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Feingold Says Centrist DLC Consultants 'Instill Fear in Democrats'

MILWAUKEE -- Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold knocked the centrist Democratic Leadership Council today, saying its strategy of hoping to win by being “a little different than Republicans” hasn’t worked. He also accused the group's adherents of instilling fear in Democrats who oppose the war.

“They are the ones that coalesced with the big corporations to pass unfair trade agreements that hurt America,” Feingold said. “It was the DLC that came up with the health care plan with the Clintons that was so complicated nobody could understand it. It’s the DLC that has cut off our ability to say things like, ‘Let’s get out of Iraq because it’s a bad idea.’”


(WASHINGTON, D.C., 8/9/06) - CAIR is calling on American Muslims and other people of conscience to contact Georgia congressional candidate Hank Johnson and ask that he meet with American Muslim and Arab-American leaders to discuss his recent remarks implying that all voters with Arabic names may be "terrorists."

In a televised debate with Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Johnson said: "...But since we're talking about Middle East policy I will say that the abundant number of contributors to Mrs. McKinney's campaign are, have Palestinian and Arab surnames, now I could accuse her of being under the control of terrorists." Johnson won Tuesday's runoff for Georgia's Fourth Congressional District.

An Inconvenient Truth: Politics & Lies

By Carl Sheeler

Some say copying good ideas is the sincerest form of flattery. And, in a matter of thinking it can be. In politics it's almost a trademark by a front-runner who has garnered the media's attention. It effectively neutralizes the momentum innovation can produce by an opponent.

In July 2005, our campaign took one of the first public anti-war positions in the nation with a clear exit strategy associated with the Iraqi's voting on their Constitution and government. It foresaw the sectarian violence of Civil War and the possible remedy of creating several nation states instead of a consolidated Iraq. The goal now, as it was then, is to limit loss of life in a war built on a series of lies. Over 80% of those who have been combat veterans (VFW) oppose the Iraq war and our campaign's position was mailed to over 7,000 veterans' households to seek an expression of support and catalyze better ideas for withdrawal.

It Wasn't About the War

By William Rivers Pitt, t r u t h o u t |

At 8:52 p.m. on Tuesday night, the report came in that Senator Joseph Lieberman had lost his home precinct in the Connecticut primary. Just after 9:00 p.m., the talking heads on Fox News began telling their viewers that Lieberman was finished. Just after 11:00 p.m., Lieberman stepped to the podium to congratulate Ned Lamont on his victory. Lieberman, with this loss, became only the fourth incumbent Senator in all of American history to be beaten in a primary.

Antiwar challengers across US get a vote of confidence

By Susan Milligan, Boston Globe

WASHINGTON -- In October 2002, lawmakers in Congress were presented with a preelection test about where they stood on Iraq, and most answered it by siding with President Bush, voting to authorize his use of force against Saddam Hussein and promising an anxious electorate that they would be protected against a potential threat from Iraq.

Four years later, with nearly 2,600 US soldiers dead and no trace of the weapons of mass destruction that the White House said Hussein possessed, it is the Iraq war hawks who are on the defensive, ahead of midterm congressional elections that could tip the balance of power in one or both houses of Congress.

Karl Rove, Pollution Corporations and Republican voters defeat DEMOCRATIC PARTY in Georgia's Democratic Runoff

By Mark Hull-Richter

Where was the DNC and the DCCC and why did they allow the Republicans to fix Georgia's Democratic runoff and give a Republican-backed candidate the victory? Shame on Rahm Emanuel, Howard Dean and Jeanette Millender-McDonald for sitting by and taking no action as the complaints came in from voters and Democrats who tried to stop the tampering and received no assistance from their own party. Acquiescence is complicity. Anyone feel like contributing to the DNC tonight?

Tasini's Take on Lamont

NEW YORK, NY: Jonathan Tasini, Democratic Senate candidate, released the following statement on the election in Connecticut:

“I want to congratulate Ned Lamont on his victory and I applaud Connecticut Democrats for standing up and declaring with a loud voice that Democratic Party politicians who vote for illegal, immoral wars will be held accountable at the ballot box. Now, New York Democratic voters have a chance to move our party another giant step towards a progressive agenda that will save lives, end the war and benefit hard-working Americans.”

