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GOP Must Go [aka: even intellectually challenged xenophobes can see the danger of more Bush-Cheney]

By The American Conservative

Next week Americans will vote for candidates who have spent much of their campaigns addressing state and local issues. But no future historian will linger over the ideas put forth for improving schools or directing funds to highway projects.

The meaning of this election will be interpreted in one of two ways: the American people endorsed the Bush presidency or they did what they could to repudiate it. Such an interpretation will be simplistic, even unfairly so. Nevertheless, the fact that will matter is the raw number of Republicans and Democrats elected to the House and Senate.

An Employee of the New York Times Says What the NY Times Will Forbid Mentioning Beginning Wednesday

Voter Suppression in Midterm Elections: Robocalls, ID Confusion, Voter Roll Purges

In Virginia, Democratic Senatorial candidate James Webb's last name does not appear on the voting summary sheet. In Indiana, African American congresswoman Julia Carson was told her congressional ID was not sufficient to vote. In Broward County, Florida early voting, a vote for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate registered as a vote for the Republican candidate. Adam Cohen, editorial writer for The New York Times, joins us to discuss voter disenfranchisement. [includes rush transcript]

Connecticut’s Rob Simmons: Report on the CIA Interrogator turned Congressman and his support for the Military Commissions Act

By, Dori Smith and David Morse

For all the splash of national spotlight on the Connecticut Congressional campaign, surprisingly little has been written about Congressman Rob Simmons' experience as a CIA interrogator. Simmons, an incumbent Republican, is fighting for his political life in one of those hotly contested seats that could tip the House majority from Republican to Democrat on November 7th. He denigrates his Democratic challenger Joe Courtney for having "no war experience." Yet the shadowy circumstances of Simmons' own war experience of running an interrogation center during the Vietnam war has gone unexamined by the mainstream press, even as a feckless Congress rolls back the Geneva Conventions on treatment of prisoners of war.

New Telemarketing Ploy Steers Voters on Republican Path


An automated voice at the other end of the telephone line asks whether you believe that judges who “push homosexual marriage and create new rights like abortion and sodomy” should be controlled. If your reply is “yes,” the voice lets you know that the Democratic candidate in the Senate race in Montana, Jon Tester, is not your man.

In Maryland, a similar question-and-answer sequence suggests that only the Republican Senate candidate would keep the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. In Tennessee, another paints the Democrat as wanting to give foreign terrorists “the same legal rights and privileges” as Americans.

Bush Plans Post-Election Call Up Of National Guard And Reserves

By Brent Budowsky

"BuzzFlash" -- -- American commanders in Iraq have privately told the President that additional troops will be needed in Iraq to maintain the current policy.

Plans are secretly underway for a suprise new call up of National Guard and Reserves to be announced sometime after the election.

The Washington Post has now reported that planning that is now classified, being kept secret from voters and military families until the election is over, could well include what the Post calls a policy change forcing a new wave of involuntary call ups.

AWOL Marine to Return on Election Day to Ask President, Congress to Bring the Troops Home

Courage to Resist

Contact: David Solnit 510 967-7377

Washington, DC - U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal Ivan Brobeck, 20, of Arlington, Virginia, will return to the United States on election day to ask President Bush and Congress to bring the troops home now. During a tour of duty in Iraq in 2004 Brobeck witnessed regular instances of abuse of Iraqi detainees and the killing of Iraqi civilians at military checkpoints. He chose Canada over a second tour in a war that he came to see as illegal and contrary to the interests and moral standards of most Americans.

Karl Rove's Last Dirty Trick: Robo Calls

Karl Rove has been bragging for weeks about his "72-hour program" to swing the elections, which predict a Democratic takeover of Congress.

Now we know what it is: a dirty trick campaign using robocalls.

The calls are made to Democrats and swing voters at all times of day or night to make them angry. And they pretend to be from the Democrat ("Hello, I'm calling with information about Lois Murphy"). If you hang up, they call back 7-8 times, and each time you hear the Democrat's name, to get you angry at him or her. If you stay on, you get to hear a scathing attack on the Democrat.

Limiting the Damage

By PAUL KRUGMAN, New York Times

President Bush isn’t on the ballot tomorrow. But this election is, nonetheless, all about him. The question is whether voters will pry his fingers loose from at least some of the levers of power, thereby limiting the damage he can inflict in his two remaining years in office.

