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Veterans Occupy National Archives, Maintain Solemn Oaths to Defend the Constitution Against All Enemies Foreign & Domestic


On Tuesday morning, September 23, 7:30am, at the front of the National Archives Building on Constitution Ave. in Washington, D.C., five military veterans will risk arrest as they climb a 9-foot retaining fence and occupy a 35-foot high ledge to raise a 22x8 foot banner stating, "DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION. ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY: WAR CRIMINALS!"

The group has declared its intention to stay on the ledge, fasting for 24 hours "in remembrance of those who have perished and those still suffering from the crimes of the Bush administration," according to a written statement. With a portable PA system, they will broadcast recorded statements from prominent Americans for the impeachment and/or arrest of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. "Citizens Arrest Warrants" will be distributed to people waiting in line to enter the National Archives.

The veterans emphasized they are taking this action because "Bush and Cheney's serial abuse of the Law of the Land clearly marks them as domestic enemies of the Constitution, they have illegally invaded and occupied Iraq, deliberately destroyed civilian infrastructure, authorized torture, and unlawfully detained prisoners. These actions clearly mark them as war criminals, accountability extends beyond impeachment to prosecution for war crimes even after their terms of office expire."

Stand Against the Bailout Scam!

"If it is too big to fail, it is too big to exist." A MUST watch Bernie Sanders video.

Ten Reasons Why Bush's Proposed Bailout is Larceny

Tell Congress NO BAILOUT here.

Please do it NOW! Go ahead and be cynical about it if you must, but DO it.

Brushing it off with the standard "oh jeez, they're not going to do anything about it, why even bother" makes you part of the problem. It means you're willing to do nothing while your country burns. These people pretending to serve us need to know that you're on to their scam. If more people thought about it this way and actually took action to hold their representatives accountable on a regular basis, maybe we would actually have a Congress that truly served the best interests of the people. Just like the child without an adult around, they will keep their hands in the cookie jar until they know someone is watching.

FEIN: Impeachable offenses?

By Bruce Fein, Washington Times

Have President Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney committed impeachable offenses for which the duumvirate should be convicted and removed from office by duping then-House Majority Leader Richard K. Armey into supporting legislation authorizing war against Iraq with twin lies -- that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had personal ties to Osama bin Laden's terrorist network; and that Saddam had miniaturized nuclear weapons, which could be unleashed by employing al Qaeda as a delivery system?

The facts - uncontradicted by either Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney - are chronicled in Barton Gellman's new book "Angler."

Watch Torture Team Author Speak with Investigative Journalist on Live Stream Today, 2:30 PM EST

Philippe Sands, the author of Torture Team, will be in conversation with Olenka Frenkiel, an investigative journalist with the BBC, at the Frontline Club in London tonight. We start at 7.30pm UK time (19:30:00 Tuesday September 23, 2008 in Europe/London converts to 14:30:00 Tuesday September 23, 2008 in America/New_York) Tues 23 Sept and we'll be streaming it live:

The background

On December 2, 2002 the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, signed his name at the bottom of a document that listed eighteen techniques of interrogation - techniques that defied international definitions of torture. The Rumsfeld Memo authorized the controversial interrogation practices that later migrated to Guantanamo, Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, as part of the policy of extraordinary rendition.

Abu Ghraib Photos Must Finally Be Released

Abu Ghraib Photos Must Finally Be Released

After nearly five years of fighting between the federal government and the American Civil Liberties Union over images of torture at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, a federal appeals court ruled today that the photos must be made available to the public.

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan (2nd Cir.) affirmed a 2006 district court order that dismissed the government's arguments that privacy rights of the soldiers and detainees in the images would be violated -- noting the redactions in the form of black bars over the subjects' faces -- and agreed that any potential damage caused by the release of the photos was "far too speculative" to justify their withholding.

Three New Congress Members Sign On for Impeachment

Keith Ellison, Bob Filner, and Sheila Jackson-Lee have joined the cosponsors of Kucinich's articles of impeachment against Bush.

