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Truth Breaks into Chicago Tribune

Doubt on war grows in U.S.
Even supporters say the effort isn't worth loss of American lives
By Mark Silva and Mike Dorning, Tribune national correspondents. Mark Silva reported from Pennsylvania and Mike Dorning from South Carolina; Tribune national correspondents Tim Jones, Vincent J. Schod

August 14, 2005

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- As surely as sweet-corn stands and rolling farmland give way to the boxlike tract housing of new suburbs here, President Bush is losing ground on the battlefield of public opinion when it comes to the war in Iraq.

Even among Republicans who cheered the invasion of Iraq two years ago, and some who supported Bush's re-election and his exhortation to "stay the course," the ongoing loss of American life without a clear course for withdrawal is taking a toll.

American Graffiti: Signs of the Times

Published on Friday, August 12, 2005 by the Independent (UK)

President Bush used to enjoy healthy support for his Iraq policy. But now freeway 'bloggers' are speaking out

By Rupert Cornwell

Feel like getting something off your chest against that iniquitous warmonger in the White House? Well, you can write a letter to your newspaper, tune in to liberal talk radio, or click to a reliably leftie website. Alternatively, you can take a drive on the highways of the United States.


These are the domain of the freeway bloggers, a breed that have invented a tangible concrete and tarmac version of the internet to make their feelings known about George Bush. The messages, posted from overpasses, bridges and verges, are short, pithy and very, very rude.

Pentagon Conducts Bogus Poll to Distort Iraq Opinion


Yesterday at the Department of Defense press briefing ( ), Secretary Rumsfeld and General Richard Myers touted new poll results of Iraqis that claim to demonstrate that the insurgency is losing political steam. What they didn’t reveal about the poll is that it surveyed only those Iraqis who already despise the insurgent activity and have actively worked against it.

Here’s what Rumsfeld said yesterday when asked whether he truly understands the nature of the insurgency:

Q: “If I can take you back to your opening statement when you — actually, General Myers made similar references to the failings of the insurgency, including their failure to garner public support. And yet, this far into the operation, the insurgency has managed to sustain itself. Does this suggest a lack of understanding on your part on what the insurgency is about, who they are, the durability of their effort?

Violent "solutions" create new problems

By Jim Mullins
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
August 12, 2005

As anti-Americanism has become a vital issue, various committees, delegations and retired diplomatic, military and intelligence officials have charged that our lack of an evenhanded approach to foreign relations and the worldwide perception of unfair policies are the main contributors to the problem.

A prime example: our policy denying Iran the right to build nuclear plants to produce electricity allowable under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which it has signed, and with supervision by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

When “Old News

U.S. media produce excuses, not stories, on Downing Street Memo
Extra! July/August 2005
Julie Hollar and Peter Hart

Journalists typically condemn attempts to force their colleagues to disclose anonymous sources, saying that subpoenaing reporters will discourage efforts to expose government wrongdoing. But such warnings seem like self-puffery after one watches contemporary journalism in action: When clear evidence of wrongdoing emerges, with no anonymous sources required, major news outlets can still virtually ignore it.

A leaked British government document that first appeared in a London newspaper (Sunday Times, 5/1/05) bluntly stated that U.S. intelligence on Iraq was shaped to support the drive for war. Though the information rocked British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s re-election campaign when it was exposed, for weeks it received little attention in the U.S. media.

DU: The Ticking Nuke in Bush's White House War Room

By Dave Lindorff

Quietly, and under the radar for now, a movement is growing across the country that could blow up White House war planning and finish off the U.S. adventure in Iraq.

That movement is state-by-state legislation to provide for testing of returning National Guard troops for signs of contamination by depleted uranium.

Kicked off in Connecticut by a feisty Democratic state representative from New Haven named Pat Dillon, a woman who was trained in epidemiology at Yale—her bill passed the state legislature in July unanimously, and goes into effect this October, about the time many Connecticut Guard troops will finally be coming home from Iraq—the measure has copycats hard at work in some 14-20 other states. Louisiana has already passed a similar law.

Occupied Territories: Iraq, America

My country is in the grip of a president surrounded by thugs in suits
By Howard Zinn
The Guardian

It has quickly become clear that Iraq is not a liberated country, but an occupied country. We became familiar with that term during the second world war. We talked of German-occupied France, German-occupied Europe. And after the war we spoke of Soviet-occupied Hungary, Czechoslovakia, eastern Europe. It was the Nazis, the Soviets, who occupied countries. The United States liberated them from occupation.
Now we are the occupiers. True, we liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein, but not from us. Just as in 1898 we liberated Cuba from Spain, but not from us. Spanish tyranny was overthrown, but the US established a military base in Cuba, as we are doing in Iraq. US corporations moved into Cuba, just as Bechtel and Halliburton and the oil corporations are moving into Iraq. The US framed and imposed, with support from local accomplices, the constitution that would govern Cuba, just as it has drawn up, with help from local political groups, a constitution for Iraq. Not a liberation. An occupation.


