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Kucinich Uses Resolution Of Inquiry To Demand Documents From White House Group That Developed Strategy To "Sell" War


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After Downing Street is working with the BackBone Campaign to encourage Congress Members to cosponsor a Resolution of Inquiry into the White House Iraq Group.

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Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich Press Release

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) today introduced a Resolution of Inquiry to demand the White House turn over all white papers, minutes, notes, emails or other communications kept by the White House Iraq Group (WHIG).

"This group, comprised of the President and Vice President's top aides, was critical in selling the Administration's case for war," stated Kucinich. "We now know that the Administration hyped intelligence and misled the American public and Congress in their effort to 'sell' the war. After over 1,900 American troops have been killed in Iraq, it is long past time for this Congress to ask serious questions about WHIG and its role in the lead up to the war."

A Resolution of Inquiry is a rare House procedure used to obtain documents from the Executive Branch. Under House rules, Kucinich's resolution is referred to committee, and action must be taken in committee within 14 legislative days.

"For two-and-a-half years Congress has sat on the sidelines neglecting its oversight responsibility when it has come to Iraq," continued Kucinich. "We owe it to the American people to hold this Administration accountable and to find out the truth."

OCTOBER 20, 2005
11:40 AM
CONTACT: Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich
Doug Gordon (202) 225-5871(o); (202) 494-5141(c)

Email Your Congress member.

Or phone, toll-free, (888) 818-6641.



From: Samantha Spinney, Legislative Assistant, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich
Date: October 21, 2005
Re: H. Res. 505

On Thursday, October 20, Rep. Kucinich introduced a H. Res. 505, a resolution of inquiry that would require the President and Secretary of State to transfer documents relating to the White House Iraq Group, or WHIG, to the House of Representatives. Andrew Card formed this taskforce in August 2002 - seven months before the invasion of Iraq - with the mission of marketing a war in Iraq. The group consisted of high-level Administration officials and strategists including: Karl Rove, I. Lewis Libby, Condoleezza Rice, Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin, Stephen Hadley, Nicholas E. Calio and James R. Wilkinson.

The WHIG produced white papers detailing so-called intelligence of Iraq's nuclear threat that later proved to be false. This supposed intelligence included the claim that Iraq had sought uranium from Niger as well as the claim that the high strength aluminum tubes Iraq purchased from China were to be used for the sole purpose of building centrifuges to enrich uranium.

Unlike the National Intelligence Estimate of 2002, the WHIG's white papers provided "gripping images and stories" and used "literary license" with intelligence. The WHIG's white papers were written at the same time and by the same people as speeches and talking points prepared for President Bush and some of his top officials.

The WHIG also organized a media blitz in which, between September 7-8, 2002, Bush and his top advisers appeared on numerous interviews and all provided similarly gripping images about the possibility of nuclear attack by Iraq. The timing was no coincidence, as Andrew Card explained in an interview regarding waiting until after Labor Day to try to sell the American people on military action against Iraq, "From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August."

September 7-8, 2002:

· NBC's "Meet the Press: Vice President Cheney accused Saddam of moving aggressively to develop nuclear weapons over the past 14th months to add to his stockpile of chemical and biological arms.

· CNN: Then-National Security Adviser Rice said, regarding the likelihood of Iraq obtaining a nuclear weapon, "We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."

· CBS: President Bush declared that Saddam was "six months away from developing a weapon," and cited satellite photos of construction in Iraq where weapons inspectors once visited as evidence that Saddam was trying to develop nuclear arms.

Congress and the American people deserve to know exactly how the WHIG marketed a war using fabricated intelligence. The white papers produced by this group cut right to the heart of the lies and deceptions spouted by Administration officials in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

For more information or to cosponsor H. Res. 505, please contact me at 5-5871.

Samantha Spinney
Legislative Assistant
Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich
202-225-5871 (p)
202-225-5745 (f)

Email Your Congress member.

Or phone, toll-free, (888) 818-6641.

To Volunteer to Help With After Downing Street's Lobbying Efforts on this Resolution, and to connect with others in your area, send an Email including your name, address, and (if you know it) your Congress Member's name or congressional district number to

Tips for Calling Congressional Staffers, and Report-Back Form.

More info on the WHIG.


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Please, let us drumbeat this forward. Link, link,link. Get all libs on board. Our iron is hot. Even our Republican reps might listen. They need cover. Flooood them!!!

