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Pombo Foe Says Bush Visit Clinched His Win

By Rachel Gordon and Greg Lucas, San Francisco Chronicle

Jerry McNerney, the Democratic mathematician-turned-political conqueror who defied odds-makers and defeated seven-term GOP Rep. Richard Pombo, said the turning point in the race came about five weeks ago when President Bush made a campaign stop in Stockton to stump for the Republican incumbent.

The visit fired up Pombo's opponents, chief among them environmental activists who made the San Joaquin County Republican their No. 1 target and spent more than $1 million in their battle.

House May End Up in 13th District Feud

By Doug Sword and Anna Scott, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

There was talk of mandatory recounts and possible court challenges Wednesday after Vern Buchanan's narrow victory in the 13th Congressional District race, but the ultimate arbiter in the dispute could be House-Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-controlled US House.

While Buchanan declared victory by 368 votes, Democrat Christine Jennings refused to concede defeat.

The Anti-War Movement Sourced the Democrats’ Victory!

By William Hughes

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Take a bow Cindy Sheehan, Ann Wright, Ramsey Clark, Mike Ferner, Max Obuszewski, Michael Berg, David Swanson, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ray McGovern, Medea Benjamin and Brian Becker! You, and many other activists, like yourselves, in the Anti-Iraqi War Movement, have helped to source a sweep of GOP members from the House of Representatives, and also to return control of the U.S. Senate to the Democratic Party, after a 12-year hiatus. You were aided by many worthy web sites and web bloggers of similar thinking. Polls indicate that a majority of the voters were driven to vote for Democratic candidates, in a major part, because of the Bush-Cheney Gang’s gross mishandling of the Iraqi War. It was Iraqi War dissenters, who gave voice to that cause, when most Democrats in the U.S. Congress were a huge chunk of the pro-war majority. There were some notable exceptions, like Rep. John Conyers, (D-MI), and his fellow maverick members of the House’s “Out of Iraq Caucus.” (1) Meanwhile, the Media was mostly complicit in the egregious wrongs of the Bush Administration--one of the worst, most corrupt, in the history of the Republic.

“Bring Our Troops Home” Initiatives Sweep Wisconsin , Illinois , Massachusetts

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

Wisconsin: Janet Parker, (608) 257-2748 Steve Burns, (608) 250-9240
Illinois: Laurel Lambert Schmidt (708) 447-9577, (708) 991-8175 (cell), Siobhan Kolar, (630) 270-8520
Massachusetts: Paul Shannon (617) 497-5273 or (617) 623-5288

Wisconsin, Illinois and Massachusetts “Bring Our Troops Home” ballot initiatives are headed for a sweep of every community in which they appeared. A full summary of “Troops Home” election returns in all three states is posted at: .

PDA-Backed Candidates Roll to Victory From Coast to Coast

By Roger Bloom

PDA-endorsed candidates John Hall and Jerry McNerney among those who won victories!

A dozen PDA-endorsed candidates for U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives won their elections yesterday, spearheading the stunning Democratic victory that will see the party take over the House of Representatives and, at this writing, very possibly the Senate as well.

Morning in America

By Marco Ceglie

It is, as they say, Morning in America. Is it just me, or does it feel as if an entire Nation has awaken from a long, deep sleep?

I awoke this morning, still feeling a little sleepy myself, and read the following headline in a shaded text-box on page 2 of the local paper: "What Democrats Want".

It so moved me that I'm sharing it here.

I share this because wow, after 6 years of reading bad news - no, not just bad news, more like "ARE YOU $%#ING KIDDING ME??" bad news daily - reading the following in print, (the paper tangible between my fingers gives it a realness the internet never will), I am filled with a deep sense of hope - not just in the Democratic system, but in the possibility that this world doesn't have to be f%$cked, for lack of a more elegant phrase. That hope, I don't think I have to say, was at times quite difficult to hold on to for many of us.

Referendum against Iraq War Gaining Ground

By Brian MacQuarrie, Boston Globe

From the Berkshires to parts of Boston yesterday, voters in more than one-third of Massachusetts' cities and towns delivered a resounding protest against the Iraq war.
With 52 percent of the votes counted in the 36 House districts where an anti war question appeared, voters instructed their state representatives, 147,202 to 99,140, to approve a resolution calling on President Bush and Congress to end the war immediately and bring the troops home.

Bush Begins Reaching Out to Democrats

An image to accompany what has become a popular headline:

Yarmuth gets boost from national discontent with Bush, Iraq war

By DYLAN T. LOVAN, Associated Press

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - John Yarmuth tapped national discontent with President Bush and the Iraq war to unseat longtime Republican U.S. Rep. Anne Northup, who had fought off many tough challenges in the past.

Yarmuth supporters said the political climate was right in Louisville's 3rd District for a win against Northup, who had tried throughout the campaign to make voters forget about her former ties with Bush.

