Most Americans Disapprove of Bush's Terrorism Policies

Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times Poll: Most Americans Disapprove of Bush's Terrorism Policies

NEW YORK, March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Bloomberg News(R) today reported on the results of the latest Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times national public opinion poll, which shows that 54 percent of American's disapprove of President Bush's handling of terrorism -- marking a significant reversal in public sentiment from a year ago.

Don't Let Venezuela Be Next

Published on Saturday, March 4, 2006 by
US Intervention in Venezuela
by Medea Benjamin

It never ceases to amaze me, in the middle of the massive failure of the war on Iraq, that the Bush administration still has time to mess up our relations with other countries. Yet it seems like that’s exactly what they’re doing with our neighbor Venezuela.

Last month, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld compared Hugo Chávez to Hitler, noting that “He’s a person who was elected legally — just as Adolf Hitler was elected legally — and then consolidated power and now is, of course, working closely with Fidel Castro and Mr. Morales and others.

Impeach Bush Shirts

Impeach Bush Shirts

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Republican Congressman Predicts Bush Impeachment

Says US close to dictatorship
By Paul Joseph Watson/Prison

Republican Congressman Ron Paul has gone on record with his prediction that the impeachment of George W. Bush is right around the corner but warned that in the meantime the US was slipping perilously close to a dictatorship.

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show and addressing the port sell-out, Paul stated that, "it probably will contribute to the Republican's failure in the next election."

Pakistanis Revile Bush Visit

Published on Saturday, March 4, 2006 by the Long Island, NY Newsday
by James Rupert

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Pakistanis shut down their country with a nationwide strike and protests Friday as President George W. Bush flew here from India for talks with President Pervez Musharraf.

Police officers arrest woman activist protesting against the visit of U.S. President George Bush, Saturday, March 4, 2006 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. (AP Photo/K.M.Chaudary)

A Natural History of Peace

By Robert M. Sapolsky
Foreign Affairs, January-February 2006 Edition

A popular scientist says that contrary to past beliefs, humans are not 'killer apes' destined for violent conflict, but can make their own history.

The evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky once said, "All species are unique, but humans are uniquest." Humans have long taken pride in their specialness. But the study of other primates is rendering the concept of such human exceptionalism increasingly suspect.

Baghdad Official Who Exposed Executions Flees

By Jonathan Steele, The Guardian UK

Faik Bakir, the director of the Baghdad morgue, has fled Iraq in fear of his life after reporting that more than 7,000 people have been killed by death squads in recent months, the outgoing head of the UN human rights office in Iraq has disclosed.

"The vast majority of bodies showed signs of summary execution - many with their hands tied behind their back. Some showed evidence of torture, with arms and leg joints broken by electric drills," said John Pace, the Maltese UN official. The killings had been happening long before the bloodshed after last week's bombing of the Shia shrine in Samarra.

Common Sense Budget Act

Transfers Wasteful Pentagon Spending to Health, Schools, and other priorities like Homeland Security and the Budget Deficit

“Let’s strengthen our nation with responsible spending that benefits all Americans,
while keeping our nation’s defenses strong,

Congressional Progressive Caucus

Progressive Caucus Leaders, CEOs, and Military Experts to Hold Press Conference on “Common Sense Budget Act

Pentagon Releases Names of Gitmo Inmates

By Miranda Leitsinger and Ben Fox, Associated Press

Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba - Offering a glimpse into the top-secret world of Guantánamo Bay, the Pentagon has released the names and home countries of many detainees who have been held at the isolated military prison for up to four years.

A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by The Associated Press forced the Department of Defense on Friday afternoon to turn over some 5,000 pages of transcripts from closed-door hearings on the detainees, most of whom were accused of having links to the Taliban or al-Qaida.

Help a Soldier Out

Zogby says 85% of US Soldiers in Iraq believe the war is revenge for Saddam Hussein's role in 9-11, which of course did not exist. Why not send a soldier or two some useful presents, including some of the evidence listed on the left side of this site?

No Iraq Trip for Legislator Who Opposed Deal on Ports

By CARL HULSE, New York Times

WASHINGTON, March 3 — Representative Peter T. King's prominent opposition to a proposal to allow a Dubai company to take over some terminal operations at American ports may have earned him some punishment from the Bush administration: He has been grounded.

Mr. King, the New York Republican who is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, confirmed Friday that a few days after he first threatened legislation to hold up the port deal, the Pentagon informed him that it could not provide an aircraft for his planned March Congressional delegation to Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Country paying a steep price for leaders ignoring the truth

By Joseph L. Galloway

This administration, from President George W. Bush to Vice President Dick Cheney to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, has sowed the seeds of a bitter harvest in the Middle East that Americans will reap for decades, if not generations.

That harvest includes but isn't limited to a war bill that's approaching $400 billion and growing by $100 billion a year, an American military ground down by unceasing combat deployments, and a casualty count that doesn't include thousands of troops who are coming home with psychological problems.

