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Listen to Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox this Sunday

Dear Friend/Supporter

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox wants to extend our deepest sympathy with the people of Japan after the quake and tsunami last week. We also fervently hope that Japan does not suffer another nuclear disaster.

Why nuclear power plants are built on or near fault lines when it is a very filthy energy, anyway, is beyond belief!

The president of this country is pro-nuclear power and pro-off shore drilling. All of the billions of dollars in damage, loss of life, and illnesses due to these dangerous energies is not necessary. Technology already exists to move to completely clean and renewable forms of energy.

Anyway, our guests on Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox this weekend are the Virginians!

Karen Kwiatkowski, an antiwar Republican, retired Lt. Colonel, and possible candidate for U.S. Congress from Va.

Our good Soapbox buddy, David Swanson, also of Va. We chat about the role of the Democrats and their supporters in killing vibrant movements that may actually have a chance to succeed.

Listen at 2pm (PST), or any time after in the archives at:

Love & Peace

Cindy Sheehan


Live-WI Rallies

This is a live feed coming out of Madison:


Right now they are bouncing back and forth from the speaker at the station to show recordings from yesterday as well as some live feeds via cell phones as the rally goes on today.

Reason I'm posting this up, besides the obvious of some wanting to watch, is they announced that the 14 State Senators will be speaking at around twelve noon CST and they are hoping to bring live coverage of those speeches.

This feed comes from The UpTake.

This is in an e-mail from GRITtv:


War News Radio: Best of Spring 2011

March 11th, 2011 - This week on War News Radio: Best of Spring 2011. We will hear about the Basetrack program and the controversy surrounding its sudden closure. Then, we will learn about training the Afghan National Army. Finally, we talk to a Swarthmore alumnus who returned home to Afghanistan following graduation.


An interview with Brian Manning

This is how we treat a lower rank soldier suspect, as the leaders walk free with no worries, apparently, as to accountability of what they did In Our Names!!


Private Bradley Manning


GRITtv with guest Michael Moore: People Power

No need to say much as to an intro to this discussion, they, as usual, do a great job.

One thing I would like to say is that think Keith would be doin great if he picked up Laura and gave her a spot on the rebuild of that Gore and company TV Station.

She's always done a great job when doing radio, her books, and now with this GRITtv venture, though to a to small an audience and Rachel's still under contract to MSNBC.


Michael Moore: People Still Have the Power

March 1 2011 - "This is a movement that is not going to stop," says filmmaker Michael Moore of the uprising in Madison, Wisconsin (and across the country--all 50 states held solidarity rallies this weekend). "I knew sooner or later people would say they've had enough."

War News Radio: Under Pressure

This week on War News Radio, "Under Pressure." We speak with a blogger and a filmmaker about recent protests in the Iraqi province of Sulaimaniyah. Then, we hear about the February 25th "Day of Rage" in Iraq. Finally, we explore media coverage of the controversy surrounding the arrest of a CIA contractor in Pakistan. But first, a round up of this week's news.


'Guantanamo North':

Inside Secretive U.S. Prisons


This photo of inmates from the Communications Management Unit in Terre Haute was taken in 2007. Among those pictured are (left to right, bottom row) Ibrahim al-Hamdi, Avon Twitty, Enaam Arnaout.

March 3, 2011 - Part 1 of a two-part series

Reports about what life is like inside the military prison for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay are not uncommon. But very little is reported about two secretive units for convicted terrorists and other inmates who get 24-hour surveillance, right here in the U.S.

Another Green World with UNEP Report

UN Environment Programme maps out a path to a green economy


A Chinese man works at a photovoltaic power plant built with Japanese help in Xining in northwest China's Qinghai province, 11 June 2008. The 300kw solar panel power plant is the first to be connected to the local power grid. | EPA/ANGHAI JIN

27 February 2011 - Investing 2% of global GDP a year, could lead to a green and sustainable future, one that will outshine predictions of GDP growth under the current economic model.

War News Radio: Stateside

This week on War News Radio, we hear about the Boeing company and its defense contracts.

Then, we look at coverage of the recent Veterans rape scandal.