Elections Offer Hope for a Change in Course in Iraq

By Erik Leaver
Editor: Emily Schwartz Greco, IPS
Foreign Policy In Focus

Back on February 15, 2003 millions of people across the globe made headlines as they protested against the impending Iraq War. While that mass mobilization failed to stave off that unpopular and tragic war, it's hard to believe that President George W. Bush will miss the message voters delivered on Election Day--it's time to change course in Iraq.

Over 20 SOA Supporters Lose Their Seats

School of the Americas Watch

Yesterday’s midterm elections results represent a victory for all grassroots activists working to hold the U.S. Congress accountable for failed policies and misplaced priorities. Over 20 of our opponents of the June 2006 amendment have lost their seats in the House surpassing the 15 vote margin we need to win a vote in Congress. With this new and more favorable Congress, we expect a successful vote on the SOA/ WHINSEC. The next few months will be a crucial time for SOA Watch as we work to connect with these new Members of Congress, educate them about this important issue, and urge them to support closure of the school.

The Iraq Mandate

By Robert Dreyfuss,

Robert Dreyfuss is an Alexandria, Va.-based writer specializing in politics and national security issues. He is the author of Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (Henry Holt/Metropolitan Books, 2005), a contributing editor at The Nation, and a writer for Mother Jones, The American Prospect and Rolling Stone. He can be reached through his website,

Democrats Seize Control of House in Widespread Voter Rejection of President Bush and Iraq War


Democrats Seize Control of House in Widespread Voter Rejection of President Bush and Iraq War, Senate Hangs on Virginia and Montana

The Democrats have seized control of the House for the first time in 12
years and could also take control of the Senate if they hold on to win two
tight races in Montana and Virginia. Tuesday's election marked a major
defeat for the Bush administration and its Iraq war policy.

What's Next for the Peace Movement?

By Bruce K. Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

The Washington Post reported this morning that the Democratic Party's "foreign policy establishment sees a precipitous withdrawal [from Iraq] as potentially damaging to both the country's and the party's interests."

The battle is on.

The new speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is saying that the Dems will govern "from the middle." Impeachment is not on the table she recently said.

Tomgram: Plebiscite on an Outlaw Empire

Outlaw Empire Meets the Wave
5 Questions for Our Future
By Tom Engelhardt,

The wave -- and make no mistake, it's a global one -- has just crashed on our shores, soaking our imperial masters. It's a sight for sore eyes.

It's been a long time since we've seen an election like midterm 2006. After all, it's a truism of our politics that Americans are almost never driven to the polls by foreign-policy issues, no less by a single one that dominates everything else, no less by a catastrophic war (and the presidential approval ratings that go with it). This strange phenomenon has been building since the moment, in May 2003, that George W. Bush stood under that White-House-prepared "Mission Accomplished" banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln and declared "major combat operations have ended."

Election Postmortem: What's Next?

By Dave Lindorff,

Here's the way to look at the Election Day outcome: If the U.S. were a parliamentary democracy, Bush would be history. Our self-proclaimed "war president" has lost a vote of confidence, not by the members of his party, but by the people of the United States.

Of course, we don't live in a parliamentary democracy, so we’re still stuck with the same megalomaniacal leader, even though the control of the Congress appears to be passing to the opposition party. (As of this writing, the new House will be firmly in the hands of the Democrats by a bigger margin than the current House is in the hands of Republicans, and the Senate appears headed towards Democratic control also, albeit by the narrowest of margins: 1 Lieberman.)

Let us watch very carefully

By Robert Willmann, Jr., San Antonio, Texas

There is potentially good news from yesterday's election....

And the Jim Webb--bless his heart--win in Virginia for the U.S. Senate may stand up through a recount.

Now what about my use of the word ``potentially''?

The important thing is the aftermath of the
event. Will the surgery be successful?
This is where I am cautious and concerned,

A Bulk Rate on Printing Subpoenas?

By David Swanson

Chairman John Conyers Jr. Chairman Henry Waxman. Those titles will prove to be the most important outcome of yesterday's elections, even if the Dems get the Senate too. It's investigation and impeachment time. Vice President Cheney has already announced his plans to "probably" refuse to obey a subpoena from Congress. Democrats need to be preparing for that crisis now. And I don't mean just elected Democrats. I mean you and everyone you know who has the sanity to no longer call themselves Republicans. I mean you, Harold Meyerson, who published an op-ed in the Washington Post advocating a bait and switch: run on health care and education and then take up impeachment after the election. It is now after the election. I mean you, Arianna Huffington, who argued that impeachment would distract from the election and could be addressed later. It’s later now. And before you start whimpering about the 2008 elections looming, consider this….

Election Day Action in Italy

U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice - Rome

We voted absentee a while ago, but yesterday, we "voted for peace"
with our voices and our presence in front of the U.S. Embassy in
Rome. All 200 of our flyers we passed out, including some through

Republican Dirty Tricks Mar Election Nationwide

$500,000 Reward For Election Fraud Information

Reports are pouring in to the VelvetRevolution tip line, 1-888-VOTETIP, of GOP dirty tricks around the country. The most widespread problem seems to be voter intimidation through the use of robo calls and threats to arrest people for voting. All of these have been linked to the GOP so far.

