Abu Ghraib deputy faces charges

By Rupert Cornwell, the Independent

The Pentagon has brought criminal charges against the second-ranking US intelligence officer at Abu Ghraib jail - the most senior figure yet to be accused in the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal that shocked the world and left a black stain on America's human rights record.

The seven formal charges against Lieutenant-Colonel Steven Jordan, who was in charge of the Joint Interrogation and Debriefing Centre at the prison near Baghdad during the second half of 2003, come two years after the scandal first became public. The 12 counts against him include cruelty, maltreatment of prisoners, dereliction of duty and three counts of lying to Major General Antonio Taguba, who conducted the first official probe into the events at the prison, and to a subsequent Pentagon investigation in 2004.

Springsteen and Young: Music of a Once and Future Democracy

By David Swanson

Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young have just released a pair of incredible albums of protest, one a bone-rattling revival of the best of rebel music of ages past, the other an impassioned attack on our present slide toward fascism. A hundred years from now, if the human race has survived, when a future Springsteen records a future "Seeger Sessions" it will be bound to include the music of Young's "Living With War." Also by that time, Young's instant classic, "Let's Impeach the President," will have been translated, as any national anthem should, into a variety of languages, some or all of them, no doubt, destined to be deemed inappropriate by future proponents of the worst of the past.

Tens of Thousands in NYC Protest War

By DESMOND BUTLER, Associated Press

NEW YORK - Tens of thousands of protesters marched Saturday through lower Manhattan to demand an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, just hours after this month's death toll reached 70.

Cindy Sheehan, a vociferous critic of the war whose soldier son also died in Iraq, joined in the march, as did actress Susan Sarandon and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

3 years, and the mission is - well . . .

By Dan O'Neal, http://www.azcentral.com

May 1 marks the third anniversary of President Bush's aircraft-carrier declaration, "Mission Accomplished."

Three years later - yes, three years! - and the United States under this administration is shamefully still occupying Iraq.

Bush and his increasingly corrupt circle in Washington, D.C., used false intelligence, misleading Congress and the American people into an unnecessary invasion and occupation of a country that had neither attacked nor posed an imminent threat to us.


By Stephen Lendman

Noam Chomsky hardly needs an introduction. Throughout his lifetime as an internationally esteemed academic, scholar and activist he's the rarest of individuals I know. He's world renown twice over - in his chosen field of linguistics where he's considered the father of modern linguistics and as a leading voice for equity, justice and peace for over four decades. Although the dominant US corporate media religiously ignore him (especially on air), the New York Times Review of Books said of him a generation ago that "judged in terms of the power, range, novelty and influence of his thought, Noam Chomsky is arguably the most important intellectual alive today." He still is, and someone should inform the Times he's also still alive, but you'd never know it from the silence today from "the newspaper of record" and the rest of the corporate media as well.

Feingold heartens activists in Iowa with tough-talking attacks

By MIKE GLOVER, Associated Press

JOHNSTON, Iowa - Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold energized Democratic activists in Iowa Saturday, touting his "moderate, responsible" effort to censure President Bush and arguing that his brand of hard-hitting activism has been ratified at the polls.

"My message and the way I've conducted myself in Washington was tested in Wisconsin in 2004," Feingold said, in an interview with The Associated Press. "I had three Republicans spend $11 million attacking me for having voted against the USA Patriot Act, voting against the Iraq war."

Impeachment Ad for Local Newspapers

Submitted by Rich Flanders


Frank Rich: Downing Street memo 'proved accurate'


After a three month hiatus, Frank Rich returns to the New York Times with a column slated for Sunday's edition which asserts that "[e]ach week brings new confirmation" that the Downing Street memo leaked last May has proved accurate, RAW STORY has learned.

Excerpts from Rich's column:

The Downing Street memo -- minutes of a Tony Blair meeting with senior advisers in July 2002, nearly eight months before the war began -- has proved as accurate as "Mission Accomplished" was fantasy. Each week brings new confirmation that the White House, as the head of British intelligence put it, was determined to fix "the intelligence and facts" around its predetermined policy of going to war in Iraq. Today Bush tries to pass the buck on the missing WMD to "faulty intelligence," but his alibi is springing leaks faster than the White House and the CIA can clamp down on them. We now know the president knew that the intelligence he cherry-picked was faulty -- and flogged it anyway to sell us the war.

