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Rules Committee Recommends Impeachment of Bush and Cheney

By Ken Werner, Trinity Plaza Tenants Association (TPTA)‚ Feb. 21‚ 2006

Correction: In the previous articles I noted that Supervisor Chris Daly’s proposed Resolution to Investigate/Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney would follow the 30-day rule before it could be heard in committee. My apologies for the confusion.

Impeach Bush crusade spreads around county

By HOWARD WEISS-TISMAN, Brattleboro Reformer

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 - ROCKINGHAM -- A Newfane resident's call for the impeachment of President George Bush is echoing in Rockingham.

Strategy for meeting with Congresspeople on impeachment

Work with the campaign office
By Carol Wolman,

Congresspeople have two offices, a congressional office, which handles their current business, and a campaign office, which handles their upcoming election, which occurs every two years. Staying in Congress is a prime goal, as committee assignments and power depend on seniority,- the number of times the person is re-elected. Therefore, the campaign office is ongoing. Often the same staff covers both offices locally.

Time to Impeach Bush

By BONNIE ERBE, Scripps Howard News Service

Those blasphemously "liberal" media outlets have once again deprived the American public of widespread coverage of nothing less than startling poll results. The non-partisan polling firm Zogby International last month found that by a margin of 52 percent to 43 percent, Americans want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush "if he wiretapped American citizens without a judge's approval."


Our Representatives must act on behalf of "we the people".
By Carol Wolman,

Impeachment is a legal process similar to arraignment, whereby a public official is charged with criminal conduct. In the case of the president and vice president, the House of Representatives acts as the prosecuting attorney, for the people. Its job is to investigate allegations of wrongdoing and, if warranted, to bring formal charges. The case then goes to the Senate, which acts as judge to find the official guilty or not guilty.

Direct Proposition To Impeach

The "Direct Proposition To Impeach," A Way For Any One Congressman Or Delegate To Bring Bush Impeachment To The Floor Of The House
by-passing all Committees, and impossible to stop
by Rev. Bill McGinnis

Why Peace Organizations Should Work for the Impeachment of Bush and Cheney

By David Swanson

1.-Impeachment is where people's energy is, all over the country. If we want a large and growing and democratic movement, we should listen to our members.

2.-Exposing the lies and the crimes related to this war is, more than anything else, building opposition to the war, as well as to future wars. There is no better way to expose the crimes than to demand an investigation that could lead to impeachment. (As demanded by H Res 635.)

Warrantless wiretaps, lying for war are impeachable acts

By KARL FORSYTH, Anchorage Daily News (Alaska)

Twenty years ago, Neil Postman wrote in "Amusing Ourselves to Death" that meaningful political discourse had become impossible due to our ridiculously short attention spans, a phenomenon he attributed to the impact of television. Today, we continue to marinate in a flood of context-free entertainment/news fragments and sound bites, leaving us profoundly distracted and politically incoherent (but well-entertained). The bad news has only recently become apparent. Unprecedented abuses of political power are occurring on our watch. The abuses are getting more blatant by the day, yet we remain complacent. We're in danger of becoming the biggest banana republic in the world.

Mainstream arguments for impeachment

By Clarence Lusane, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

As the crimes of the Bush administration mount, it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid talk of impeachment.

As a result of his continuing abuse of power, the impeachment option is making its way from the margin to the mainstream. Legal scholars on the left and the right argue that Bush may have committed "high crimes and misdemeanors," as stated in Article II, Section 4, of the Constitution.

Impeachment Could Be the Democrats' Best Get-Out-The-Vote Message

In the 2004 election, Karl Rove masterfully used gay marriage as the catalyst to drive normally apathetic voters to the polls and achieve historic turnout. It worked. Republicans of all ages, shapes and sizes who couldn't care less about manufactured WMD intelligence, record deficits and gas/oil prices, CIA leaks and warrantless wiretappings raced to polling places across America just to keep homosexuals from tying the knot.

Harper's and Impeachment

The new issue of Harper's magazine, , has a cover story (not online yet) by the editor Lewis Lapham laying out the case for impeachment. And Harper's has planned the following event:

More Support for Impeachment Inquiry

By The Nation,

The Nation -- The list of House members who have signed on as cosponsors of U.S. Representative John Conyers'resolution calling for the establishment of select committee that would examine whether President Bush and Vice President Cheney should face impeachment continues to grow. Four more members of the House have added their names to the resolution, bringing to 27 the total number of representatives, including Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, who are calling for the creation of "a select committee to investigate the administration's intent to go to war before congressional authorization, manipulation of pre-war intelligence, encouraging and countenancing torture, retaliating against critics, and to make recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment."

Founding Fathers, Baseball, Apple Pie, and Impeachment

By David Swanson

Remarks prepared for February 18th pro-impeachment rally in colonial dress in Charlottesville, Va., home of Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, and near the home of James Madison.


By Jim Oberg

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to let you know that we, the American people, are awakening to
what you have been doing to our great country. We now see with shame that
all of your agenda, as you lead us to our material and moral destruction, is

Grounds For Impeachment Of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Others: The Federal Crime Of Conspiracy To Commit Torture

As Defined In United States Code 18-2340A(c)
By Rev. Bill McGinnis,

Here are the exact words of the Federal Law regarding Torture, as described in the United States Code, Title 18, Sections 2340, 2340A, and 2340B.