Congressman Kucinich should be highly commended for his initiative on this Resolution Of Inquiry, which also shows they are alive and kicking in the democratic camp.
Lets get behind this resolution, and contact our representatives to support it. Let them know that if they don't support it they don't support what's best for the American people, and we'll vote them out in '06. Rep. Lee tried valiantly with her resolution to probe the DSM and narrowly lost. This is another chance. Lets not let this one slip away, the people deserve a right to know who misled them and how (the deception is known, the players need to be exposed if for no other reason than to prevent it from happening again).

Exposure is better for the American people, secrets only protect the guilty

A large amount of the ammo that the Democrats needs is contained in the DSM. I think this movement may be the most sought after group and source for information relating to why this administration outed a CIA agent. I love it. I love it. I love it. What will the right wing hate folks say to this. I know, as a liberal, we will be called every name they can think of. This a happy time for the Left, and the hate folks know it. Still, in the spirit of non-partisanship, we should send Rove and Libby information on how to survive in prison. After all, it may not be that obvious to them, Rove and Libby, that dropping the soap can be hazard to their health and to never take any cigarettes from a guy named Ba Ba, who may request they never stand when the used the rest room while in prison.


A large amount of the ammo that the Democrats needs is contained in the DSM. I think this movement may be the most sought after group and source for information relating to why this administration outed a CIA agent. I love it. I love it. I love it. What will the right wing hate folks say to this. I know, as a liberal, we will be called every name they can think of. This a happy time for the Left, and the hate folks know it. Still, in the spirit of non-partisanship, we should send Rove and Libby information on how to survive in prison. After all, it may not be that obvious to them, Rove and Libby, that dropping the soap can be hazard to their health and to never take any cigarettes from a guy named Ba Ba, who may request they never stand when the used the rest room while in prison.


We must all contact our representatives in support of this much-needed inquiry. But I suggest sending individual emails or making phone calls, rather than using the link provided above. In my case, when I used the link, my message went to the wrong representative. I am sure there are other "split districts" out there.

I submitted my request to my elected representatives through this link. I also asked if their votes would have been different if they had been told the truth?

It's official... Bush is a complete failure at everything that ever took his fancy.

"It's official... Bush is a complete failure at everything that ever took his fancy."

Not true. He was a very successful drunk.

Hes also a consumate liar
and a very effective killer.

See who first pick is!

Now if only that would happen when you Google "prisoner"

Contact me at 423-623-0333 or 423-237-3419 or 856-692-2857 and tell Cindy Sheehan they will love this one.

We filed the necessary civil rights suit and it has been served so now we can openly talk about the horrific events in my life as we went to war the court deception in our nation from Bush appointees, some of them returning from Iraq to be given jobs is COMMUNISTIC thru and thru.

I was a law clerk and I should know and I am a bible believing Christain anti abortion besides. I tried to tell people Bush was not a "SOLD OUT CHRISTIAN" and nobody would listen to the Truth.

I supposed we have to suffer in order for the TRUTH to be TOLD.

Contact me and hear this one!!!!! I could not vote so DOES MY VOTE COUNT? IF SO, THEN BUSH IS FOR SURE OUT OF OFFICE.

Some of us older folks remember CREEP, which stood for the Commmittee to Reelect the President (Nixon) back in 1972. An unfortunate acronym for an unfortunate President.
In the same vein, WHIG also is a predestined for failure, just as that old pre-American Civil War party, the Whigs. What were these folks thinking? I guess if they had brains and perspective enough to avoid the acronym WHIG, they would never have invaded Iraq anyway...
Just a passing notion.
James K. Sayre

Start with the big lie:
If you are concerned with the reasons for the War in Iraq? Why aren’t you looking at the physical evidence that shows the official version(we were attacked by Osama Bin Laden) of what happened to this country in the 911 attacks, is false
With the Downing Street memo, the Rove leak, the Able Danger information, the Israeli Spy cases and influence of AIPAC lobbies in bribing Congressmen, why aren’t you actively pursuing the truth?

Washington, DC—October 21, 2005—12:00 EST— exclusive—Today Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald handed over 22 indictments to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, accusing President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney and others of espionage, obstruction of justice, perjury and a variety of other charges in the matter of the CIA/Valerie Plame leak-gate case.

Intelligence sources told that the military or U.S. marshals should arrest Bush, Gonzalez, Cheney and others immediately for their criminal acts in keeping explosive espionage, obstruction and perjury indictments hidden from the American people, all of which affects U.S. national security.

Still believe in the official 9/11 OMISSION REPORT cover-up?

Sources close to the investigation report that members of the House, Senate, 9.11 Commission and other members of the media are also under investigation as potential targets by a grand jury regarding obstruction of justice and other oversight failures linked to the 9.11 attacks--indicating that citizen panelists working with Fitzgerald may be seeking a wholesale cleansing of what many have said is a crime-wracked White House and Congress.

Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks

Keep in mind when reading this, that the man being interviewed is no two-bit internet conspiracy buff.

Stanley Hilton was a senior advisor to Sen Bob Dole (R) and has personally known Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz for decades. This courageous man has risked his professional reputation, and possibly his life, to get this information out to people.

The following is from his latest visit to Alex Jones' radio show. To hear Alex's interview with Stanley Hilton -

TomFlocco is a disinformation organization - he has written and posted a lot of fabricated nonsense such as the claim that Barbara Olson having recently been arrested on the Polish-Austrian border (which he proceeded to change to Polish-German border when he chanced upon a map...), and that she was carrying millions of "Italian lyras" - there never was a currency called the lyra, and Italy's currency has been the Euro for years... Italy's currency used to be the lira. He also claimed that she had a Vatican passport, although the Vatican doesn't issue passports to women.

And I second the "BRAVO!" to Mr. Kucinich. The repugnantcon party was able to fuse together and cooperate in order to push their agenda forward. We need to use that very effective method also. Together we can drag the truth out into public view. Iraq, Abu Graib, Bin Laden, 9/11, everything must be exposed.

An inquiry oughtta demand search warrants on that RICO gang.

His resolution will get defeated---run over by the pukes in Congress. Otherwise, congress would have to take some heat if all of the facts become exposed. Almost all of the house and the senate were rah-rah for the war. Nearly all voted for the war because their advisors and their politometric (TM) weather gauges told them it was politically right to advocate war. Kucinich does not use advisors and politometric (TM) weather gauges to guide his vote. He uses his conscience. Now he is asking Congress to do the conscientiously correct thing. Good luck Dennis. I used to despise Republicans. I used to be a Democrat. Now I think that both parties are despicable.
Nice to see someone like Dennis in Congress. However, both parties will cough up the money to be rid of him. He is a menace to BOTH parties.

What did it mean when the DSM noted " make the facts fit the policy?" At some level, everyone who voted for this war are victims of Bush's propaganda machine. If I remember correctly, most of what was given to Bush was not a green light to start killing Iraqi men, women, and children. He was told: after he had used every avenue he could to avoid using force, then he was authorized to use force. How we got to War is in suspect, and I mean big time suspect. For starters, there is evidence he manipulated data, evidence, and slandered reputations to bring congress to the patriotic moment to support force. Second, the number one reason for going over there was never proved, but we, and I say we, didn't have the balls or fortitude to make things right. We were suppose to pull out of Iraq long ago, and I remember a time when this country would of did just that. History will report us in foul for this one fact, and long after this is over, this country will look like aggressors to innocent people. This, what I am saying, has truth written all over it. Now, Mr. Bush is in full diversion mode and is appointing unqualified people to the Supreme Court, allowed our troops to fight in battles within the Syrian border, and just about any thing he can to divert from the very thing that can bring his corrupt administration down. Mr. Bush is running scared and is in full defense. As a nation, we need a strong drive to bring the truth to the land, and provide clear cut solutions to how we can undue some of the wrongs this administrations has unleashed on this nation.


Sorry, if Dennis Kucinich, Scott Ritter and the CIA knew that there were no weapons of mass distruction before the war then everyone in the house and senate also knew. 'Everyone who voted for the war' should not be excused for their lack of moral backbone. They would like you to believe that they were fooled by Bush's propaganda but that's just another part of the lie that has killed our soldiers and the people of Iraq. Bottom line, Bush and his administration are killers and 'everyone who voted for the war' are their accomplices.

In other words when you say, "Everone knew" that is in fact wrong.

So let's just say, "Many suspected..."

Or how about this, "Many HOPED that their decision would not be based on Presidential lies..."

OR how about this, "Many felt that they could not risk the chance of not believing the President because he MAY have been speaking the truth."

time than the ones who were actually telling the truth!? Good grief, whoever thought in a million years your own President of the United States of America would CONSPIRE (with the PNAC) and then FABRICATE (with WHIG and Blair) to then LIE to Congress and the American people and that WMD's and 9/11 connections was all FIXED? What was Congress supposed to say before the vote to go to war "Hey , Bushie, you ain't a LYIN' sack of shit , now are you?" It would have been nice if someone did, but how do you ask the President that in front of God and everybody who has already bought the scam hook, line, and sinker? Dissenting voices tried, but noone believed the truthtellers at the time.
This means that in the FUTURE , the EXPERT WITNESSES have to speak before Congress instead of the President. In other words , if there are 16 words again, then all the evidence, IF there is any needs to be laid out in front of Congress and analyzed and explained by expert witnesses. Dissenting expert witnesses may come in to, at the request of Congress, NOT the President, and the discussion will be based on SCIENCE NOT politics. If Saddam could not make a mushroom cloud in Oklahoma City, then the experts would say so. If the experts say "Hey that piece of paper is a forgery!" then the experts would say so! We don't let Bush decide if it is safe for an astronaut to go up to space, why would we let Bush decide if war makes any sense?! No. from now on we gotta leave this kinda thing up to expert witnesses to show us and Congress, NOT the President and his conspirators.


what pure negative drivel.