DemocracyRising.US Webmaster Karen Kilroy Co-Produced 8-minute Film About the Media Blackout of the Protests Against the War in Iraq

Watch the 8-minute political music video here:

Karen Kilroy, our DemocracyRising.US webmaster, asked me to pass this message along about an 8-minute film she recently produced, as well as the amazing story behind it. The message from Karen follows:


I am not writing you this letter just to tell you about political spoken word artist Chris Chandler, and artists whose work, I have admired for years. No, I am writing to tell you about what all has gone down here in Ohio after the tragedy of losing 14 of our young service men last week, while I was working on a project with him.

In Iraq, hope should spring internal

By Michael Zweig

The path to stability and reconstruction in Iraq must first and foremost be a political process in the hands of the Iraqis themselves. It cannot be imposed by an outside power through military might.

Americans seeking an exit strategy from Iraq would do well to advocate strengthening institutions of Iraqi civil society, including trade unions, as vehicles to organize the Iraqi people and allow them to shape their future.

When we think about what is going on in Iraq, it's easy to imagine the society divided between two forces: on the one hand, suicide bombers and mysterious insurgents pushing toward civil war; on the other, the U.S. military striving to hold things together while promoting democracy. Some Americans originally opposed to the war now feel worried about calling for an end to the occupation, fearing "the terrorists will win," with disastrous results for the Iraqi people and our own safety.

'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy' in Covering Up Role in Plame Scandal

Editor and Publisher
By Greg Mitchell
Published: August 11, 2005 9:00 PM ET

NEW YORK In an article in the September issue of Vanity Fair (not yet online), Michael Wolff, in probing the Plame/CIA leak scandal, rips those in the news media -- principally Time magazine and The New York Times -- who knew that Karl Rove was one of the leakers but refused to expose what would have been “one of the biggest stories of the Bush years.

San Franciscans Oppose the War. Why Don't Their Representatives?

by Tom Gallagher

Given San Francisco's well deserved reputation as a center of the movement against the war against Iraq, many people outside the city may be surprised to learn that it does not have an antiwar representative in Congress, that is, one who supports withdrawing our troops now – not at some indeterminate time in the future, as Donald Rumsfield assures us we will do. And given that one of its representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is the House Democratic leader, it's not just the city, but the nation that needs an antiwar representative from San Francisco.
In fact, many San Franciscans are themselves quite surprised, shocked even, when they learn that both of their Congressional representatives, Nancy Pelosi and Tom Lantos, opposed a May 25 budget amendment calling upon the President to "develop a plan for the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq." After all, last November, 63% of the city's voters approved Proposition N, which called on the Federal government to "bring the troops safely home now."

A Time for Moral Outrage

Republicans for Humility
By William Frey, M. D.

The willingness of far too Americans to patiently accept the rationale of Administration talking points through every twist and turn, through every flip-flop, through the every Presidential renunciation of previously sacred American civic principles, may at long last be coming to an end.

29 months after the invasion of Iraq in March, 2003, the pretext given to the American people and to Congress for invading Iraq has yet to be substantiated.

Nonetheless, intelligence we now know to be less than accurate was utilized both to obtain public support and Congressional authorization for the use of military force, a decision that only Congress has the legal authority to make.

Listen to Sirota, Zogby & DCCC Debate the Iraq War on NPR

By David Sirota

Permit me to engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion, but I thought folks would be interested in the debate I just had with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on National Public Radio over America's Iraq policy. Also appearing in the roundtable was pollster John Zogby; Dante Zappalla, the brother of a National Guardsmen killed in Iraq; and Andrew McCarthy, an archconservative from the so-called Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (a group set up to advocate for war in Iraq). Go to and listen to the debate at:

Better Late Than Never: Washington Post Starts to Cover War

Talking Wounded
Terry Rodgers Came Back From Iraq a Changed Man, and Not Just Because of the Bomb

By Peter Carlson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 10, 2005; C01

"So we're driving down the road and it's midnight, so it's pitch-black, and when you're driving at night, you don't use any lights," says Terry Rodgers, "but we can see fine because we've got night vision goggles."