When Hunting Tigers Don’t Beat a Drum

When Hunting Tigers Don’t Beat a Drum
John S. Phillips | White Buffalo

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a moneyed aristocracy that has set the Government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.~~Thomas Jefferson

As we watched the Walls of Babylon come tumbling down last week on Wall Street, one financial analyst of the Corporately Controlled Ministry of Dis-Information was brave enough to mutter the words “Financial Terrorism”. By the end of the week one servant of the King suggested that the people would pay for the costs of this controlled demolition. A mere $700 Billion to be handed out by those that would sit in the service of the king, and who originally helped engineer the crisis.

Rep. Tom Allen (ME-1) Works to End Waste, Fraud and Abuse in Wartime Contracting

Congressman Tom Allen recently sent this email to his constituents describing his sponsorship of legislation to curb contractor financial exploitation of the government. Rep. Allen is running for Senate against Senator Susan Collins. Rep. Allen wrote:

Last year, I sponsored a provision in the Defense Authorization bill for Fiscal Year 2008 to establish a commission to investigate waste, fraud and abuse in wartime contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The commission, which had bipartisan support in Congress, is modeled on the Truman Commission, an investigation of defense industry profiteering during WWII.

Solution: Declare All Credit Default Swaps Null And Void

Solution: Declare All Credit Default Swaps Null And Void
Estimates on the productivity advantage of granite countertops and CDS' were too optimistic.
by Bernhard |

The Paulson plan is useless as it only tries to address the degraded value of Asset Backed Securities.

These are neither the source nor the reason for the very real threat of a total financial crash.

Ask Nadler 2Impeach Group Again Demands Representative Do His Sworn Duty

September 17, 2008

Dear Congressman Nadler,

We are sure this will come as no surprise, but your inexplicable refusal to uphold your oath of office or wield the power entrusted to you as a member of the House Judiciary Committee and the chair of the its Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties subcommittee to bring about impeachment hearings has gravely disappointed thousands of your constituents.

You did not challenge Nancy Pelosi when she took impeachment off the table. You did not call upon John Conyers to initiate hearings, and you did not stand with your courageous colleagues who put principle before Party by calling for impeachment hearings.

Dictatorial Financial Powers: A Huge Leap of Faith

Treasury Seeks Authority to Buy $700 Billion Assets (Update1)
By Alison Fitzgerald and John Brinsley |

The Bush administration asked Congress for unchecked power to buy $700 billion in bad mortgage investments from U.S. financial companies in what would be an unprecedented government intrusion into the markets.

The plan, designed by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, is aimed at averting a credit freeze that would bring the financial system and economic growth to a standstill. The bill would bar courts from reviewing actions taken under its authority.

``It sounds like Paulson is asking to be a financial dictator, for a limited period of time,'' said historian John Steele Gordon, author of ``Hamilton's Blessing,'' a chronicle of the national debt. ``This is a much-needed declaration of power for the Treasury secretary. We can't wait until the next administration in January.''

The Two Things to Do

By David Swanson

If you want Bush and Cheney prosecuted and/or impeached there are two very useful things you can do.

Charlotte Dennett is a candidate for Attorney General of Vermont who has committed to appointing Vincent Bugliosi special prosecutor to charge Bush et alia with murder. She now has a website that accepts donations. Give everything you can:

Read more about this effort and other efforts to prosecute:

Cindy Sheehan is a candidate for the Congressional seat currently held by the woman who stripped impeachment out of our Constitution, Nancy Pelosi. Give Cindy every dime you can spare:

Read more about this effort and other efforts to impeach:

Russia, China, Germany Reject US Evidence of Iran's Covert Nuke Program

Russia, China, Germany reject US evidence of Iran's covert nuke program
DEBKAfile Special Analysis |

Euphrates pipes for destroyed Syrian reactor designed to be part of Iran's military program

Russia, China and Germany refuse to countenance tougher sanctions against Iran notwithstanding the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report from Vienna that its inspections of suspect activities and covert projects were stalled by Tehran’s non-cooperation. Diplomats for the five permanent Security Council members and Germany, meeting at the State Department Friday, Sept 19, therefore failed to agree on a new round of sanctions ahead of their foreign ministers’ meeting at UN Center next week.