Emergency Public Discussion

Winograd for Congress presents an emergency public discussion about Iraq, Iran and America's constitutional crisis with

Former UN Weapons Inspector SCOTT RITTER
36th Congressional District Candidate MARCY WINOGRAD
Civil Liberties Lawyer and Activist STEPHEN ROHDE

Plus special guests to be announced

Monday, May 1, 7:30 to 9:30 PM
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Auditorium
3720 Stephen White Drive, San Pedro

US War Costs "Could Hit $811Bn"

By BBC News

The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has soared and may now reach $811bn (£445bn), says a report by the Congressional Research Service.

It estimates that Congress has appropriated $368bn for the global war on terror, including both conflicts.

It says that if the current spending bill is approved, US war costs will reach $439bn, and it estimates that an extra $371bn may be needed by 2016.

California Democratic Convention Backs Impeachment

By Kevin Spidel

California dem conv. Went on record for impeachment and the crowd responded with a roaring chant of delegats yelling impeachment.

[details coming soon]

Will Your State Be the First to Send Impeachment Charges to Congress?

Three state legislatures, Illinois, California, and Vermont, have now introduced resolutions to send petitions to the U.S. House of Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings against Bush (and, in the case of California, Cheney too). Minnesota, Missouri, and Oklahoma all have legislatures still active in May. Delaware, Louisana, R.I., South Carolina, and Puerto Rico are all up and running through June. New Hampshire is in session through July.

Target: Negroponte & Iran

By Robert Parry, http://www.consortiumnews.com

In a replay of the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction charade, neoconservative supporters of George W. Bush are pushing the U.S. intelligence community to take a more alarmist view about Iran’s nuclear program – only this time, the nation’s top spy John Negroponte is resisting the pressure unlike former CIA chief George Tenet.

Tenet joined in Bush’s hyping of the WMD evidence about Iraq – famously telling the President that the case was a “slam dunk.” But Negroponte is defying hardliners who want a worst-case scenario on Iran’s capabilities. Instead, he is citing Iran’s limited progress in refining uranium and their use of a cascade of only 164 centrifuges.

Calif Dem Party Platform: Immediate Withdrawal

By David Swanson

I just got a call from Tim Carpenter of Progressive Democrats of America. Tim Goodrich of Iraq Veterans Against the War is going on Air America momentarily with this news as well.

The California Democratic Party is convened in Sacramento. The platform committee has passed and is recommending to the full party on Sunday inclusion in the platform of a call to end the occupation of Iraq and immediately bring the troops home. The proposal will be part of the consent calendar, the regular business of the party. This is not a resolution, but language in the official platform. No signatures need to be collected. No rebellion on the floor is required. This will, as far as we know, be a first for any state for either of the two parties that just voted overwhelmingly in Congress to push us toward a war in Iran.

Neil Young's Songs of Impeachment

By Jan Frel, AlterNet

Only one friend of mine popped the champagne after the Supreme Court's 5-4 vote in Bush v. Gore effectively sealed the deal that we'd see a right winger in office.

The friend, a fan of '70s and '80s punk music, was overjoyed because he told me (I'm paraphrasing), "The music sucks when you have a Democrat in the White House. It was slightly better under Republican nerds like Gerald Ford or that New England prude Herbert Walker Bush. But his son looks like something way worse, way more vicious and sinister than Reagan. The music's going to be incredible." It was morning in America.

Support Grows In The House For An Excess Profits Tax

CONTACT: Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Doug Gordon (202) 225-5871(o); (202) 494-5141(c)

50 Members of Congress Now Co-Sponsors Of Legislation, Authored By Kucinich, To Place An Excess Profit Tax On Big Oil Companies

WASHINGTON - April 28 - With gas prices continuing to be sky-high, and the big oil companies reaping historic profits, support has grown in the House of Representatives for legislation, authored by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), to place an excessive profits tax on the big oil companies. Currently, 50 Members of Congress are co-sponsors of HR 2070, The Gas Price Spike Act.

Iraq War Set To Be More Expensive Than Vietnam

Published on Friday, April 28, 2006 by the Independent / UK
by Rupert Cornwell

The Iraq war has already cost the United States $320bn (£180bn), according to an authoritative new report, and even if a troop withdrawal begins this year, the conflict is set to be more expensive in real terms than the Vietnam War, a generation ago.

The estimate, circulated this week by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service (CRS), can only increase unease over the US presence in Iraq, whose direct costs now run at some $6bn a month, or $200m a day, with no end in sight.

