Focus: Turkey and Syria – June 28, 2017

Turkish artillery opens fire on Kurdish forces across entire frontier in northern Aleppo –

Turkish military says it returned fire at Kurdish YPG forces (VIDEO) – Al Jazeera

Turkish Army tanks pour into northern Aleppo for humongous offensive (VIDEO) –

Turkey build-up at border ready to target YPG-held Afrin, Tal Rifat: military – Daily Sabah

Here is Erdoğan’s plan to invade Efrîn, Turkey has reportedly started negotiations with Russia, Iran and Assad – ANF

Eyewitnesses/Local sources: Russian army withdraws its troops from Afrin after reports of imminent Turkey incursion – Rami on Twitter

PYD leader Saleh Muslim pleads for Russian support following Turkey’s strikes –

YPG Afrin demand a statement from Russia to the threats of turks and jihadists – Thomas Oz on Twitter

U.S. special operations forces dispatched to Tal Abyad in northern Syria –

US Army patrols Kurdish-held border town to deter Turkish Army invasion (VIDEO) –

Reliable sources told me: Turkish army various times fired w/ small arms in direction of US troops who were stationed btwn Turks &Kurds – Jenan Moussa on Twitter

U.S. amassing spy planes off Syria, aircraft carrier to arrive in Israel –

Hearing from Pentagon sources that USS George H.W. Bush Battle Group has been issued “Extraordinary Orders” relating to Afrin – Simon Cousins on Twitter

McGurk visits Civil Council of Raqqa, SDF amid growing tensions between US and Turkey –

PHOTO: U.S. Special Envoy to C-ISIS brett_mcgurk pictured meeting with police recruits for post-liberation Raqqa – Charles Lister on Twitter

I also asked brett_mcgurk if Turkey is hindering Raqqa operation? “We wouldn’t want anything 2happen which would disrupt Raqqa campaign” – Jenan Moussa on Twitter

VIDEO: Jean Moussa interviews Brett McGurk – Jenan Moussa on Twitter


Defense minister discusses YPG armament remarks with US counterpart – Daily Sabah

US support for YPG temporary and triggered by necessity, Mattis tells Turkish counterpart Işık – Daily Sabah

Erdogan dismisses US pledges over weapons for Kurds in Syria: ‘We will make the real owners of those weapons… pay for any bullet that will be fired to our country’ – Reuters

Arming YPG is against NATO alliance, rules, Erdoğan says – Daily Sabah

Turkey increasingly vocal against YPG’s foreign recruits –

Turkey’s objectives on its way to Idlib de-escalation zone –

Turkey’s role in Idlib remains a delicate one – The National

PHOTO, MAP: Geolocation of the reported Turkey’s garrison inside of Syria’s Idlib province – Christiaan Triebert on Twitter

Syrian hardline Islamist HTS rejects Russian-Turkish intervention in Idlib – ARA News

Russia’s Lavrov: Upcoming Astana Syria Talks will will be dedicated to drafting the fine print for the de-escalation zones deal for Syria – IMRA

UN special Envoy for Syria de Mistura to attend the next Astana meeting, says serious efforts for applying agreement on de-escalation zones – Mehr News Agency

UN envoy Mistura briefs Security Council on Syria talks, maps out ‘ideal trajectory’ to next round of intra-Syrian talks in Geneva – United Nations News Centre

Free Syrian Army delegation to attend upcoming Astana talks on Syria: representative –

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