Congressman Kucinich,

I want to know exactly who put the "Yellow-Cake" forgeries together and on whose order. There was a long round-about path taken by that "evidence". And coincidentally, only a threat of nukes could con us into following these fools to war.

Find a link from the creation of those documents to the administration, and we need to schedule some hangings.

Here are your forgers:

(Also available here, but without the critical and convenient links:)

The most critical link is :

Or just click on "Elisabetta Burba"in the original (third paragraph,middle first line)
Which explains the transfer of the documents to U.S. government hands.

Here are copies of the documents themselves:

Translations and discussions here:

---The Bikemessenger

I just got the two DVD set "Rove's War" in the mail from Take Back The Media (TBTM), and when they put Forgerygate together , it all seems to point to>>> Rove, that Rasputin Rat.

Thankfully there are a few members of the U.S. Congress that are true Warriors for the People! Kucinich is definitely one of them !

Dennis is in this thing for the long haul. A deep thinker and indeed, a warrior for the people.
The American public's inclination to look only on the surface has brought us to this estate. Judging by appearances has given us the likes of Bush and Cheney, "manly men with chins outthrust" who care only for themselves. You go, Dennis.
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, another warrior strong for the people.


from the ( Re-Written DECARATION of INDEPENDENCE
by Feb, 2001

To PROVE that MILLIONAIRES, in disproportionate numbers to the US Population, have Monopolized and bought the Government… Compare the numbers below.

Approximately 286 million people make up the American Population.



Yet in the bush family government most are MULTIMILLIONAIRES. Comparing these numbers is proof and confirms that Millionaires Overwhelm, WE the PEOPLE, in the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of Government and this is criminal.

BUSH is a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE and part of a MULTI-MILLION Dollar Family Political Business

CHENEY is a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE and OIL WAR PROFITEER with serious energy conflict of interests




The Numbers above Confirm that there is a Conspiracy in America Today. Treason has Occurred and the FIX is in…

Continued at

Thank U,

Re: The Plame Truth: "When did the President know, if he knew?" This game,even if won, will only end in PARDON. It's time to use the MIERS hearings to give an inside look at cronyism and profiteering. Questions should drive her to paint a picture for America--detailing her reasons for behaving SO partisan in glowing letters to the Texas governor, buddying up with the judicial panel that settled her family real estate sale, etc. Of course, the fork is already in her, she's already "done", so let's get her to talk about her relationship with POTUS, complete with cuddly details, to expose more about HIM than her. She is already a Former Supreme Court Nominee. AB

I wonder what evacuees are supposed to do...I've been passing out articles and information at the trailer park camp set aside for evacuees in Alabama. If you know anyone who hasn't been able to return home, please let them know what's going on too. Many of us are mad as hell.

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." - Mark Twain

I started a little clearinghouse called WHIGGATE UPDATE for WHIG info back in July at It's taken awhile for this to gain some speed, but I'm still convinced that the White House Iraq Group is the easiest way to tie the story of the Downing Street Memo, the manufactured reasons for war, and Plamegate together in a simple narrative. So why hasn't the New York Times yet mentioned the name of this group (of which Judy Miller was either a member or a dupe) in its news pages?

I think the White House cabal on intelligence should be investiagated. I do not like the jargon WHIG. Call the clique, either the Bush cabal or the Bush junta. Whig has a historical association with liberal progressive parties in the US and in Britain. Whig was the party of Abraham Lincoln before he joined the then progressive, even leftist Republican Party.

Why are you not seeking information, papers, etc., for Cheney and Bush as well?

Please expose the truth so that this truth shall set all Americans free of this crowd we have in Washington.

Can you feel it happening? The darkness and evil of this murderous administration is being surrounded by the "light" of truth. They can't hide anymore and it's coming to an end. As with EVERY collapsed empire in history, it is being toppled, NOT by a more powerful foe, but by the insidious virus of their own greed and corruption. It would be a happy day for our nation, if not for the thousands murdered... the billions plundered... and the complete decimation of any good will and respect we had in the world. But, it's a start......... Peace out.