Rights Take Backseat to Oil

Leaders accused of violations meet with White House
by Tom Raum, Associated Press

Searching for energy supplies and allies against Iran, the Bush administration is reaching out to leaders who rule countries that are rich in oil and gas but accused of authoritarian rule and human rights violations.

The presidents of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Equatorial Guinea are all getting special attention. The effort sometimes seems at odds with President Bush's stated second-term goal of spreading democracy.

Wyden's Long Talk Fails to Persuade

By Jeff Kosseff and Jim Barnett, The Oregonian

The Democrat's filibuster to curb oil industry subsidies angers GOP leaders.

Washington - Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden seized control of the Senate floor for more than four hours Thursday in an attempt to reduce subsidies to oil companies.

Enraging Republican leaders, his filibuster stalled debate on an emergency appropriations bill.

Bush Rejects Tax on Oil Companies' Profits

By Terence Hunt, Associated Press

Washington - President Bush on Friday rejected calls by some lawmakers for a tax on oil company windfall profits, saying the industry should reinvest its recent gains into finding and producing more energy.

"The temptation in Washington is to tax everything," Bush said in an exchange with reporters in the White House Rose Garden. "The answer is for there to be strong reinvestment to make this country more secure from an energy perspective."



JOHN BONIFAZ explains the impeachment process -
PETER WHITE makes the case for impeaching Bush and Cheney NOW! -
LAWRENCE BROWN warns Democrats against it at this time-
FRANCIS BROADHURST says the President doesn’t deserve it-

An OPEN MIKE for the audience to speak their minds.
Our representatives are asked to respond to the public.

Bush approves Dubai takeover of defense plants

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- President George W. Bush approved Dubai's $1.24 billion takeover of Doncasters, a British engineering company with U.S. plants that supply the Pentagon, the White House said on Friday.

The decision, announced by White House spokesman Scott McClellan, followed a congressional uproar over security fears that scuttled another Dubai state-owned company's plan to acquire operations at major U.S. ports.

House votes 397-21 for “Iran Freedom Support Act”

Ben Frank, www.uruknet.info

As if Iraq isn’t a big enough mess, the House of Representatives has just voted to 'hold Iran accountable and support a transition to democracy’. Sound Familiar? Only this time Iran is a democracy. They just held an election where their president was actually elected by the people. How refreshing.

After everything that has been exposed…the lies, the profiteering, the long list of war crimes, 397 'Representatives’ gave Bush the go ahead on attacking Iran. Only 21 Patriots voted Nay. Sad to say but these are the only people we can trust…

Putting a Smiley Face on Disaster

By Matthew Rothschild, http://progressive.org

A U.S. military spokesman in Iraq sure picked a weird day to put a smiley face on the situation over there.

“All indications now are that the acts of violence—ethnosectarian violence is decreasing,” said Major General Rick Lynch from Baghdad on Thursday, according to the New York Times.

I’m not sure what all those indications are that Major General Lynch was referring to.

Steppingstone to War

House passes 'Iran Freedom Support Act'
by Justin Raimondo

It is "a steppingstone to war," said Rep. Dennis Kucinich, during the debate over the so-called Iran Freedom Support Act, and if this vote is any measure of the degree of congressional opposition to the looming prospect of war with Tehran, then we have a lot to worry about.

Only 21 members of the House stood up against the overwhelming bipartisan wave of support for the bill, which would impose economic sanctions on the Iranians – and openly proclaims the goal of effecting "regime change." Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican, said the bill reminds him of a 1998 congressional resolution – the Iraq Liberation Act – that paved the way for the Iraqi debacle. Yet most of the "antiwar" contingent in the House of Representatives caved and voted in favor, including Democrats John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Jack Murtha, Bernie Sanders, Barbara Lee, and Lynn Woolsey.

Impeachment on Air America


The time has come... for IMPEACHMENT TALKS! Yea! Listen here as Randi talks to [AfterDowningStreet Co-Founder] Bob Fertik of Democrats.org [she means Democrats.com] as they discuss ways YOU can get involved with Impeachment proceedings in YOUR state!
Listen Now

Fitzgerald to Seek Indictment of Rove

By Jason Leopold, t r u t h o u t | www.truthout.org

Despite vehement denials by his attorney who said this week that Karl Rove is neither a "target" nor in danger of being indicted in the CIA leak case, the special counsel leading the investigation has already written up charges against Rove, and a grand jury is expected to vote on whether to indict the Deputy White House Chief of Staff sometime next week, sources knowledgeable about the probe said Friday afternoon.


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