Lieberman Concedes Defeat In Senate Race

By Jon Lender, Elizabeth Hamilton and David Owens, Hartford Courant

U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman conceded defeat just after 11 p.m. in the bitter Connecticut primary.

But Lieberman pledged to continue his candidacy as an independent in the general election in November.

"Incidentally, we are gonna go," Lieberman told supporters shortly after stepping to a podium at the Hartford Hilton Tuesday night.

Lamont's Victory & Lieberman's Insult to Democracy & the Democratic Party

By David Sirota

At the end of every good horror movie, when the hero seems finally to have vanquished the enemy, there is always that last moment where the enemy, lying lifeless on the floor, finds a last gasp to fire off one final round, usually dealing a fatal blow to one of the good guys. In the incredible story that concluded tonight in Connecticut, Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Ned Lamont was the successful hero, representing the hopes and dreams or ordinary citizens by mounting a truly grassroots campaign against Joe Lieberman's massive warchest of corporate cash and universal support from Washington, D.C.'s cabal of lobbyists, pundits and insiders. Yet, in his last coughing gasps, Lieberman is now saying he will, in fact, fire off that last spiteful round - right into the gut of the Democratic Party.

Election Night Open Thread

By Bob Fertik,

. ---- --- # --- --- %
Lamont --- 89,814 --- 52%
Lieberman --- 84,231 --- 48%

484 of 748 precincts (64%)

It's a nail biter...

FOX News says Lieberman will definitely run as an Independent if he loses tonight. They obviously haven't asked Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Max Cleland, or any of Lieberman's other Democratic supporters - all of whom will embrace Ned Lamont tomorrow and tell Lieberman to leave politics with class, not as a Sore Loserman.

I Just Met Jesse Jackson

By Bob Geiger,

You could cut the excitement with a knife when the Reverend Jesse Jackson walked into the media room for a press conference a few minutes ago. Don’t have time to write much about it right now but here's some good quotes from Jackson:

"Many Democrats have faked Left and then voted Right. With the deepening crisis, too many Democrats are hedging their bets and Ned Lamont offers another direction."

Lieberman trails in early returns

By John Whitesides, Reuter

HARTFORD, Connecticut (Reuters) - Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman trailed in early returns on Tuesday in a Democratic Party showdown that focused on the former vice presidential candidate's support for the Iraq war and President George W. Bush.

Lieberman, a three-term senator, scrambled to avoid a humiliating Democratic primary defeat at the hands of Ned Lamont, a relative unknown who had called the senator a cheerleader for Bush and urged voters to send an anti-war message to the country.

Lieberman Going Down

At the Epicenter
By Stirling Newberry |

I am at Lamont HQ in Meriden Connecticut, there is bounce, there is joy, there are smiles. The Rev. Jesse Jackson was here, arguing that Lamont represents a moral center, agains the far right. The numbers roll in, with 252 reporting 59244 for Lamont, 49752 for Lieberman. Atrios, Matt Stoller, Jane Hamsher are here. The MyLeftNutmeg crew - early and avid backers of Lamont - are here. The campaign stalwarts are here, smiling at the first test of their organization and their movement.

Lieberman Campaign Blames Its Incompetence on Lamont

By David Sirota

No, folks, that's not a headline from the Onion - that's actually what's going on. This might be the most hilarious thing that's happened in the entire Lieberman-Lamont campaign - and that's saying a lot because there's been a lot of humor. Lieberman's campaign website went down today. Lieberman's campaign staff immediately accused Lamont's campaign of hacking their website, and said it is going to file a complaint with the U.S. Attorney's Office and with the Connecticut Attorney General. But as the Wonkette shows, what really happened was that Lieberman and his $12 million campaign hired an expensive web consultant who then hosted the Lieberman campaign's website on a $15-a-month discount server, which - not surprisingly during a high traffic time like an election - shit the bed and died under stress. Put another way, Lieberman's campaign got ripped off, and now, realizing it got ripped off, its trying to pin the blame for being ripped off on its opponent.

