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Feingold Addresses Voter Unrest Over Iraq

By Associated Press

Dubuque, Iowa - Voter unrest over the war in Iraq has elevated foreign policy issues to a rare level of importance in Democratic politics and is the top concern at the moment, potential presidential candidate Russ Feingold said Saturday.

"At the moment, it is probably the most defining issue," the Democratic senator from Wisconsin said. "Whether or not it will be in the middle of the election is not clear."

Lieberman Hopes His Fate Isn't Sealed With a Kiss

By Mark Leibovich, New York Times

Washington - On his increasingly difficult path to re-election, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman keeps getting kissed. And not lovingly.

Kisses mock Mr. Lieberman, the incumbent Democrat, all over Connecticut - on signs, on buttons, even on giant parade floats. They commemorate the one President Bush appeared to plant on his cheek after last year's State of the Union address, a symbol, in the eyes of Mr. Lieberman's liberal critics, of an unforgivable alliance in support of the Iraq war.

Hillary Out-Does Lieberman, Plans to Run as Republican

Hillary's Secret '08 Strategy Revealed (Heaven Help Us)
By Arianna Huffington,

Hillary Clinton has a strict rule prohibiting her friends and advisors from talking publicly about her running in 2008. Turns out, it might a good rule.

In today's on-the-one-hand-and-on-the-other front page WaPo story on Hillary, a "close advisor" to Clinton breaks the keep-it-zipped-on-08 decree -- with jaw-dropping results.

Feingold emerging as alternative to Clinton

Numbers are growing in several polls

Washington - When Democratic voters in the state of Washington were polled last month about the 2008 presidential race, their top choice was Hillary Clinton.

No shock there.

The surprise involved another Senate Democrat.

Wisconsin's Russ Feingold was named by 11% of those surveyed, behind only Clinton (31%), Al Gore (19%) and John Edwards (12%), three far more prominent political figures.

Democrats Vs. The Peace Movement?

By Stephen Zunes, Foreign Policy In Focus

The U.S. Congress failed in recent weeks to take even symbolic steps
to encourage a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, even though the
majority of Americans support an end to the war. Many anti-war
advocates are hoping that the mid-term U.S. elections in November will
push Congress into Democratic hands and thereby increase the chances

Lieberman Prepares to Lose as Independent

Lieberman Files Forms for Independent Run

Joe Lieberman Files Papers Allowing Him to Petition Way Onto Ballot in Nov. if He Loses Primary

HARTFORD, Conn. Jul 10, 2006 (AP)— U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman filed papers Monday that will allow him to petition his way onto the November ballot if he loses the primary election, his campaign said.

The three-term Democratic senator faces a tough Aug. 8 primary challenge from businessman Ned Lamont. Lieberman, whom fellow Democrats have criticized for his support of the Iraq war and a perceived closeness with President Bush, is popular among many unaffiliated and Republican voters in Connecticut.

Relatives of dead troops to contest ministers’ seats

By Michael Smith,

RELATIVES of soldiers killed in Iraq are setting up a political party to take on government ministers at the next general election.

The party, to be called Spectre, is expected to be launched in Manchester in September to coincide with the Labour party conference.

Reg Keys, one of its founders, said it would also contest by-elections.

Keys, whose 19-year-old son Tom was one of six Royal Military Police redcaps killed by a mob of Iraqis in the town of Majar al-Kabir in June 2003, stood against Tony Blair in the general election, winning 10% of the vote.


By Paul Rogat Loeb

This isn't the first time Joe Lieberman's placed loyalty to his career above
all other allegiances. Afraid that Connecticut's Democratic voters will
reject him in the primary, he's now hedging his bets by planning to run as
an independent if he loses. "I have loyalties that are greater than those to
my party," he says, and tries to make this sound noble.

Lieberman made a similar choice in the 2000 election. He hedged his bets

Not In Our Name: Vietnam, Iraq and the Voters' Pledge

By Dan Ellsberg

According to recent opinion polls, most Iraqis don't believe that we're making things better or safer in their country. What does that say about the legitimacy of prolonged occupation, much less permanent American bases in Iraq? What does it mean for continued American armored patrols such as the one last November in Haditha, which, we now learn, led to the deaths of a Marine and 24 unarmed civilians?