Also, vote machines are breaking down in dozens of jurisdictions, machines are flipping votes, and voters are being turned away because of draconian voter ID laws. In Virginia the FBI is investigating.


By Tom Hayden

As the campaign began, consultants and bigwigs of both parties sought to keep Iraq from becoming an election issue. To their credit, the American voters disagreed, insisted on changing course, and let Iraq become the critical factor in overthrowing a rigged Republican majority.

Now what?

For sure, Rep. Henry Waxman will hold the gavel and subpoena power for hearings into war profiteering by corporate contractors. The issues surfacing in civil society, for example through distribution of Robert Greenwald's fiilm "Iraq for Sale", will suddenly be exposed under the glare of Congressional hearings.

Good News and Doubts

Both Rep Bobby Scott and Rep Anna Eshoo on Pacifica tonight declared their intentions to push investigations and oversight. Eshoo spoke in particular of investigating what she called "the manipulated intelligence" that launched the war.

There may be a number of stolen races by morning, possibly including the Virginia Senate race. If Webb does not win and he does not fight, he will never again be a serious candidate.

Wisconsin communities vote on bringing troops home

By Associated Press

MILWAUKEE (AP) - Milwaukee residents sent a clear message to President Bush about Iraq Tuesday -- get out.

Milwaukee was among 10 communities across Wisconsin that voted on referendums asking whether the United States should pull troops from Iraq.

With 65 percent of Milwaukee precincts reporting, there were 70,614 votes to bring home the troops, or 72 percent, compared to 27,775 voting no, or 28 percent.

Riot at the Hyatt

By David Swanson

Well, I did a bit on Pacifica shouting over the crowd screaming as Nancy Pelosi and about 30 Congress Members took the stage here in the Capitol Hill Hyatt. The early news is all good, including PDA-backed candidate and now SENATOR Sherrod Brown winning in Ohio, nationally despised and now GOLFER Rick Santorum departing the Senate, Whitehouse pulling through in Rhode Island...

Oh, and it's official: Americans like a minimum wage that's closer to a living wage, but Americans hate gay people.

I'll be on Pacifica at 10 a.m. ET tomorrow: "What's at Stake" with Verna Avery Brown. Tune in!

Are We Looking at a Major Elephant Ass Whooping?

The New Republic has posted the following exit poll results - presumably real and presumably carefully slanted away from overly supporting Democrats, and yet look:

These numbers have now come in to me from two different sources though like the others they seem too pro-Dem to be true:

Dems up:

VA 52-47

RI 53-46

PA 57-42

OH 57-43


Corruption is voters' #1 concern according to exit polls. Is corruption the new values? Last time the stories were spun around "values," but it turned out that people who cared about values had many more valuable things in mind than just discriminating against gay people or women. Corruption similarly strikes me as a catch all that could include every issue on which the current Congress has worked.

First exit polls show bad news for GOP

The first exit polls released by a group of top news agencies have indicated that national issues drove today's votes by a margin of nearly two-to-one.

While 62% of respondents indicated that national issues made biggest difference in how they cast their votes, just 33% indicated that local issues decided their vote. Republicans had recently been pressing their case that local issues would decide the races.

Slew of late polls still pointing to Democratic gains

The New York Times reported on Saturday that "Republicans are resigned to idea of big losses," and the latest polls appear to validate those fears. "Party leaders saying the best outcome they could foresee was losing 12 seats in the House, but that they were increasingly resigned to losing at least 15 and therefore control of the House to Democrats for the first time in 12 years," said the Times article. Senate races "had grown fluid" with Democrats saying they could gain up to 6 seats, and thus control of the body.

The Antiwar Wave

By John Nichols,

The Nation -- Everyone is talking about whether there will be a Democratic wave tonight. That's an important question, to be sure. But there are other, perhaps more telling, waves to watch for.

The central issue of the 2OO6 election season has been the war in Iraq. But that does not mean that every House and Senate contest will provide a clear read on sentiments regarding the conflict. In many contests, Democratic and Republican candidates have spun their stances on the questions of how and when to bring the troops home. A few Republicans are actually emphasizing their support for some sort of exit strategy -- including contenders in tight races, such as Rhode Island'Senator Lincoln Chafee, and Iowa Congressman Jim Leach, both of whom voted against authorizing President Bush to use force, and Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays, whose conversion from a strong pro-war stance would seem to have a lot to do with the tough challenge he faces from war-critic Diane Farrell. On the other hand, several high-profile Democratic challengers, including Nebraska House candidate Scott Kleeb, have explicitly opposed setting a timeline for withdrawal of the troops,

Speaking Events

January 10 and 11:
Events in Washington DC to present a petition telling president elect to end wars:

January 20-21 Occupy the Inauguration
January 29 David Swanson speaking in Arlington, Va.
February David Swanson debating a war supporter in Boston, Mass.
April 21-23 UNAC's annual conference in Richmond, Va.

April 29 possible multi-issue protest in DC.

Find Events Here.




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