Impeaching Bush Is 'Cause Worth Fighting for,' Actor Says

By Randy Hall, CNS News

( - Richard Dreyfuss, the actor who starred in movies ranging from "Jaws" to "Mr. Holland's Opus," told an audience in Washington, D.C., on Thursday that "there are causes worth fighting for," and one of those is the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

Impeach Them

By V. Davis,

I am a combat veteran of the Korean war. I mention this for the purpose of giving credibility to my statement that I consider G W Bush a domestic enemy of the Constitution of the USA. My reason for writing this is that all American military personnel take an oath to honor, protect, and defend the Consitution of the USA, against all enemies both foreign and domestic. G W Bush lied to the Congress and the American people when he appeared on national TV and stated clearly that the USA had to invade Iraq in order to avoid the horrors of weapons of mass destruction which Iraq had the capacity to unleash against our country. He also portrayed this scenario in the form of an imaginary "mushroom cloud" of an nuclear explosion related to nuclear material coming from Nigeria. Both of these claims were falso, as proved by his own commissions, and this country has now experienced the slaughter of over 9,000 severely wounded military and over 2,500 deaths of military personnel. This action was taken in the face of overwhelming disagreement with the United Nations and was the reason that G W Bush invaded Iraq like a cowboy, unilaterally. Great Britain joined him in this fiasco, but G W Bush was the liar and coward who spearheaded the venture. I must quickly admit that the mastermind of this entire scenario was Richard Cheney, who himself is a coward, having applied for 5 deferments from military service himself. Both of these men were willing to send other young men and wormen to their deaths in a war they created, but they would not go themselves. I am referring to military service in Viet Nam. The US government spent 1 million dollars training G W Bush as a fighter pilot only to have him use his fathers influence to avoid being called into active duty service in the Viet Nam hostility. Even if one has a problem understanding these facts, it should be easy to understand the violation of the Constitution by ordering wiretaps on American citizens without a court order. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court was set up for just such oversight and G W Bush intentionally avoided seeking a court order to perform such wiretaps. This is a violation of the Constitution and a high crime for which he should be impeached.

SF City Council Supervisors committee recommends Bush impeachment

By San Francisco Sentinel

A committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors today recommended full board approval of a resolution calling for President Bush to be impeached.

Chair Mirkarimi indicated dismay Bush had not been already impeached.

Why wait until 2008? Impeach Bush now

By Scott Piatkowski,

Perhaps the story might be garnering more media attention if it involved a semen-stained blue dress, but there is growing public support in the United States for the notion that George W. Bush should be removed from office as soon as possible. The Bush Administration has consistently behaved as if it was above the law, while the institutions that are supposed to hold the executive branch in check — Congress, the judiciary, the media, and even many voters — have so far let them get away with it.

A concrete step toward impeachment: Suggestion for DNC Chair Howard Dean

By Carol Wolman,

Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and chair of the Democratic National Committee, has asked us for feedback on what the Democrats should be doing, at

Bush lied. People died. It’s time to be tried.

Carl Sheeler's February 15, 2006 Speech, RI State House Rotunda

In the past two weeks since our campaign has erected the “Be Patriotic Impeach Bush


New "Impeach Bush & Cheney!" buttons are now available!

The button is a 2 1/4" round black button with white lettering. Arched around the top of the button in white lettering is "Progressive Democrats of America." Centered at the bottom of the circle will be also in white (with the union bug below). Centered in bold white lettering across the middle of the button will be: "Impeach Bush & Cheney!"

PDA to Help Lead Truth & Accountability Impeachment Charge!

PDA grassroots activists from across the country are challenging PDA to step up and help lead the call for the impeachment of George W. Bush. We’ve heard you and we’re taking action!

Take Heed Republicans: The Alarms Have Been Sounded

[Read what the right-wingers are worried about...]

By Paul M. Weyrich,

John Gizzi, veteran Political Editor of the conservative weekly 'Human Events,' normally is an optimist. Over the years I have watched him find the one possible thread to explain the rationale for the election of a conservative Republican.

Taking Protest to Congress Members' Homes

Nonviolent Peaceful Demonstrations In Front of Congress Members' Homes Every Weekend, Progressive Democrats of America, After Downing Street, Gold Star Families for Peace, Hip Hop Caucus, Democracy Rising, and Velvet Revolution, are working to organize grassroots teams in all 435 Congressional Districts plus 5 Delegate Districts (DC, PR, VI, GU, and AS) and to hold nonviolent peaceful demonstrations every weekend in front of the homes of congress members.

Impeach: Yes, But...

By Jamin B. Raskin,

Jamin B. Raskin ( ) is a professor of Constitutional Law at American University and Director of its Program on Law and Government. He is also a Democratic candidate for the Maryland State Senate in the 2006 elections.

Students To Petition for Bush's Impeachment for Wiretap Abuse

By Dana Olsen -

One of UCSB's newest student organizations wants to impeach President George W. Bush for ordering, without judicial warrants, the placement of wiretaps on the phones of American citizens.

U.S. Senate Candidate Sheeler: “Bush lied. People died. It’s time to be tried."

Sheeler wants Rhode Island to lead the Bush impeachment effort. In addition to asking Rhode Island's U.S. Representatives to "show the leadership that over two-thirds of our citizens want" and "support John Conyers, not because he's a Democrat ... it's the right thing." Sheeler has also called for members of the Rhode Island General Assembly to exercise their right under Section 603 of the United States House Rules to initiate impeachment proceedings by transmitting charges to Congress in a joint resolution.


Peter White, Independent for Congress
P.O. Box 913
Hyannis, MA 02601

Independent candidate Peter White says that President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and other members of their Administration should be impeached immediately, and he challenges Rep. Delahunt to a public debate on impeachment.


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