Finally, we talk with author and professor Richard Sobel about changing public opinion regarding the U.S.’ involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But first, a round up of this week's news.


Audio: Lisa Graves on Wisconsin

A Dialectical Moment in Madison?
Electric Politics

Minerva's Owl in stained glassThe U.S. plutocracy won't feel safe until it's crushed all resistance. Case in point, the organized way the plutocrats set their sights on Wisconsin — the birthplace of public sector unions — hoping that Scott Walker, the newly elected Republican Governor, would show the rest of the country how to break the public sector unions' backs. The stakes are very, very high. If the plutocrats succeed, times will get even more tough all over. For the latest news from Wisconsin I turned to Lisa Graves, Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy, in Madison. Hopefully our understanding of this unfolding history won't come too late... Total runtime forty one minutes. “To be free is nothing, to become free is everything.”


Charlottesville--Right Now: David Swanson joins Coy Barefoot to Talk Wisconsin

From CvillePodcast

2.24.11 Best-selling author and political analyst David Swanson joins Coy for an extended conversation about the events in Wisconsin. Swanson breaks down the comments made by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker during the recent prank call by an imposter claiming to be well known philanthropist and political advocate David Koch. He also addresses the idea of a “class war” which we may or may not be witnessing in the Packer state. Finally, the two discuss the movement right here in Charlottesville to give UVA employees a “living wage.” Be sure to check out his most recent book War is a Lie.

Nicole Sandler on Wars, Lies, and Uncut Protests of Corporate Tax Cheats

An Altered Ocean

Scientists Forecast an Altered Ocean


February 23, 2011 - At the National Press Club Wednesday morning, scientists showed a video of an ocean teeming with wildlife: colorful coral, crabs, sea anemone and bright orange starfish.

The video underscored some not-so-new, but still sobering, news. If trends continue unchecked, our ocean may soon be robbed of its rich coral reefs and many of the 4,000 fish species that depend on them.

Some 75 percent of the world's reefs are facing the threat of extinction, and absent major changes, that number will rise to 90 percent by 2030, and reach 100 percent by 2050, according to a new analysis released Wednesday.

World Wide Rebel Songs

Audio: David Swanson and Tim Gatto on War Lies and Costs

Charlottesville--Right Now: David Swanson joins Coy Barefoot

2.21.11 Best-selling author David Swanson joins Coy to discuss the labor unrest in Wisconsin. Be sure to check out his most recent book War is a Lie.

Audio from Counterspin: David Swanson on military budget, Aram Roston on Bloomberg

David Swanson on military budget, Aram Roston on Bloomberg

CounterSpin (2/18/11-2/24/11)

Note: Please feel free to download the mp3 by right-clicking the mp3 link and choose the "Save Target As" function.
This week on CounterSpin: The federal budget is big news this week, but while your hearing all the calls for cuts, cuts and more cuts, ask yourself, what isn’t considered an acceptable target for substantive reductions? Here’s a hint: it accounts for more than half of the country’s public spending. We’ll talk about the budget with activist and author David Swanson.

Also on CounterSpin today, public interest groups and media activists of all stripes lined up to oppose the Comcast-NBC merger. And among the coalition of anti-merger activists was... Bloomberg, the media company owned by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. So what did they want? And did they get it? Journalist Aram Roston took a look at Bloomberg's media policy activism in a new piece for the Nation magazine. He'll join us to talk about it.

Stream this week's show:

LINKS:--David Swanson

--"How Bloomberg Does Business," by Aram Roston (The Nation, 2/28/11)



Video: Bread and Puppets Circus Explains Everything - With Music, Magic, and Headless People on Stilts

The U.S. Economy:

Arizona Immigration:



New York:

Bread and Puppets Circus
Random Row Bookstore
Charlottesville VA
Feb 17, 2011
Video by David Swanson

Audio of David Swanson and Marc Steiner at Busboys and Poets

David Swanson Podcast

From Marc Steiner

David Swanson is a writer and progressive political activist.  His latest book is War is a Lie.

We recently interviewed David Swanson at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC.  Here is our interview, along with the lively audience Q & A.