Blair Finds Someone Else to Blame

Blair: God will judge Iraq war

LONDON, England -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair says God and history will judge whether he was right to go to war in Iraq, according to the transcript of a television interview to be broadcast Saturday.

In a rare reference to his Christian religious faith, Blair told broadcaster Michael Parkinson he had struggled with his conscience over the decision.

28 US House Reps Want Bush Impeachment Probe

By Matthew Cardinale, Editor and National Correspondent, Atlanta Progressive News (March 04, 2006)

28 members of US Congress have now signed on to H Res 635, including US Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), the original co-sponsor, Atlanta Progressive News has learned. Meanwhile, US cities of Arcata, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco, each in California, have passed resolutions recommending Bush's impeachment.


On Thursday, March 2, 2006 at 11:30 am, torture survivors and members of the faith and human rights communities silently walked the halls of Congress wearing orange overalls and a gags reading “torture

The Importance of Balanced Power in Congress

By Barbra Streisand

The party that holds the majority in both the House and the Senate controls the entire congressional agenda. Everything from what bills are considered, to how long committees debate them, to whether bills get reported out onto the floor, and finally whether a vote gets scheduled, is all determined by the leadership of both the House and the Senate. In the past, there have been instances when members of congress, in their oversight of the President, were courageous enough, regardless of their party affiliation, to step up to their constitutional obligation to be a check and balance on the White House. In the 1970’s, during the Nixon Adminstration, serious political curruption arose and the Republican leadership stepped up and took responsibilty by holding hearings and subpoening administration officials. Eventually, the President was forced to resign rather than face impeachment preceedings that likely would have been successful. It is clear that today's Republican Congressional leaders are not prepared to hold this President accountable. Therefore, it’s critical that people elect members of the Democratic party to the House and Senate so that a new leadership can take control. Only if this occurs, can we even begin to imagine a time when there will be a myriad of investigations so desperatly needed on so many issues…let alone the ultimate investigation which would involve the conduct of the President of the United States and the determination of whether his actions warrented impeachment proceedings.

Pentagon reveals Guantanamo names

The US defence department has released the names and nationalities of some of the inmates detained at its Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

However, the names do not appear as a simple list - they are buried within 6,000 pages of documents posted on the Pentagon's website.

They are transcripts of tribunals in which the 500 detainees were screened and their combat status assessed.

The transcripts have been released before, but with the names blacked out.

Area poet launches bid for Lantos' seat

Protest candidate running on impeach-Bush ticket
By Laura Ernde, San Mateo County Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Kevin Hearle hasn't campaigned since he ran for student body president of his high school 30 years ago.

But on Thursday, the San Mateo poet and scholar stood in front of San Francisco City Hall and announced his intention to run in the June 6 Democratic primary for Congress.

Not that Hearle expects or even wants to win the 12th District seat occupied by veteran U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos.

Brian Ross "Completely Aware" of WMD Context

So why weren't ABC viewers allowed to know?

Two recent reports on ABC raised the possibility that 10-year-old tapes of Saddam Hussein might show that he "did hide weapons of mass destruction"--giving the White House's rationale for the March 2003 invasion a boost.

But as a February 17 FAIR action alert pointed out, ABC's reporting omitted evidence that undermined this argument. The tapes seem to show Hussein Kamel, Iraq's weapons chief at the time, talking about information about weapons programs that Iraq had concealed from U.N. inspectors. But when Kamel defected--soon after these tapes were recorded--he not only told CIA and U.N. investigators about this concealment, he at the same time insisted that Iraq had destroyed all its unconventional weapons stockpiles. FAIR's alert questioned why ABC failed to inform its viewers about this key information.

Southerners to March April 1 in Atlanta for Peace in Iraq and Justice at Home

Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition/Atlanta

Contacts: Ann Mauney: 404-373-3864 (h); 404-630-8910 (c);

Gloria Tatum, 404-374-4098 (c); 404-315-6950 (h);

Louise Runyon, 404-634-3891;

ATLANTA, GA. – March 19 marks the third anniversary of President Bush’s unprovoked attack on Iraq and the beginning of the brutal occupation of that country which continues today. As that milestone arrives, millions of people around the world will again mount massive protests against the war.

Cegelis vs. The Machine

By Cindy Sheehan

I am beginning to wonder what it is that such "Democrats" like Rahm Emanuel (Illinois), Chuck Schumer (NY), and Nancy Pelosi (Ca) are protecting in Iraq. What is it that they have at stake in keeping the occupation of Iraq going? Their constituents in every case are solidly anti-war and anti-Bush. They all come from the bluest of states and/or districts. Yet when faced with the chance to defend and promote antiwar candidates who agree with the majority of Americans that it's time to get out of Iraq this year, they go into overdrive to try to destroy their candidacies.