Independence Day: the Sequel

By Carl Sheeler

No taxation without representation was the cry of young American colonists seeking to make their own mark away from the global superpower England. They declared independence, with Rhode Island first to do so. As a war broke out because the crown could not keep its influence, the British military expected to be welcomed by the rank and file who were neither rich nor land owners with no voting rights. Initially, the general populace held little interest in the battles based more on economics than freedoms. It was not until many a colonist home and person were fouled did the back of their indifference break. These non-natives of this land, but nevertheless tenants of this country, fought, as what the British would deem insurrectionists ("insurgents") who would dare to fight the crown's rule.

President Willie? It's not so crazy

By Ed Kociela

Even though mid-term elections are still five months away and the run for the White House is two years after that, I've already got my candidate.

Let me introduce my nomination for President of the United States: From the great state of Texas, Mr. Willie Nelson.

Hear me out on this one, OK?

Willie has written a new book called, "The Tao of Willie: A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart."

Gold Star Mom Becky Lourey Running for Governor of Minnesota

By Ann Wright

I got a call today from Gold Star Mom Becky Lourey from Minnesota whom many of us met for the first time at Camp Casey in August, 2005. Becky's son Matt was killed in Iraq on May 26, 2005. Lourey, one of the most liberal state senators in Minnesota, had been one of the most outspoken critics of the war in Iraq. She circulated a petition opposing the U.S. decision to go to war unilaterally. She publicly sparred with Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld during her trip to Washington for the funeral ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery.

Democrat resurgence in the Republican heartland

From Kansas to South Carolina, Republican moderates are turning their backs on the neocons and defecting to the enemy

The squat, bunker-like building in a south Topeka suburb does not look like a place to turn US politics on its head. Nor does Mark Parkinson, a tall, affable man, look too much like a revolutionary. But here, deep in the American heartland, are the warning signs of a political earthquake.

Stick a Finger in Rupert Murdoch's Eye

Hillary Clinton has Rupert Murdoch, the pro-war media mogul, and Tom O'Gara, a fundraiser for George Bush, hosting fundraisers for her in the coming days. We only have you: the people who want to take back the Democratic Party from those who lead us into immoral wars and turn our government over to the lobbyists and their powerful clients.

Tomorrow marks the final day of our quarterly major fundraising period. If you haven't contributed, today is the day. If you've contributed before, we need your support, from $20 to $2100-- today is the day.


Want to make Congress more progressive and accountable?
The Maryland 4th District is one of the most liberal in the country. Yet their Representative voted with Bush on Iraq and the bankruptcy bill, sided with the phone and cable companies, and -- for good measure -- supported Wal-Mart instead of its workers. Donna Edwards is a savvy, experienced, progressive leader, fighting for health care, the environment, social justice and net neutrality.

Chronic Moderate Republican Denial Syndrome (CMRDS)

One really cool thing about blogging is that we bloggers are free to pontificate on any subject we want, regardless of whether we have the slightest clue as to what we’re talking about. This expertise-neutral attribute is, of course, particularly valuable to certain conservative bloggers, who, obviously, would otherwise be condemned to eternal silence.


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) enthusiastically endorses Jonathan Tasini for U.S. Senate in New York. Tasini, former President of the National Writers Union, is running on a platform supporting immediate withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, universal health care ("Medicare for All"), a Fair Trade policy that ensures environmental protections and workers' rights, and a massive national effort to invest in alternative energy.

Feingold Videos

ImpeachPAC Endorses Bill Durston (CA-03)

ImpeachPAC, a federal PAC funding pro-impeachment candidates for Congress, endorsed Dr. Bill Durston in his race for California's 3rd Congressional District against rightwing Republican Dan Lungren.

Dr. Durston served in Vietnam with the Marines 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company, and he received the Navy Commendation medal for bravery under combat. He is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine and has practiced in Sacramento for over 20 years. He was President of the Sacramento chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility from 2003 until this year.

The Democrats could blow it again

By Helen Thomas, Hearst Newspapers

WASHINGTON - When are the Democrats going to get their act together?

Surely, they are not going to let President Bush's political guru, Karl Rove, snooker them in the mid-term November election campaign as he did in the last two presidential elections.

What is he going to pull out of the hat? Soft on terrorism? Gay marriage? Flag burning? 9-11?

Are the Dems Committing Vote Fraud?

By Joshua Holland

It's troubling when big-'D' Dems stand against small-'d' democracy -- but they seem to be trying to keep a peace candidate off the ballot.

The last thing Melissa Bean, the freshman Rep from Illinois' 8th CD, wants to see leading up to November's election is Bill Scheurer.