60min: Wael Ghonim and Egypt's New Age

"I wrote, 'Dear Western governments. You have been supporting the regime that was oppressing us for 30 years. Please don't get involved now. We don't need you.' " - Wael Ghonim 13 Feb. 2011


Wael Ghonim, speaking with Harry Smith in an interview for "60 Minutes." (CBS)


February 13, 2011 - Harry Smith reports on the latest events from Egypt, including an in-depth interview with Wael Ghonim.


War News Radio: "Embedded"

This week on War News Radio, "Embedded," we learn about a new media program following Marines in Afghanistan, then we hear about the Australian military's involvement in Afghanistan. This, and the week's news.


Connect the Dots With David Swanson, Bob Edgar, Jeff Halper

Host: Lila Garrett
Monday morning 7AM to 8AM
Tune in or Log on:
KPFK 90.7 FM in LA; 98.7 Santa Barbara; 93.7 San Diego

David Swanson, author of WAR IS A LIE brings us up to date on Bradley Manning, the 23 yr old Am. soldier who is still being tortured and held in solitary by the Marines for revealing American killings of innocent civilians. Is Bush’s secret government still in place?

Bob Edgar, President of Common Cause fills us in on the petition it filed with the US Justice Dept. to investigate Supreme Ct. Justices Scalia and Thomas. Should they have recused themselves in the case involving the Citizens United decision which gave corporations free reign in funding elections. Both Justices have attended retreats organized by conservative financier Charles Koch whose company operates a foundation that is a major contributor to right wing political advocacy groups.

(Since it handed Bush the presidency in 2000 the US Supreme Ct. has been assuming unprecedented power. How long will we tolerate the myth that the Supreme Ct. is above politics? It is about to interfere with the Healtcare Bill. Will it again assume veto powers on a partisan basis? Is it obsolete as an institution? Does it interfere with our democracy rather than enhance it?)

Israeli peace activist Jeff Halper, director of ICAHD, Israeli (Com. Against House Demolitions) joins us. He describes what he & his followers consider the only remaining path to peace in the middle East. For more info on his events in L.A. this week go to

Lila Garrett (Host of CONNECT THE DOTS)
KPFK 90.7 FM in LA; 98.7 Santa Barbara; 93.7 San Diego
Airs Mondays from 7AM to 8AM.
To pod cast or download the broadcast just use this link:
Each show is online for three months.

Rule of Law Radio

Rule of Law Radio

Hour 1 guest: David Swanson (, discusses democracy and the events in Egypt.

Hour 2 guest: Professor Stephen Zunes, University of San Francisco ( discusses the events in Egypt.



Speaking Events


War Is A Lie: Second Edition
Book Tour

May 28, San Francisco, CA
11 a.m. to 1 p.m., David Swanson interviewed by Daniel Ellsberg, at San Francisco Main Public Library, 100 Larkin Street.
Sign up on FB.

May 28, Marin County, CA
4 to 6 p.m., David Swanson in conversation with Norman Solomon, at Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA
Sign up on FB.

May 29, Oakland, CA
3 to 4 p.m., David Swanson interviewed by Cindy Sheehan, at Diesel: A Bookstore, 5433 College Avenue at Kales (near Manila), Oakland, CA
Sign up on FB.

May 29, Berkeley, CA
7:30 to 9 p.m., David Swanson and Cindy Sheehan at Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, sponsored by the Social Justice Committee and Cynthia Papermaster, 1606 Bonita Ave. (at Cedar), Berkeley, CA
Sign up on FB.

May 30, Fresno, CA
2 to 4 p.m., David Swanson and Cindy Sheehan at a Peace Fresno event
Community United Church of Christ
5550 N. Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93710
Contact Dan Yaseen 559-251-3361,
Sign up on FB.

June 11 St. Paul, MN, 6 p.m. at Macalester Plymouth Church Social Hall 1658 Lincoln, St. Paul, MN.
Sign up on FB.

June 12 Minneapolis, MN, 9 and 11 a.m. at St. Joan's 4533 3rd Ave So, Minneapolis, MN, plus peace pole dedication at 2 p.m.
Sign up on FB.

June 24 Roanoke, Va.
7:30 pm @ Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke (2015 Grandin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24015) Contact:

Other Events Here.






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