Focus: Raqqa – July 21, 2017

US official: IS putting up stiff resistance in Syria’s Raqqa, advances have slowed down – Fox News

Raqqa: IS militants burst from tunnels, hit weak points in a bloody battle of attrition from street to street – ABC News

ISIS using motion detector IEDs in battle for Raqqa – DoD Buzz

In pictures: ISIS fires rockets on pinpoint Kurdish targets in Raqqa city –

At least 15 Kurdish YPG fighters killed by ISIS fire in Raqqa: official – ARA News


US sends in mine-proof trucks for battle in Raqqa –

Armored US combat vehicles have been spotted pouring into Syria (PHOTOS, VIDEO) –

US special operators are moving closer to the fighting in Raqqa – The Drive

VIDEO: US Marine Corps artillery destroys ISIS tunnel entrance in support of SDF in Raqqa on June 19 with little to no collateral damage – Mutlu Civiroglu on Twitter

VIDEO: This is a milestone. YPG is now using its own drones in Raqqa against ISIS. For surveillance and for aerial shelling – Gilgo on Twitter

Some 250 residents join US-trained security force for Raqqa – ABC News

Meeting between US officials and Raqqa City Civil Council takes place in Ayn Issa –

Syrian Observatory: More than 900 civilians and fighters were killed in 45 days of the grand battle of Al-Raqqah city – SOHR

Syrian women burn the burqas ISIS made them wear and men shave off the beards (PHOTOS,VIDEO) – Daily Mail Online

VIDEO (English Subtitles): Liberated civilians from Raqqa, women burn burkas and men cut beards that were enforced by ISIS – Lalo Dagach on Twitter

We spoke to women who married into ISIS in Syria. These are their regrets. –

Revealed: Trump’s still-secret plan to ‘crush’ ISIS –

Syrian Army advances 30 kilometers through ISIS-held eastern Raqqa –

Syrian Army on the verge of entering Deir Ezzor from Raqqa –

In pictures: ISIS throws in all it has to prevent the Syrian Army’s liberation of Deir Ezzor –

Syrian Army evacuates civilians out of Raqqa via humanitarian corridors – Sputnik International

Syrian forces retake 40 oil rigs from ISIL in Raqqa province – Al-Manar TV Lebanon


Russia’s military to remain in Syria for another 49 years –

CIA chief Pompeo warns Russian, Iranian aims in Syria threaten the U.S., “They [Russians] love to stick it to America. I’m sort of kidding, but I think they find any place that they can make our lives more difficult” – Bloomberg

Has Russia pursued any sort of serious strategy to counter ISIS in Syria? No, says CIA’s Pompeo “Only the most minimal” of efforts – Jeff Seldin on Twitter

”It’s certainly been worse for the Syrian people” CIA Dir Pompeo says of Russia involvement – Jeff Seldin on Twitter

”Unlikely situation where Assad will be sitting on the throne & America’s interests will be well served” in Syria per CIA’s Mike Pompeo – Jeff Seldin on Twitter

Syria’s Bashat al Assad “is a puppet of the Iranians” per CIA Dir Pompeo – Jeff Seldin on Twitter

CIA Dir Mike Pompeo decline direct comment on reports CIA ending train/equip support for moderate Syria rebels – Jeff Seldin on Twitter

VIDEO: CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Russia in Syria – NBC News

VIDEO (Full interview): CIA Director Mike Pompeo shares the view of America’s security from Langley  – NBC News

Iraq Vice President al-Maliki says Iraq’s survival was ensured by Russia’s role in Syria: ‘ if it were not for the Russian stance, the region would be fully destroyed’ –

McCain blasts White House for shutting down the CIA’s program to arm ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels, says it is ‘playing right into the hands of Vladimir Putin’ –

Russia not reason for U.S. ending CIA arms to Syria rebels: general –

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