There are still some people urging Mr. Bush to change course. For example, a scathing editorial published today by The Military Times, which calls on Mr. Bush to fire Donald Rumsfeld, declares that “this is not about the midterm elections.” But the editorial’s authors surely know better than that. Mr. Bush won’t fire Mr. Rumsfeld; he won’t change strategy in Iraq; he won’t change course at all, unless Congress forces him to.

One More Day Until Victory

By Congressman John Conyers

A President Hand-picked by Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court

Misleading a Nation into War.

Outing an undercover CIA operative.

Smearing a Vietnam Veteran Senator who lost his limbs in combat.

No bid contracts.


Another Presidential Election Decided by Unanswered Irregularties.

Terri Schiavo.

New Orleans.

Jack Abramoff.

Ignore What They Say, Watch What They Do

The Reliable Source
By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts, Washington Post

Tired of listening to all the candidates? Karen Bradley says you only have to watch. A visiting professor in the University of Maryland dance department, Bradley applies Laban Movement Analysis -- a scholarly take on, yes, body language -- to politicians and argues that the most successful are those with a graceful command of space and surroundings -- that thing Clinton had, and Reagan: "They are the people with the ability to connect." (Don't laugh -- she was touting Howard Dean more than a year before his campaign unexpectedly took off.) Who's got the right stuff in key local races? Let's go to the tapes:


In Solidarity with the Sit-in at the Whitehouse organized by Cindy Sheehan for the Midterm Elections

Rome, Tuesday November 7, from 4pm to 6pm
Across from the U.S Embassy in via Veneto

On November 7, voters in the U.S. will go to the polls to elect members of the House and the Senate in the midterm elections. And right around that date, from November 6-9 Cindy Sheehan and other peace activists are organizing a four day sit-in in front of the Whitehouse in Washington D.C. to say no to the occupation of Iraq, no to military actions against Iran, no to torture, no matter who wins the elections. And to remind Congress of its responsibilities.

Tomgram: Schwartz, A One-Stop Guide to Election Night 2006

If, in these last hours before the midterm elections, you want to quickly brush up on key races as well as the latest opinion polls, predictions, fraud reports, and scandals before you settle onto that couch, popcorn bowl beside you, for a long night of viewing and punditry, there's probably no better place to start than the election-resource page of (Elsewhere, election or not, Cursor offers its inspired Media Patrol daily round-up of articles you shouldn't miss.) For a good, quick rundown of opinion polls in close races, check out the right-leaning Real Clear Politics website with its extensive, easy-to-read polls on the 14 Senate races and good sets of polls on 40 of the 60 close congressional races. For a useful catalogue of the (very confusing) 60 House races now considered in the mix for election night, take a look at the careful forecast page of NPR's Ken Rudin.

The Banana Election

By Marjorie Cohn

The announcement of Saddam Hussein's death sentence two days before our midterm elections brings to mind the opening scene of Woody Allen's film Bananas. Howard Cosell is covering the impending assassination of a dictator in an unnamed Banana Republic. On one side of the street, Cosell thrusts a microphone under the dictator's nose and asks how it feels when one is about to be assassinated. After the dictator responds, the assassin takes aim, shoots, and the dictator falls down dead. Cosell then crosses the street to interview the successor, Woody Allen. Everything goes according to script.


CONTACT: Rain Burroughs 804-380-3564

Code Pink and the Richmond Green Party hold protest/vigil and display a powerful visual representation, “Walk in their Shoes”, of the deaths caused by the Iraq war and call for citizens to vote for peace on Tuesday.

WHEN: Monday, November 6, 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM (Tomorrow!)

WHERE: Outside Sen. George Allen Rally at main entrance to Richmond International Airport on the south side of the intersection of Airport Drive (Rt. 156) and Williamsburg Road (Rte. 60). (Directions/Parking and special notes at end.)

Bush Cites Oil As Reason to Stay in Iraq

By Peter Baker, Washington Post

Greeley, Colo.- During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, President Bush and his aides sternly dismissed suggestions that the war was all about oil. "Nonsense," Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld declared. "This is not about that," said White House spokesman Ari Fleischer.

Now, more than 3 1/2 years later, someone else is asserting that the war is about oil - President Bush.

E-Day minus 2


The Plan Bush Is Looking For

By David Swanson

Our President is pretending that the Democrats have no plan for Iraq, and the media is repeating that pretense unchallenged. But a lot depends on which Democrats we look to. DNC Chair Howard Dean has no more plan than Bush himself. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich published a plan in 2003 -- that's THREE YEARS AGO -- that puts Bush, his party, and some of the Democrats to shame. Here it is, unaltered, from 2003:

Va. police removed blogger from Sen. Allen rally

WEYERS CAVE, Virginia (AP) — A liberal blogger who was manhandled by Republican U.S. Sen. George Allen's supporters earlier in the week was handcuffed and taken away by police Saturday after an Allen backer claimed the man pushed him to the ground at a campaign rally.