Scheurer, whom Bean defeated in the 2004 primary en route to becoming the first Democrat to take the seat since the New Deal era, is running as an independent this time around. His platform is simple: get out of Iraq, balance the budget and provide universal health coverage -- in that order.

John Bonifaz, Co-Founder of After Downing Street, Turns 40


You've heard about our victory at the convention, you've read about our expanded campaign team, but what you probably didn't know is that today is John's 40th birthday!! Helping to get John more visibility in front of as many voters as possible is just one way we can show our appreciation and celebrate John's big day.

Senate Candidate Jonathan Tasini Criticizes Clinton Iraq Vote

"Today, Hillary Clinton voted to prolong the violence and killing in Iraq. By voting against an amendment co-sponsored by Sens. John Kerry, Russ Feingold, Barbara Boxer and Patrick Leahy, my opponent clearly showed that she is out of step with the views of Democratic primary voters in New York. More American men and women will die, as will thousands of Iraqis, because of this vote and the Senate's failure to agree to bring this war to a quick end."

Tasini Rises, Clinton Sinks

In the past week or so, as people are in the streets all across the state petitioning to get Jonathan on the ballot, we have seen the power and influence of our campaign. As Jonathan's campaign grows, the popularity of the incumbent sinks.

Jonathan has just been endorsed by the New York State Peace Action and Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats. More important, people everywhere are eagerly signing our petitions because they want a Senator with principles who will represent the majority of Democrats in the state.

Purging The `O’ Word: Colorado Dems and The Middle East

By Rob Prince

Colorado Democrats meeting in Greeley in late May came up with an elaborate platform, most of which makes for interesting reading even if the candidates hardly take their own party’s resolutions seriously.

The platform begins with a ringing condemnation of the US invasion of Iraq stating that our troops should be safely pulled out as soon as possible with full concern for their welfare and that of the Iraqi people’. It goes on to note, quite aptly, that `the current administration has violated our constitutional rights’. It calls for the `censure and impeachment of both George Bush and Dick Cheney for having `abused their power and appear to have repeatedly violated the constitution’. Support for both `quality universal healthcare for all’ as a basic right and supports `legal and safe abortions’ follow.

"Cut and Run": A Winning Slogan and Strategy if the Democrats are Serious About Wanting to Win

By Dave Lindorff,

The Democrats in Congress are having trouble coming up with a position on the War in Iraq because they are so afraid of Republican charges that they are the "cut and run" party.

It's a pathetic spectacle, and they should give it up. The way I see it "cut and run" is the slogan the Democrats should adopt as their own for the 2006 election year.

Shameful Straddling On Iraq

By Robert Scheer,

Robert Scheer is a contributing editor to The Nation, and editor of, from which this is reprinted.

Editor's Note: The Senate began debate Wednesday on an amendment to the 2007 defense authorization bill by Sens. John Kerry and Russ Feingold that would set a deadline of July 1, 2007 for troop withdrawl from Iraq. The amendment is opposed by Sens. Carl Levin and Jack Reed, who have backed a competing resolution supported by Democratic leadership that does not specify a deadline.

Party's `Soul' Up For Grabs

Centrist Democrats, Progressives Scrutinize Lieberman-Lamont

WASHINGTON -- For Democratic activists around the country, Connecticut's U.S. Senate primary is not just a local contest between a veteran political figure and an aggressive newcomer; it's a crucial test of whether the left or the center has more influence in the national party.

"This is a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party," said Marshall Wittmann, political analyst at the Democratic Leadership Council, a group of party moderates.

AFT Connecticut Endorses Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate

AFT Connecticut, the state’s second largest AFL-CIO union representing more than 26,000 professionals, including teachers, healthcare, higher education, and public employees, has endorsed Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate in Connecticut.

“This endorsement came down to the issues of education and healthcare and the draining of resources from our state in order to fund the war in Iraq,” said Sharon Palmer, president of AFT Connecticut. “Ned Lamont understands these issues and agrees with our positions.”

Reject Congress

By Missy Comley Beattie,

Every Congressperson who rejected a timetable for withdrawing US troops from Iraq should have to personally replace a soldier who is serving now. Every Congressperson who rejected this withdrawal should have to suit up, wearing the uniform of one of the branches of the US military. Every Congressperson who because of partisan politics uttered inanities linking 9/11 and Iraq with “we are fighting terrorists and we won’t cut and run” and “achieving victory is our only option” should be deployed or have their children deploy to Iraq immediately. Each one should be boarding a military transport aircraft for Baghdad today.

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