He's sitting in the living room of his mother's townhouse in Gaithersburg, telling the story of his last night in Iraq. He's still got his Army crew cut and he's wearing a T-shirt with an American flag on the chest.

Grieving Mother's War Protest Draws Notice

By ANGELA K. BROWN, Associated Press Writer

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Crawford, Texas (AP) - The mother of a fallen U.S. soldier who started a quiet roadside peace vigil near President Bush's ranch last weekend is drawing supporters from across the nation.

Dozens of people have joined her and others have sent flowers and food. One activist called her "the Rosa Parks of the anti-war movement."

Cindy Sheehan, 48, of Vacaville, Calif., says she was surprised at the response.

"Before my son was killed, I used to think that one person could not make a difference," she said Wednesday under a tent where she has slept since Saturday. "But one person that is surrounded and supported by millions of people can be heard."

Big Star-Spangled Lies for War

By Norman Solomon

A lot of people want to believe that the current war on Iraq is some kind of aberration -- a radical departure from the previous baseline of U.S. foreign policy. That's a comforting illusion.
Yes, the current administration in Washington is notable for the extreme mendacity and calculated idiocy of its claims. But -- decade after decade -- the propaganda fuel for one U.S. war after another has flowed from a standard set of lies.

Some of the boilerplate lies are implicit assumptions about Uncle Sam's benign and even noble intent. Other deceptions rely on more specific whoppers, endlessly whirling through the news media's spin cycle. From one war to the next, certain themes are played up more than others -- but the process always involves building an agenda to start a war, trying to justify the war while it's underway, and then claiming that the war must continue as long as the man in the Oval Office says so.

Bush Vacations While Soldiers Die

Niagra Falls Reporter
By Bill Gallagher

The worst commander in chief in American history is relaxing, escaping from reality, and enjoying his five-week vacation down on the ranch. Maybe he should spend a little time reviewing his war plan for prevailing in Iraq, thinking of a way to end the carnage and get U.S. troops home safely.
Such a review is clearly in order, but don't count on this commander in chief questioning his own judgments and actually considering the possibility that he's made horrible mistakes and miscalculations.

The war in Iraq is all about politics, and George W. Bush practices the politics of Karl Rove.

Bush's Oilmen Got it all Wrong in Iraq

NY Newsday
By Marie Cocco

No oil for blood.
The bumper sticker popular among left-leaning opponents of the conflict - no war for oil - has been inverted. There is no oil to be had for the shedding of American blood. Not for years anyway.

Remember the bold promises?

"Iraq has oil," Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Fortune magazine in 2002, discussing the potential cost of an Iraq invasion and how it would be met. "They have financial resources."

Paul Wolfowitz, formerly Rumsfeld's deputy, was bolder: "The oil revenues of that country could bring in between $50 [billion] and $100 billion over the course of the next two or three years," he told Congress as the war began. "We're dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction."

Frameshop: Cindy's Frame

Could it be that the War in Iraq will be stopped by one woman walking down a road in Texas?

As of today, it certainly seems so.

Yesterday afternoon, Cindy Sheehan, mother of a fallen soldier, marched toward the President's vacation home in Texas. Asked by reporters what she hoped to achieve, Cindy replied:

"I want to ask the president, why did you kill my son? What did my son die for?"

(The full Reuters article is here)

Sheehan, who comes from a small town in rural California, told reporters that she blames the President for the recent death of her son Casey (Army Specialist, killed in Iraq, April 4, 2004). Following a peaceful rally in Dallas, she decided to come to Texas to speak directly to the President at his vacation home.

Trial by Constitution

Trial by Constitution
By Stirling Newberry
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Thirty-one years ago, on August 8th, Richard Nixon addressed the American public for the 37th time from the Oval Office. His message was that he was resigning the Presidency "effective noon tomorrow." It was the fall of a man who had risen in public life under a cloud, and had participated in five national elections on a major party ticket, more than any one else except Franklin Delano Roosevelt. For many who had been opposed to him from the beginning, it was a great weight lifted from the country. GB Trudeau had a metaphorical brick wall removed from in front of Doonesbury's White House.

Rumsfeld Still Lying Like a Dog

Lawrence McManus reports from Los Angeles:

Rumsfeld says Saddam and sons were top leadership of al Qaeda.

I heard it with my own ears about 6:30 a.m. today [August 6].

He was interviewed by the "senior political correspondent" Dick Helton on KNX news radio 1070 am.

The lie was NOT questioned. NOT even brought up by Helton.

I emailed the station and asked for an on the air correction or that Mr. Helton be fired.

I will call KNX management on Monday and go up the ladder until I get someone to listen.

