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Video: Citizens Arresting Senator Patty Murray for War Crimes

Video Here. This was done mainly by Stand Up Seattle, a group that is part of the Seattle Occupation Project. Senator Murray was at a meeting of local law enforcement officers. "Since she never will meet with us, we went to one of her only public appearances during the Congressional recess," activists said.

Impeachment Radio

Catch David Swanson discussing impeachment with Keith Murphy tomorrow on The Urban Journal, which airs online and at XM Satellite Radio Channel 169, "The Power" daily, Monday through Friday, 7pm Eastern and the special edition at 1am, with shows archived on the website.

AUDIO: San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly explains why San Francisco Representative Nancy Pelosi won't move to impeach George W

San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly explains why San Francisco Representative Nancy Pelosi won't move to impeach George W. Bush despite overwhelming support for doing so among those she "represents" AUDIO.

Fox Fool Flubs One

Listen to Impeachment Radio Tonight 8-9 p.m. ET

Hear David Swanson on impeachment tonight 8-9 p.m. ET on The People Speak Radio Network

Code Pink Meets Condi

New Mexico Republicans Cut and Run from Impeachment Debate

By Bob Fertik,

I have argued for some time that if Democrats ever worked up the guts to begin impeachment proceedings, they might be shocked to find Republicans refusing to defend him - or even enthusiastically throwing Bush under the bus.

Why? Because the 2006 election proved that Bush is the kiss of death to Republican candidates from coast to coast. Every Republican knows (s)he would be better off if Bush was out of the White House before November 2008.

Well it looks like I was right! When New Mexico Democrats led by Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino and John Grubesic introduced a resolution to impeach Bush, Republicans cut and run from the debate!


Videos of the Occupation Project

Since the Occupation Project has been largely shut out of the natioanl mainstream news by such important stories as the death of Anna Nicole Smith, I have compiled links to various reports from all across the country which detail the sustained action taking place across America to end the war in Iraq.

Pass this on as you deem appropriate!

Peace & Freedom,

Hillary Clinton's New Message - 'No Apologies'

Last week Hillary came as close as she's gonna to apologizing or recanting her Iraq War vote, saying "I have said, and I will repeat it, that knowing what I know now I would never have voted for it... I have taken responsibility for my vote, the mistakes were made by this pResident...". Now the NYT is touting Hillary's "New Answer on ’02 Vote". That "new" message is No Apologies, "If the most important thing to any of you is choosing someone who did not cast that vote or has said his vote was a mistake, then there are others to choose from..." Well, Hillary, seems lots of folks think it's rather important...

She and her campaign brain-trust have calculated this hard line and are gambling us dirty hippy anti-war folks will just go away. But it's more than that, she's displaying Bushian stubbornness and adopting a "no apologies" persona. Haven't we had enough of that? (more w/additional video)

Levin blasts Administration, Pentagon

The news report most of you probably never saw. In the aftermath of the Pentagon IG's report last week on Cheney/Rumsfeld's lil' shop of intelligence horrors, otherwise known as the Office of Special Plans, the corporate MSM's coverage was short and sweet before moving on to much more pressing saturation coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's untimely demise...

Audio: Interview on the Impeachment Channel

David Swanson, co-founder of, explains why impeaching George W. Bush is necessary if the U.S. is to remain a constitutional and democratic republic: LISTEN.

Anti War Activists give Anti-War Valentines Day Cards to Pelosi

By Christina Aanestad, IndyBay

Anti-war activists gathered at Nancy Pelosi's office at the San Francisco federal building today, to urge her to oppose President Bush's escalation of U.S. troop levels in Iraq. Code Pink activists delivered Valentine's Day cards to Pelosi's office, urging the House Speaker to go further than supporting a non-binding resolution. They want her to support HR 508, which would bring all troops in Iraq home within 6 months.

Vermont Becomes First State to Call for US Troop Withdrawal from Iraq


The Vermont State Legislature made headlines yesterday when lawmakers passed
resolutions in both the House and Senate calling for the immediate and orderly
withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. We speak with the original author of the
House resolution, Representative Michael Fisher.

Listen to Recorded UFPJ Call on Iran

By Leslie Cagan, National Coordinator, UFPJ

Last night we had the second conference call briefing for UFPJ member groups on Iran and the signs that the Bush administration seems to be gearing up for a military strike or war against Iran.

Both of the briefing calls (one last week and the one last night) went very well. The fact that more than 125 people from groups all around the country participated between the two calls shows the depth of concern within our coalition and the peace movement as a whole that Bush appears to be moving toward expanding the Iraq war into Iran.

CNN Propagates False Iran Claim That Even White House Rejects

As Atrios notes, CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr said this morning:

The bottom line, Heidi, is the US certainly does have intelligence tying these Iranian weapons shipments to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah ali Khamenei. It’s not something that the Bush White House wants to talk about in public too much because they really do not want to ratchet up tensions with Iran, the facts aside.

Dreier Brigands Throw Out Peace Activists Following Citizen's Arrest Warrant

By Marcy Winograd

Tuesday, in Glendora, California, at the home office of hawkish GOP Congressman David Dreier, aides to the lawmaker shoved peace activists out of Dreier's office and locked the door after the activists issued a citizen's arrest warrant for the lawmaker. With John Gannon of Free Speech TV rolling the camera, activists demanded to see "whoever is in charge around here."

Two six-foot tall beefy Dreier aides emerged from their offices, admonishing peace activists to make an appointment if they wanted to talk about Dreier's position on the US occupation of Iraq.

Craig Unger on Iran Lies


"From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq": Craig Unger on How the Neoconservatives Are Pushing For An Attack on Iran

"Once again, neocon ideologues have been flogging questionable intelligence
about W.M.D.," Unger writes. "Once again, dubious Middle East exile groups are
making the rounds in Washington-this time urging regime change in Syria and
Iran. Once again, heroic new exile leaders are promising freedom."

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