up outside of President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch, has been compared to a mini-Woodstock, with folk singers like Joan Baez and former movie star Margot Kidder stopping by to make a political statement.

As polls indicate more and more blacks disapproving of the conflict in Iraq, some black politicians are making a point to visit the protest site in Crawford, Texas, a tiny town of roughly 700 people 18 miles outside of Waco.

Earlier this week, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee stopped by to show her support of Cindy Sheehan, the woman whose 24-year-old son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, was killed in Iraq last year. Sheehan, who began a sit-in near Bush’s vacation home on Aug. 6, was also visited by Rep. Maxine Waters, who, like Jackson Lee, is among a number of politicos echoing Sheehan’s plea to Bush to withdraw American troops.

Peace Takes Courage

Tomgram: Appy on Vietnam and Iraq, the Heartland Experience

Tomgram: Appy on Vietnam and Iraq, the Heartland Experience

This post can be found here.

On the April day in 2003 when American troops first entered Baghdad, historian Marilyn Young suggested that Operation Iraqi Freedom was "Vietnam on crack cocaine." She wrote presciently at the time:

"In less then two weeks a 30 year old vocabulary is back: credibility gap, seek and destroy, hard to tell friend from foe, civilian interference in military affairs, the dominance of domestic politics, winning, or more often, losing hearts and minds."

NPR Story on Cindy

Sheehan Magnifies Fissures on Iraq
By David Greene, August 23, 2005

If Cindy Sheehan's peace vigil outside President Bush's ranch has demonstrated nothing else, it has shown that the politics of war can be treacherous. And it doesn't matter which side you're on.

For the president, Sheehan has been a daily reminder that he can no longer take for granted backing from a crucial constituency -- military communities. It has also underscored the weakening of support for the war effort among Democrats and Republicans alike.

Sheehan came to the scene with a compelling story -- her son paid the ultimate price in Iraq -- and lots of political savvy.

Mother deserves meeting, and apology, from Bush

by DeWayne Wickham

C'mon George Bush, meet with Cindy Sheehan.

As president and commander in chief, you should find some time during your month-long "working vacation" in Crawford, Texas, to look this mother in the eye and say why you sent her son into harm's way in Iraq.

I know it's got to be harder for you to talk one-on-one with a loved one of the servicemen and women who have been killed in Iraq than it is to meet with a group of grieving relatives. Still, you ought to extend such a small courtesy to Sheehan, whose son gave what Abraham Lincoln called "the last full measure of devotion" to his country.

Bush Takes Verbal Swipe at Anti-War Protesters

Associated Press

President says he won't meet with Sheehan

By Glen Warchol

DONNELLY, Idaho - President Bush charged today that anti-war protesters such as Cindy Sheehan, who want the troops brought home immediately, are "advocating a policy that would weaken the United States."

In remarks to reporters outside an exclusive resort where he is vacationing, Bush gave no indication that he would change his mind and meet with Sheehan, who lost a son in Iraq and has emerged as a harsh critic of the war there, when he returns to his Texas ranch Wednesday evening.
Sheehan has been maintaining a vigil outside Bush's ranch, a demonstration that has attracted other anti-war protesters.

Protesters Make Appeal to Patriotism in Opposing War

Published on Tuesday, August 23, 2005 by the Salt Lake Tribune
By Glen Warchol

A confrontation in front of the Salt Palace Convention Center Monday between pro-Bush veterans and war protesters started out with jeers and competing chants, only to end with both groups singing "God Bless America."

The incident, in the conservative bastion of Utah, supported activists' claim that a new and stronger anti-Iraq war movement has begun. This peace movement has made patriotism, flag-waving and support for the troops part of its rhetoric.

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, who called for demonstrations against President Bush when he visited the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention, picked up the theme, both in his welcoming speech to the veterans and to peace activists two blocks away in Pioneer Park.

Pedaling Away From Principle: Lance Armstrong Cozies Up to Bush

By Dave Zirin

" could, like me, be unfortunate enough to stumble on a silent war. The trouble is that once you see it, you can't unsee it. And once you've seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out. There's no innocence."
- Arundhati Roy

"The Tour de Crawford." The words blared from a red, white, and blue piece of spandex that George W. Bush presented to Lance Armstrong at his Crawford, Texas ranch. The gifting followed a 17-mile bike ride where they gazed at the landscape that Bush calls "my slice of heaven." Armstrong gushed about Bush's riding prowess afterward, saying to ABC News, "That old boy can go ... I didn't think he would punish himself that much, but he did." By the way, the war and occupation of Iraq "never came up."