Chicken Little Was Right

Chicken Little Was Right
by Stephen P. Pizzo |

Funny how history has a way of turning back on itself.

Remember when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and Republicans claimed that Ronald Reagan's aggressive policies toward the Soviet Union had won the Cold War. In particularly they claim that Reagan's fabulously expensive "Star Wars" anti-missile system had forced the Soviets to spend so much on their own military projects that it bankrupted them.

Well, there's truth in that. Between trying to compete with Reagan's military spending and their own misadventure in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union went bust. Decades of over-spending on its military, under-spending on critical domestic needs and saddled with a flawed and increasingly corrupt economic dogma all collided at once, ending in utter and complete collapse.

Vice President Dick Cheney's Incredible and Deadly Lie

Vice President Dick Cheney's Incredible and Deadly Lie: By Deceiving a Congressional Leader, Cheney Sent Us to War on False Pretenses And Violated the Separation of Powers - as Well as the Criminal Law

This week, I agreed to deliver a "Constitution Day" talk on a college campus. My talk was not partisan. Yet the subject matter I selected was prompted by the most incredible - not to mention the most deadly - lie Dick Cheney has yet told, which was reported earlier this week.

DOJ Refused to Release Cheney Interview Relying In Part on New Ground


On September 18, 2008, the Department of Justice ("DOJ") finally responded to CREW's FOIA request of July 17, 2008, for records related to the FBI interview of Vice President Cheney as part of the government's leak investigation. In response to a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee for the same documents, Attorney General Michael Mukasey asserted executive privilege, at the request of the president. In response to CREW's FOIA request, DOJ refused to produce any documents, also claiming executive privilege. In addition, for the first time DOJ also claimed that portions of the records are classified. CREW is in litigation with DOJ over this FOIA request.

Judge Orders Cheney to Preserve Records

Judge orders Cheney to preserve records
By Pete Yost | Associated Press

A federal judge on Saturday ordered Dick Cheney to preserve a wide range of the records from his time as vice president.

The decision by U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly is a setback for the Bush administration in its effort to promote a narrow definition of materials that must be safeguarded under by the Presidential Records Act.

The Bush administration's legal position "heightens the court's concern" that some records may not be preserved, said the judge.

A private group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, is suing Cheney and the Executive Office of the President in an effort to ensure that no presidential records are destroyed or handled in a way that makes them unavailable to the public.

A Wild Frontier

A Wild Frontier
By Lakki Marwat | The Economist

It will take more than American missiles to bring order to Pakistan’s north-western border region

AMERICA and Pakistan both deny it; but it appears that on September 15th they fought a short war. America started it. Local reports suggest that, under cover of darkness, two helicopter-loads of its soldiers crossed on foot from Afghanistan into the Pakistani tribal area—and terrorist haven—of South Waziristan. This followed an American policy, allegedly authorised by President George Bush in July, of launching raids into Pakistan without its government’s approval. But, on this occasion, Pakistani border troops responded as to the act of aggression that it constituted: shooting over the heads of the advancing Americans, forcing them back.

Tomgram: Steve Fraser: The End of a Gilded Age

Tomgram: Steve Fraser: The End of a Gilded Age
Tom Engelhardt |

Among the many media spectacles of the moment, the most unnerving is undoubtedly the crisis on Wall Street that has already essentially toppled Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Merrill Lynch, and -- probably not last and certainly not least -- the gigantic insurance company AIG, which has just been given $85 billion in taxpayer moneys to liquidate itself. Before we're done, that hoary old oxymoron of the Left, "late capitalism," may gain new life.