A deputy sheriff said Mike Stark was not under arrest but was placed in "investigative detention" in case supporters of Allen — who is in a tight race with Democrat Jim Webb — wanted to press charges.

Ed Asner on Illegal War and Impeachment

Excerpts: "Well, you know, most of the time when I encounter Rumsfeld on the news, etc, it's like talking to the white rabbit . . . . We are an unmotivated, cowering people. We will say, 'Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you,' but teachers are dying in the streets in Mexico from the federales. Do you think teachers would be dying in the streets in Peoria?"

Audio: MP3.

Full Interview:

November 7th Is Tuesday

Bad News for Bush: He's Headed for Nebraska

By John Nichols,

The Nation -- Two years ago, George Bush beat John Kerry in Nebraska by a 66-33 margin. The Republican president carried all but one of the state's counties, as Republican candidates swept to easy victories in the state's three congressional districts.

So why has George Bush rushed to Nebraska to campaign on the eve of this year's mid-term congressional elections? Because, amazingly, in one of the reddest of the red states, a Democrat could pick up a GOP House seat. If Nebraska falls it will almost certainly be in the face of a Democratic wave that will sweep in a Congress capable of holding to account a president who has not previously experienced the joys of being checked and balanced.

VIDEO | Stem Cell Research and War Impacting Missouri Election

A Report by Sari Gelzer and Scott Galindez

With less than a week to go in a race that could decide the balance of power in the Senate, voters in St. Louis, Missouri, like the rest of the country, are concerned about the war in Iraq, but the issue that is dominating the debate is stem cell research.

As Vote Nears, Parties Prepare for Legal Fights

By Ian Urbina, New York Times

Washington - A team of lawyers for the Democratic Party has been arguing with postal officials in Columbus, Ohio, trying to persuade them to process thousands of absentee ballots that have arrived with insufficient postage.

In Pennsylvania, the Republican Party has opened a "recount account" and set aside $500,000 to pay lawyers who will answer telephones on Election Day and monitor polls to see whether officials demand proper voters' identification. In Maryland, lawyers representing candidates for senator and governor from both parties met recently and swapped cellphone numbers and e-mail addresses to smooth out the logistics of potential litigation.

Bush Will Say Anything

By Robert Parry,

The Nov. 7 elections are shaping up as not just a choice between Republicans and Democrats, but a test of how gullible – and how divorced from reality – the American people have become.

In campaign stops across the country, George W. Bush is delivering a medley of his favorite lies, half-truths and non sequiturs about Iraq and the “war on terror.” Yet the President’s listeners seem to revel in the distortions, celebrating with shouts of “USA! USA!” and responding on cue when Bush has them mock the Democrats.

Three pundits agree: Democrats will take the House

By Tim Grieve, War Room

Democrats need 15 seats to take control of the House of Representatives. Here's what three political analysts think they'll get, at least as of today:

Stuart Rothenberg says that Democrats are "most likely" to pick up 34 to 40 seats, "with slightly larger gains not impossible." Rothenberg also says that he thinks "state and national dynamics" make it more likely than not that the Democrats will pick up the six seats they need to take control of the Senate.

Protests at White House Aim to Prevent War on Iran, End War on Iraq, and Reverse Stolen Elections (Should There Be Any)

Cindy Sheehan has called for a protest at the White House from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, from November 6-9. The protest is in opposition to the war in Iraq and the possible war in Iran, but will develop into a protest of stolen elections should evidence of election fraud emerge. More information:

On the evening of November 7, citizens will turn Lafayette Square Park, in front of the White House into a Blue Revolution, one of many events around the country. Crowds dressed in blue will be holding vigils outside election offices to demand an accurate counting of votes in at least these locations: AZ-Maricopa, AZ-Yavapai, CA-Kern, CA-Orange, CA-Santa Barbara, CA-San Luis Obispo, CO-Adams, DC-District of Columbia, IN-La Porte, IN-Lake, IN-Porter, MD-Baltimore, MD-Howard, MN-Waseca, MO-St. Louis, OR-Washington, NY-Onondaga, TX-Lamar, WA-Clark, WA-King. More information:

Speaking Events

David Swanson at St. Michael’s College, Colchester, VT, October 5, 2016.

David Swanson in Fairbanks, Alaska, October 22, 2016.

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