Coverage Begins at Tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm ET!
'Operation Noble Cause' Continues...Deep in the Heart of Texas...

After five hours of LIVE broadcasting from Camp Casey (as we now do every day on The BRAD SHOW via RAW RADIO's special "Operation Noble Cause" coverage) We've just been given the go ahead for exclusive coverage of tonight's Joan Baez performance LIVE from Camp Casey in Crawford Texas!

Jump to for special LIVE coverage at 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT) SHARP.

To be anchored by your friendly citizen blogger, Brad Friedman. Spread the word...

8-23 Progress Toward the "Beloved Community"

By Cynthia Bogard

Camp Casey II, Crawford, Texas

Camp Casey II, less than a mile from the Western White House sits on scorching Texas prairie. It's mostly grassland dotted with purple thistle and morning glories here, with an occasional scrubby tree or two. Not quite flat but the hills are low and gradual, offering a view for miles around of grazing cattle, harvested corn stalks blackening in the heat and an occasional modest ranch house and outbuildings. From our acre-sized white-peaked revival tent we can almost see the Bush ranch. We are camped out literally right next to the Secret Service checkpoint with its red barricades stenciled with "100% identification check required" and its ever-present police car.

In Pushing for Peace Movement, it Takes a Mother

by Billie Stanton
Published on Tuesday, August 23, 2005 by the Tuscon Citizen (Arizona)
as posted on Common Dreams

The Vietnam War - and its vivid televised carnage - spurred large-scale, repeated protests, primarily by young people terrified of the draft and horrified by the slaughter of a senseless war.

The revolution was upon us. And the Powers That Be finally ended the war - too late for more than 58,000 dead members of the U.S. military.

The war in Iraq, which has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with hubris and stupidity, prompted even my father - a proud veteran of World War II - to question the dearth of protest.

Republicans Must Denounce Terror

From Global Exchange

Yesterday, extremist right-wing televangelist and Bush supporter Pat Robertson for the assassination of democratically-elected President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela.

The remarks have been condemned by the National Council of Churches, Global Exchange, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Representatives José Serrano and Barbara Lee, among others. Conspicuously absent from condemning this call to terrorist homicide is the Bush administration, of whom Pat Robertson and his 700 Club represents a key support base.

2. Statement from Global Exchange
3. AP Story, Televangelist Calls for Chavez' Death

Slandering Cindy on MSNBC

Mark Williams appeared on Hard Ball today and was about as obnoxious a ---- as I've seen. He-well I can't call it a debate because he filibustered the whole segment, so much so that Nora lost control of the segment. Coleen Rawley was on to talk about Cindy Sheehan and his idiotic "You don't speak for me, Cindy!" tour but he quickly sunk to the lower depths of vitriolic speech.



Iraq: the Unseen War

See it here.

The New York Times Falls off the Wagon

By Arianna Huffington
Huffington Post

It's hard to believe, but the New York Times is back on Chalabi. Not unlike Courtney Love, the paper of record swears it's going to go straight, stop using, be responsible, really change this time, and then it happens again. For whatever reason, the paper falls off the wagon.

It's an addiction. And addicts embarrass themselves again and again. And you feel stupid for ever having given them the benefit of the doubt.

And they try to hide it. Just look at today's above-the-fold, front-page story on Iraq's constitution. It's headlined "Leaders in Iraq Report Progress on Constitution."

Bush Believes Those Who Protest Iraq War Don't Want U.S. to Win 'War on Terror'

Bush Believes Those Who Protest Iraq War Don't Want U.S. to Win 'War on Terror,' Spokesman Says

By E&P Staff

Published: August 23, 2005 11:30 AM ET

NEW YORK Meeting briefly with reporters Monday aboard Air Force One, Trent Duffy, a White House spokesman subbing for Scott McClellan, said that President Bush believes that those who want the U.S. to begin to change course in Iraq do not want America to win the overall "war on terror."