Rejecting the McGovern Complex

By David Sirota

The psychology of the middle-aged, self-described partisan/media political "expert" is something of a puzzle to me. Strip away all the bloviating, all the self-importance, all the haughtiness, and you'll find a deeply-rooted hatred of all things relating to George McGovern. The storyline, which pundit Mark Schmitt notes is evident in the Lieberman-Lamont primary, goes something like this: McGovern, a B-24 bombing pilot in World War II, ran for president in 1972 on a platform opposing the Vietnam War, and supposedly because of this reason and this reason alone, he was deservedly crushed in his campaign against Richard Nixon. Therefore, the story goes, no Democratic candidate for any office in America can ever publicly say they believe wars in general - or a specific war - is anything other than a totally desirable objective. Unless a Democrat publicly salivates at the thought of having U.S. troops maimed and killed in operations aimed at maiming and killing foreigners, Mr. Middle Aged Political "Expert" will sternly remind them that they are supposedly going to be the next George McGovern. That is, the next national laughingstock.

John Nichols: Lieberman foe would ally with Feingold

By John Nichols,

Wisconsin's Russ Feingold was the first member of the Senate Democratic Caucus to refuse to back U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., in the primary fight that has become a struggle over the direction - and perhaps even the soul - of the Democratic Party.

Feingold and Lieberman are about as far apart on the issues as two members of the same party can get, but it still came as something of a surprise when Feingold told NBC's Tim Russert in a June "Meet the Press" interview that he would not be supporting his colleague from Connecticut in that state's Democratic primary.

Connecticut Democrats lose faith in Lieberman

By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent

MERIDEN, Connecticut (Reuters) - Jocelyne Hudson-Brown says she no longer trusts Sen. Joseph Lieberman. John Reardon calls it a loss of confidence. Bob Walsh says Lieberman turned his back on his party.

For all three Connecticut Democrats, all one-time Lieberman supporters, the former vice presidential nominee's staunch advocacy of the Iraq war was the final straw that convinced them to back Lieberman's anti-war challenger Ned Lamont.

The Four Post-Lieberman/Lamont Scripts

By David Sirota

The movie "Clue" is one of my favorites, in part, because the viewer gets to see three possible endings all in a row. So in that same Clue-like vein, I want to offer my thoughts on the possible outcomes of the Lieberman-Lamont primary. Though the election will take place tomorrow, it's obvious today what will take place under all of the possible outcomes (except, maybe for Florida 2000-style outcome - that's a real wildcard). So without further ado, I will lay out my predictions starting with Lieberman winning big and going to Lamont winning big.

Will Democrats Follow the Polls or the RNC Strategy Memos? Do We Even Need to Ask?

GOP Leaders Are Hoping to Turn the War Into a Winner
By Peter Wallsten, Los Angeles Times

A strategy memo says Iraq may rouse voters. A recent poll shows it may not be to their benefit.

CRAWFORD, Texas — Some Republican candidates are distancing themselves from President Bush in fear of voter discontent with the war in Iraq. But a new GOP strategy memo argues that the war could prove to be an advantage for many Republican candidates, citing it as one of the most effective issues that will excite the party base in November.

The Message in the Coming Lieberman Defeat: It’s More than the War

The Democratic voters of Connecticut –apparently about to reject Senator Joe Lieberman in Tuesday’s primary—are poised to send the national Democratic Party a message. And the media are poised to help the Democrats, and the nation as a whole, to misinterpret it.

It’s all about the war in Iraq, the media will tell us.

But this over-simplification obscures the heart of the matter: that citizens are not only opposing the war but are struggling for a way to deal with America’s present deeper crisis.

John Edwards Calls for Withdrawal of Some Troops From Iraq

By Associated Press

Moultonboro, New Hampshire - Former vice presidential candidate John Edwards, who is considering another run for the Democratic nomination for president, said Saturday the United States should start pulling troops out of Iraq immediately.

The former U.S. Sen. from North Carolina told reporters America should "make it clear (to Iraqis) we are leaving, and the best way is to start leaving. We should take 40,000 combat troops out now."