Let freedom ring, anti-war voices sing

Home News Tribune

How gratifying to see Home News Tribune coverage of our dramatic reading of the Downing Street minutes on July 28 outside your offices. As much as we would like our performance to be the main event, we were really only supposed to be the opening act. You, Home News Tribune, you were cast in the lead role.

We are now back in the wings, sweaty and exhilarated from our brief performance, but the stage has been left bare. There is an awkward silence — the orchestra is confused. When will you step out into the limelight and, through an in-depth analysis, let the truth of the Downing Street minutes sing out to the world?

A Day in the Bar Ditch of Democracy USA

By Greg Moses

IndyMedia North Texas / Bella Ciao / TodaysAlternativeNews / truthout! / UrukNet

“I’m back here where I met you, in the tent!


The Lone Star Iconoclast is covering Saturday's journey to Crawford by several groups, including Veterans For Peace, Military Family Speak Out, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Code Pink, Crawford Peace House, and others.

Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq last year, is seeking a meeting with President Bush, who is vacationing in Crawford, to have some of her questions answered about the war. Several busloads of interested individuals are expected in Crawford to support her cause. Sheehan has said that she is willing to camp out in Crawford until she gets to meet with the President.

CNN Covers Cindy Sheehan Protest

Link to original

Note the original on the CNN site has links to the video from one story run by CNN as well as a Wolf Blitzer interview with Cindy.

Soldier's mom digs in near Bush ranch
Senator sees 'echoes of Vietnam' in vigil to meet president

CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- A mother whose son was killed in Iraq says she is prepared to continue her protest outside President Bush's ranch through August until she is granted an opportunity to speak with him.

Reuters Covers Cindy Sheehan Protest

White House officials meet anti-war protesters
Sat Aug 6, 2005 6:38 PM ET

By Steve Holland

CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) - About 70 anti-war protesters shouted "bring the troops home" from Iraq near President Bush's ranch on Saturday, prompting two White House officials to come out to meet with mothers who lost children in combat in Iraq.

National Security Adviser Steven Hadley and Deputy White House chief of staff Joe Hagin listened to the concerns of Cindy Sheehan and five or six other mothers in a meeting that lasted about 45 minutes, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said. Duffy said Sheehan told the two officials she appreciated the meeting.

Truth Gathers In Dallas

Crawford vs. Dallas is Fantasy vs. Reality
The Baltimore Chronicle
By Ward Reilly

It's time to open the door, Mr. President. Our nation is knocking. If you turn Gold Star families and other REAL heroes away, what is that going to tell the "free press," and what is it going to tell all those veterans who have paid the price?

And you thought that the truth was in Crawford...
This weekend in Dallas, Texas, there will be a "Truth Convention" of sorts, centered around the Veterans For Peace national meeting.

This weekend in Dallas, Iraq veterans and Gold Star families will be joining with veterans of all US wars since WWII, the members of "Veterans For Peace," as they sit just a stone's throw away from a partying-for-five-weeks CIC, George Bush, over on his ranch, entertaining the new Saudi King perhaps.

Secret Service Manhandles Reporter Who Asked Rumsfeld an Actual Question

By Jeff Norman

[photo by Tonia Young shows Jeff Norman being detained by Secret Service after questioning Donald Rumsfeld]

Gold Star mom Nadia McCaffrey wound up her Southern California visit yesterday by attending Donald Rumsfeld's speech at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. The Secretary of Defense spoke before a capacity audience at a luncheon presented by the Los Angeles World Affairs Council.

Rumsfeld continued to dismiss reports that prisoner abuse by American military personnel is widespread. He praised his subordinates for "conducting investigations," and claimed the torture problem has been solved. Rumsfeld insisted recent news coverage of prior incidents only makes it seem "like it's new allegations."

Nadia, whose son Patrick was killed in Iraq in June of 2004, attempted to approach Rumsfeld to ask him about what she believes are his various inconsistent statements, but was blocked by security. In an interview after the event, she told me the military leadership has failed to protect troops with adequate equipment that is readily available.

Democrats pile it on Novak, 'Can't stand the heat: That's bullshit'


"If You Can't Stand The Heat...That's Bull*t!" blares a Democratic National Committee release issued Friday. Conservative columnist Robert Novak quit a CNN program live yesterday before taking questions about his role in the outing of a CIA operative, saying, 'that's bullshit.'

"Apparently, Robert Novak was afraid to answer questions in an open forum or perhaps he had to meet with his lawyer,

Spies, Leaks & Memos - Part I

The Sag Harbor Express
By Julie Penny

The “Downing Street Memo


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