Duffy spoke on a day when a surprisingly large antiwar protest met the president during his stay in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he addressed a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention.

Backers of Iraq War Clash With Activists

Taunts Anger Peace Supporters Who Have Sons in Iraq

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Aug. 23) - Supporters of President Bush clashed with anti-war activists as they wound their way through California after rallying in the hometown of Cindy Sheehan, the mother who started a protest camp outside Bush's Texas ranch.

Conservative activists and military families embarked on the tour Monday, calling it "You don't speak for me, Cindy!" A verbal confrontation erupted when the caravan arrived in Sacramento and was met by anti-war protesters chanting for Bush to bring home the troops.

Congressman Brad Sherman Co-Sponsors H Res 375

That makes 52 co-sponsors!



Fertik to Pelosi

An Open Letter to Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Presidential Accountability and Impeachment

Dear Representative Pelosi,

Thank you for your letter requesting a contribution to elect a Democratic Congress in 2006 to "hold the President accountable."

This is a cause that I, and millions of Americans, wholeheartedly support. This includes Democrats, Independents, and a very large number of Republicans as well.

But I write to differ strongly with you on exactly how to "hold the President accountable."

Your letter delays George Bush's accountability until the distant date of January 2007 - the earliest time when Democrats could assume control of the House of Representatives after the election of November 2006.

Camp Casey Radio

Operation Noble Cause

Beginning the week of August 22, 2005, a Special Edition of The BRAD SHOW with host Brad Friedman via RAW RADIO on the IBC Radio Network will broadcast daily at HIGH NOON from CRAWFORD TEXAS at Camp Casey for the duration of Gold Star Families For Peace Cindy Sheehan's vigil for truth. Operation Noble Cause is in affiliation with Raw Story and The LoneStar Iconoclast.

Join in on the discussion as radio host and investigative blogger Brad Friedman examines the reasons behind the Iraqi invasion and the failed policies of George W. Bush that have led to the deaths of nearly 1900 American soldiers. He will interview families of soldiers killed in Iraq, veterans, lawmakers, celebrities, newsmakers and peacemakers from Camp Casey and around the nation! Join us for continued debate on the most important national and international issues we face today LIVE on The BRAD SHOW via RAW Radio!

Speaking Events



March 24, Boone, NC.


March 25, Asheville, NC
Battery Park Apartments, 1 Battle Square, rooftop room, noon - 2 p.m.
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War Is A Lie: Second Edition
Published April 5, 2016
Tour begins here:

April 11, Washington, DC, 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Busboys and Poets at 5th and K Streets.
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April 12, Baltimore, MD, 7:30 p.m. at Red Emma's.
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April 14, Bellingham, WA, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.
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April 15, Seattle, WA
Town Hall Seattle
1119 Eighth Ave (8th and Seneca) 
Seattle, WA 98101
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April 16 Portland, OR


April 24, Oneonta, NY at Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta.
5:30 discussion with students.
7:00 talk and Q&A with everyone.
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May 28, San Francisco, CA
11 a.m. to 1 p.m., David Swanson interviewed by Daniel Ellsberg, at San Francisco Main Public Library, 100 Larkin Street.
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May 28, Marin County, CA
4 to 6 p.m., David Swanson in conversation with Norman Solomon, at Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA
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May 29, Oakland, CA
3 to 4 p.m., David Swanson interviewed by Cindy Sheehan, at Diesel: A Bookstore, 5433 College Avenue at Kales (near Manila), Oakland, CA
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May 29, Berkeley, CA
7:30 to 9 p.m., David Swanson and Cindy Sheehan at Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, sponsored by the Social Justice Committee and Cynthia Papermaster, 1606 Bonita Ave. (at Cedar), Berkeley, CA
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May 30, Fresno, CA
2 to 4 p.m., David Swanson and Cindy Sheehan at a Peace Fresno event


June 11 St. Paul, MN, 6 p.m. at Macalester Plymouth Church Social Hall 1658 Lincoln, St. Paul, MN.
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June 12 Minneapolis, MN, 9 and 11 a.m. at St. Joan's 4533 3rd Ave So, Minneapolis, MN, plus peace pole dedication at 2 p.m.
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