As a Congressman, I will not shirk away from my oath of office. Saying that includes the inherent responsibility to hold the balance of powers within their Constitutional function. It has been determined that the Executive Branch has committed "high crimes and misdemeanors" in the public eye. Through illegal wiretaps, spying on American citizens, lying to start a war, sacrificing national security in lieu of petty political revenge and criminal neglect in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, the current administration has abused its privileged position for profiteering and selfish ambition.

Primary In Connecticut May Prove Intensely Important

9NEWS NOW, Washington, DC

Something politically remarkable may be about to happen in Connecticut, where polls show three-term Senator Joe Lieberman trailing a wealthy challenger in tomorrow's Democratic primary. The race has come down to the war in Iraq and Democratic anger at Lieberman's support of administration policy.

The damage being done to Lieberman because of his association with President Bush is being felt in other campaigns as well, including George Allen's Senate re-election race in Virginia.

Lieberman defeat could signal Democratic shift

By Dan Balz, Washington Post

FARMINGTON, Conn. — The passion fueling the anti-war challenge to Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut's Senate primary signals a power shift inside the Democratic Party that could reshape the politics of national security and alter the battle for the party's 2008 presidential nomination, strategists in both political parties say.

A victory by businessman Ned Lamont on Tuesday would confirm the growing strength of the grass-roots and Internet activists who emerged in Howard Dean's presidential campaign.[As well as those who did not emerge in Howard Dean's campaign.]

Senate race: War is the issue

By Don Michak, Journal Inquirer, CT

Make no mistake, this one is about the war in Iraq - and the whole world really is watching.

U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, a three-term incumbent who many Democrats contend actually was elected vice president in the bitterly contested 2000 election, on Tuesday faces off against Ned Lamont, a cable company executive whose previous participation in politics primarily involved writing checks to candidates like the one he is trying to unseat.

The Revolution Is Not Being Televised

By Stirling Newberry
t r u t h o u t |

The revolution is not being televised.

When Joe Lieberman and his supporters tried to raise a stink over a Huffington Post blog entry by FireDogLake's Jane Hamsher, it was clearly the move of a campaign in its death throes. Lieberman might win the primary, or the general election if forced to run as an independent, but he has lost the aura of invulnerability, coolness, and untouchability that has been his powerful weapon in pushing back any criticism of his go-it-alone approach to working with Republicans.

Kevin Zeese Challenges Rep. Cardin on Israel

By William Hughes

"Time's glory is to unmask falsehood and bring truth to light." - William Shakespeare

In an action unprecedented in Maryland politics, Kevin Zeese, an Independent candidate in Maryland for the U.S. Senate, has demanded that an incumbent congressman, who has close ties to the powerful Israel Lobby, break his silence on Israeli wrongdoing. In one of his four “Open Letters” to Rep. Ben Cardin (D-MD), dated July 17, 2006, Zeese requested that the “ardent supporter” of Israel end “his sin of silence" and speak out about "the brutal terrorist attacks by Israel on civilians in Lebanon and Gaza." (1) A scholarly report, the "Harvard Study," revealed that the Israel Lobby has exercised "unmatched power" over U.S. foreign policy, which hasn't been in our "national interest." (2)

Meet Joe Lieberman's Worst Nightmare

With A Boost From Bloggers, Ned Lamont Has Democratic Icon On The Ropes
By producer Christine Lagorio.

Ned Lamont reached his political breaking point last November after reading an op-ed piece by Joe Lieberman in the Wall Street Journal.

The three-term Connecticut senator's sunny description of war-torn Iraq ("There are many more cars on the streets, satellite television dishes on the roofs, and literally millions more cell phones in Iraqi hands than before.") and his uncompromising support for U.S. involvement were too much for Lamont.

Support the war? Voters cry out: Say it ain't so, Joe

By Ellis Henican, Newsday, NY

I'm no political genius. But I'm pretty sure I'm right about this much: It is, generally speaking, dangerous for a politician to go against 73 percent of his constituents on the biggest issue of the day.

Joe Lieberman is discovering this one the hard way.

With the primary vote coming on Tuesday, the three-term Democratic senator from Connecticut really could be adding another line to his highly impressive resume.

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