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Fired U.S. Attorney's damning testimony [VIDEO]

Inspiration for Tom Cruise character in "A Few Good Men" describes Republican pressure before firing... Watch this.

Protests Sweep Latin America as Bush Begins Five-Nation Tour

By Democracy Now!

Protests have broken out across Latin America as President Bush begins a
five-nation tour. In Brazil, over 30,000 people took to the streets of Sao
Paulo Thursday with more underway in Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and
Mexico. We go to Uruguay for a report.


* Colombian Opposition Leader Gustavo Petro Defies Threats to Challenge Ties

Impeachment? A Forum With John Judge, Dave Lindorff, David Swanson, Ray McGovern, Pete Perry

Videos shot March 9, 2007, in Washington DC by William Hughes

John Judge is a former staffer for former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA):

Dave Lindorff is a journalist and the author of "The Case for Impeachment":

David Swanson is a journalist, co-founder of, and also a former staffer for Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign:

Ray McGovern is a former CIA analyst, where he worked for 27 years. He is also the founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity:

Impeachment on Right Wing Radio Today: We Need Your Calls




Please help pass SJM 8016, our bill to investigate Bush and Cheney by tuning in to the Mike Medved radio show today. It broadcasts nationally. You participation is essential, because Mike Medved is a conservative host. We will need intelligent comments and questions coming from you.

Peace Radio

By Doreen Key

Part of my interview with Peace Mom, Cindy Sheehan, will be played nationally on Pacifica radio TODAY at 5 PM, Pacific time listen at

My entire interview with 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, will air TONIGHT on KPFK at 8 PM, Pacific time (same URL), to celebrate International Women's Day.

Congressman Obey Says "Idiot Liberals" Need to Support War Money

By David Swanson

House Appropriations Chair David Obey (Dem., Wisc.) ran into woman in the hallway in Washington recently and ended up yelling at her and her friends, accusing them of "smoking something that's not legal" if they disagreed with him, and denouncing "idiot liberals."

The woman, Tina Richards, introduced herself to Obey as the mother of a Marine about to depart for his third tour of Iraq, and as someone who has tried to communicate with Obey but received no response. Then she…

Ex-Cheney Chief of Staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby Convicted of Perjury, Obstruction in CIA Leak Trial


Vice President Cheney¹s former chief of staff Lewis ³Scooter² Libby is
facing up to 25 years in prison following his conviction on Tuesday in the
CIA leak case. Jurors found Libby guilty of four felony counts of making
false statements to the FBI, lying to a grand jury and obstructing a probe
into the leak of Valerie Plame¹s identity. Libby is the highest-ranking
White House official to be convicted of a felony since the Iran-Contra

Eric Oemig on WA State Impeachment Effort

3-6-07: Washington State Senator Eric Oemig updates the status of Senate Joint Memorial 8016 (Impeachment Channel #31)

Actvist Talk Improving: Will Congress Listen?

To his credit, Mattzie calls for a date certain to end the war. To his credit, Andrews then agrees. And Mattzie says Congress should vote No on the Supplemental unless it forces an end of the war. Andrews does not disagree.

Impeachment Audio

3-5-07: David Swanson, co-founder of, criticizes Washington, D.C., Democrats for foot-dragging on impeachment/Iraq War-ending for perceived, but non-existent, partisan and personal political advantage (Impeachment Channel #30)

Citizens' Hearing Video


"In an unprecedented two-day Citizens' Hearing held over January 20-21, 2007, more than 600 citizens joined a distinguished tribunal panel in listening to testimony about the legality of the US invasion of Iraq. The Citizens' Hearing on the Legality of U.S. Actions in Iraq was convened to present evidence that Lt. Ehren Watada would have presented in his February 5 court martial on the question that the military ruled barred from entry (on Jan. 16) - the question of the Iraq War's legality. Lt. Watada has repeatedly asserted that because the Iraq War is illegal, it is his duty to refuse orders to deploy. He is the Army's first commissioned officer to take such a stand." For complete details on the Citizens' Hearing, please see: For updates on Lt. Watada, please see:

Behind the scenes at a Conservative Conference [VIDEO]

By Evan Derkacz

The Nation's Max Blumenthal confronted some of the rightwing's leading lights including, yes, Ann Coulter... WATCH.

Impeachment Radio

Hear Daniel Ellsberg, Rev. Lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus, World Can't Wait National Coordinator Debra Sweet, Fr. Luis Barrios and Anastasia Gomes:
Monday, March 5
9 - 11 P.M. EST: This is a live 2 hour round-table with call-ins.
WBAI, 99.5 FM, the Pacifica affiliate in New York
Listen online at

VIDEO: Great Report from Liberty News TV on Current State of Activism

This includes highlights of the rally in Washington on January 27, and of the Backbone Campaign's delivery of Spine Thank You Cards and Spineless Citations to Congress Members (including Lieberman, Hoyer, Emanuel) on January 29: Windows Media Video; Real Media Video.

RADIO: The Paul Berenson Show

Frank Gaffney, pres. Center for Security Policy, Singer/Songwriter Holly Near, Journalist Robert Dreyfus, Terry Tyler

Washington Times columnist Frank Gaffney is the President of Center for Security Policy and a leading Washington hawk. We'll debate Iraq/Iran and the larger Middle East and Eurasian War in general in the first hour. Top advisors to Gen. Praetorius say we have six months to win in Iraq or face a Vietnam-Style collapse. What is victory in Iraq now, anyway? What will a war with Iran look like? What will Russia and China do?

Informed Activist

Support WarIsACrime


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