This action alert went out to a nationwide list, each of whom probably get a dozen such alerts each week. But the people who will decide on the Kucinich proposal are only a handful of representatives who sit on the committee. Wouldn't it make more sense to zip sort the list and ask the constituents of those representatives to put the pressure on? I know I'd be more effective as a citizen lobbyist if I only contacted my rep on issues where he'll have a vote.

It is time to know if we were sold a bill of goods.

This needs to get media attention so that the public will know.

That's a joke isn't it? The media should get on this one? All they think of is supporting the Bush conglomeration on the hill.

I like the suggestion about notifying onlythe constituents of those reps who will vote on this issue. Specific tageting makes more sense as we are all busy. Besides my MO rep is soo far to the right of Atilla the Hun that anything I ask for would never be considered.

Three cheers for Kuchinich, a real patriot! He was my choice for pres in 2004.

Last time a resolution of inquiry was introduced, it was defeated by just one vote in committee. If we contact and encourage the members of the International Relations Committee to vote in support of this, the turnout could be different. Also, encourage your representative to sign on as a co-sponsor. So far there aren't any.

Apparently, the rich don't get the message from our Lord God, the MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH. Also,it easier to find a needle in a haystack, than for a rich man to enter into heaven. I believe Jesus told a rich man who asked, What must I do to be a discipline, Jesus replied, Sell all that you have and come with me. Need I say, more! Greed will not set them free.

seems like Jesus had some business sence in him too, advising to sell things, not to give them to the needy...

How many more troops and Iraqis will be killed or maimed, how much
more property will be destroyed, and how much more money will be

cindy sheenan & codepink will be on this untill the bush administration brings the troops home for good.

The White House Iraq Group (WHIG)- Nov, 2005

Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.


Talk about putting one over on the American people. This one takes the cake, it really does. Did you hear anyone even mention the White House Iraq Group until recently? Did you have a clue about who they were or what they were about? Luckily, Scooter Libby screwed up somehow and got himself indicted, and now we know. Talk about a con job.

It seems that the White House Iraq Group was quite an impressive bunch with an even more impressive job. They had to sell the entire population of the United States a really big dose of snake oil in a very short time. I kid you not. That really was their assignment, and boy did they ever carry it out in style!

The WHIG group met secretly, as is so characteristic of the Bush White House, and that might explain why so little was known about them. They worked with the diligence and dedication of any fawning Bush task force and they ultimately succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Despite its reputation, WHIG snake oil was not as difficult a sell to Americans as one might imagine, especially after 9/11. Good salespeople know their market.

The group was organized in the summer of 2002, when the nation was still reeling from the events of 9/11 and was largely distracted by the war against the Taliban. In charge of the set-up was Andrew Card, the WH Chief of Staff. Chairman of the committee was Karl Rove, then Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush. Together, these two opportunistic charlatans gathered the very best and most successful spin doctors ever assembled in one place, and the plan was set in motion.

The goal was to market a new brand of snake oil developed by the neocons who had come into power in 2000. With practiced confidence, they came together to sell the American people something they really didn’t want. They plotted to sell them a war.

Let me run that by you one more time: In August of 2002, six men and three women got together in Washington, D.C. to devise a plan that would sell the invasion of Iraq to the people of this country. It’s totally mind-boggling, but that is exactly what they did.

But this is not a TvNewsLIES scoop. The story is not new. The WHIG group was first identified in a Washington Post article in 2003. So why were people not screaming in the streets? But, we digress…


The nine merchants of death were chosen with care. Some had high visibility while others worked in the background, but all were insiders with keys to the White House kingdom. Not unlike the cast of Mission Impossible, each brought a singular skill to the table. But unlike the high-minded characters in the series, the WHIGs were engaged in a nefarious and despicable scheme to delude a nation.

Here, then, is a list of the men and women who teamed up to sell us a war:

For the PLOTTERS, the PITCH and the PAYOFF:

I am so very sad about the use of chemical weapons on the people of Iraq by our country. Yes, I will help in any way I can to get the word out to the good people of our great country. I watched Mr. Bush make comments about the bombing in Jordan and I was amazed that he smiled as he said, it is wrong for terrorists to kill innocent people to support their agenda and he again smiled.
Our children are learning that it is ok to torture people and lie.
The fear and smear created by this administration will for generations change our great country unless we let them know their time is done. Mr. Bush and the whole group of people involved in this tragedy should be held accountable.
Sadaam Hussein and the rest of his government should be freed, and a complete investigation should be initiated by congress.
Find out why John Bolton visited Miller in jail. What did he know about outing a CIA agent in revenge of her husbands truthful report.

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