Focus: Afghanistan and the Taliban – Aug 24, 2017

‘Taliban cannot win on the battlefield, it’s time for them to join the peace process’: NATO and US-forces top commander Gen. Nicholson in Afghanistan – Afghanistan Times

VIDEO: Full statements and press conference of RS Commander Gen John Nicholson and US Envoy to Kabul Hugo Llorens – YouTube

TRANSCRIPT: Press conference statement by General John Nicholson on Afghanistan – Centcom

TRANSCRIPT: Remarks by U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens on the U.S. Afghanistan Policy – U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan

Tillerson says US may not win in Afghanistan but neither the Taliban, Trump will pressure the Taliban to negotiate peace and end war – New York Post

Tillerson pushes Pakistan to get Taliban to the negotiating table – Bloomberg

VIDEO: Sec’y of State Rex Tillerson takes questions after President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan announcement – YouTube


Secretary of State statement on the United States’ engagement in South Asia: ‘We stand ready to support peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban without preconditions’ –

Trump not making women’s rights a precondition of Afghan, Taliban talks: Tillerson –

Russia urges US to clarify its stance on contacts with Taliban without preconditions, Lavrov notes that the UN Security Council ruled that the Taliban must meet three requirements – TASS

Thousands of troops are probably headed to Afghanistan, here’s what they will do – Washington Post

The financial cost of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan [INFOGRAPHIC] – Forbes

Opinion: President Trump needs a special envoy in Afghanistan, Without a diplomatic strategy to complement the military surge his policy reset could fail – WSJ

How the U.S. can pressure Pakistan, The country is known to provide a safe haven not only for the Taliban, but also Qaeda and groups that target neighboring India – The Atlantic

Trump’s tool kit: U.S. options for pressuring Pakistan to shut down alleged Afghan Taliban sanctuaries –

Afghanistan government statement: Countdown starts for the Taliban and their Pakistani backers –

Pakistan National Security Committee outrightly rejects specific allegations and insinuations made by President Trump regarding Afghanistan –

China says it values Pakistan’s role in Afghan issue, respects its sovereignty – Dispatch News Desk

After China, Russia defends Pakistan against Trump’s criticism –

With Chinese support, Pakistan can ignore Trump on Afghanistan – Bloomberg

Taliban vows to continue its “Jihad” against US after Trump’s policy speech on Afghanistan – FDD’s Long War Journal

On Wednesday Taliban conquers key region, seizes tanks from Afghan forces –

After Trump unveiled military strategy, Taliban suicide bomber kills 7 in Helmand – India Today

VIDEO: Taliban claims new deadly bombing after Trump unveiled strategy – YouTube

How much of Afghanistan is under Taliban control after 16 Years of war with the U.S.? – The New York Times

Islamic State, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda: How are they different? –

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