'Gag Ordered' Former Translator Seeks to Tell Congress and the American People What She Knows

Online Petition Launched Calling on Congress to Hold Joint Public Hearings by the Senate and House Judiciary Committees to Finally Allow the Truth of Her Allegations to be Told...

Sibel Edmonds wants to talk. About what she heard and saw while working as an FBI translator.

If you're not familiar with her allegations -- which have been confirmed by the DoJ's Inspector General to be "credible" and "serious" and "warrant[ing] a thorough and careful review by the FBI" -- then see our story (link below) for a simple bullet-point list of her main explosive allegations which she has been "gag ordered" from discussing for so long.

Briefing from Iraqi Women and Q&A - Open to Public

'Out of Iraq' Congressional Caucus

March 3, 2006

Dear Colleague:

We invite you to attend an informative briefing with nine Iraqi women who have come to the US to commemorate International Women's Day, March 8. The women represent a wide breadth of Iraqi society, including academics, an engineer, health care workers, homemakers, journalists, filmmakers, and women's rights activists. A brief biography for each is below. They will speak about the effects of the war on their lives, their families and other ordinary Iraqis.

Civil War and Ending the War

By David Swanson

Remarks March 3, 2006, at University of California – San Diego

Fox News titled a recent segment "All Out Civil War in Iraq: could it Be a Good Thing?" Presumably it could from the point of view of the Bush-Cheney gang, if it gets in the way of all-out resistance to the occupation. That is, Bush almost certainly would prefer to see Sunnis fighting Shias than to see both fighting Americans and collaborators.

Iraq: Pure War, Pure Crime

By David Swanson

Remarks March 3, 2006, at City Club of San Diego

The Iraq War is a pure war, a war for the sake of war. Congress is debating whether to spend another fortune on it, another fortune that could completely remake this nation if spent on useful projects, and Congress has no reason for the war. The reason is purely that the media won't like you if you vote against a war, but there's no actual reason for the war, not the weapons of mass destruction that Bush always knew weren't there, not the ties to 9-11 that Bush always knew did not exist on behalf of a ruler who anyway is no longer in power, not reducing terrorism which has been increased by this war, not improving global relations when this war has driven global opinion of the US to a record low, not preventing a civil war which the US attack and occupation have created, not supporting the troops when most of the troops want to come home and almost half of them openly admit to pollsters that they don't know why they're there.

Civilians Bearing Brunt of Iraq Violence

By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press

Insurgency-related violence last year killed more than twice as many Iraqi civilians — 4,024 people — as Iraqi soldiers and police, according to government figures obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

And the civilian death count in the first two months of this year already stands at more than one-quarter of last year's total — due in part to sectarian violence triggered by the Feb. 22 bombing of a Shiite shrine and car bombings in Shiite neighborhoods around Baghdad.

Guantanamo man tells of 'torture'


A Kuwaiti man being held at Guantanamo Bay has told the BBC in a rare interview that the force-feeding of hunger strikers amounts to torture.
Fawzi al-Odah said hunger strikers were strapped to a chair and force-fed through a tube three times a day.

A senior US official denied the use of torture in Guantanamo Bay.

Mr Odah's comments, relayed by his lawyer in answer to BBC questions, came as another inmate launched a legal challenge to the force-feeding policy.

Speaking Events


War Is A Lie: Second Edition
Book Tour

May 19, Sarasota, FL, 7:00 p.m. Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center 525 Kumquat Court, Sarasota, FL

May 20, Jacksonville, FL, 7:00 p.m., Florida Christian Center Auditorium, 1115 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville, FL 32205, (904) 381-4800.

May 21, Gainesville, FL
7:00 p.m.
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville, Florida
4225 NW 34th St, Gainesville, FL 32605
(352) 377-1669
Sign up on FB.

May 28, San Francisco, CA
11 a.m. to 1 p.m., David Swanson interviewed by Daniel Ellsberg, at San Francisco Main Public Library, 100 Larkin Street.
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May 28, Marin County, CA
4 to 6 p.m., David Swanson in conversation with Norman Solomon, at Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA
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May 29, Oakland, CA
3 to 4 p.m., David Swanson interviewed by Cindy Sheehan, at Diesel: A Bookstore, 5433 College Avenue at Kales (near Manila), Oakland, CA
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May 29, Berkeley, CA
7:30 to 9 p.m., David Swanson and Cindy Sheehan at Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, sponsored by the Social Justice Committee and Cynthia Papermaster, 1606 Bonita Ave. (at Cedar), Berkeley, CA
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May 30, Fresno, CA
2 to 4 p.m., David Swanson and Cindy Sheehan at a Peace Fresno event
Community United Church of Christ
5550 N. Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93710

June 11 St. Paul, MN, 6 p.m. at Macalester Plymouth Church Social Hall 1658 Lincoln, St. Paul, MN.
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June 12 Minneapolis, MN, 9 and 11 a.m. at St. Joan's 4533 3rd Ave So, Minneapolis, MN, plus peace pole dedication at 2 p.m.
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