Reviewing Danny Schechter's "Plunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal"

Reviewing Danny Schechter's "Plunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal"
by Stephen Lendman

Danny Schechter is a media activist, critic, independent filmmaker, TV producer as well as an author of 10 books and lecturer on media issues. Some call him "The News Dissector," and that's the name of his popular blog on media issues. He's also co-founder of Media It covers the "political, cultural and social impacts of the media," and provides information unavailable in the mainstream.

Schechter's books include Media Wars; Embedded - weapons of Mass Deception; The Death of Media; The More You Watch The Less You Know; and his newest and subject of this review, Plunder. Subtitled: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal, Schechter examines the fallout from the current economic and financial crisis. What the mainstream media (MSM) suppresses:

  • decades of wealth transfers to the rich;
  • the economy in recession;
  • the result of multiple imploding bubbles: housing, mortgage finance, and an alphabet soup of SDOs, SIVs, SPVs, and a whole menu of levered-up, high-risk securitized assets amounting to financial alchemy; largely outright fraud;
  • the risk things may worsen;

Conference on War Crimes Yields 20 Recommendations, Including Impeachment

Conference on War Crimes yields 20 recommendations, including impeachment
Recommendations For Action Now Being Considered As A Result Of Conference On War Crimes.
By Sherwood Ross |

Goal Is To Give Continued Life To Nuremberg Principles Barring Aggressive War And Torture, Instead Of Allowing Bush/Cheney To Destroy Them With Impunity

Twenty recommendations made at a conference on prosecuting President George Bush for war crimes are under consideration for action, according to conference convener Lawrence Velvel, a prominent law school dean.

Psychologists Prohibited from Abusive US Detention Centers

Psychologists Prohibited from Abusive US Detention Centers

The following is a statement from Frank Donaghue, CEO of Physicians for Human Rights, in response to the prohibition passed today by the American Psychological Association's (APA) membership on psychologist participation at detention facilities that do not adhere to international human rights standards:

"Today PHR salutes the American Psychological Association (APA) membership for restoring the APA's commitment to human rights and medical ethics. For years, the APA has failed to fully address US psychologists' involvement in torture in Iraq, at Guantanamo Bay, and CIA black sites. This historic vote has moved the APA closer to joining the ranks of the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association, which have repudiated health professional involvement in interrogations.

ACLU Urges Senate Judiciary to Subpoena Interrogation Documents

ACLU Urges Senate Judiciary to Subpoena Interrogation Documents
Torture memos have been kept in the dark for too long

The American Civil Liberties Union calls on the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote to authorize a subpoena for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to produce the legal opinions that approved harsh interrogations of detainees held by the United States. The committee has repeatedly requested these documents and has seen very little cooperation from DOJ. The Justice Department has provided some heavily redacted documents, which Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Ranking Member Arlen Specter (R-PA) have called inadequate. If authorized, the subpoena would legally require DOJ to comply with the committee's request.

Vested Interests Drove New Pakistan Policy

Vested Interests Drove New Pakistan Policy
by Gareth Porter | IPS

The George W. Bush administration's decision to launch commando raids and step up missiles strikes against Taliban and al Qaeda figures in the tribal areas of Pakistan followed what appears to have been the most contentious policy process over the use of force in Bush's eight-year presidency.

That decision has stirred such strong opposition from the Pakistani military and government that it is now being revisited. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrived in Pakistan Tuesday for the second time in three weeks, and U.S. officials and sources just told Reuters that any future raids would be approved on a mission-by-mission basis by a top U.S. administration official.

Tomgram: Tariq Ali, Has the U.S. Invasion of Pakistan Begun?

As Andrew Bacevich tells us in the latest issue of the Atlantic, there's now a vigorous debate going on in the military about the nature of the "next" American wars and how to prepare for them. However, while military officers argue, that "next war" may already be creeping up on us.

Constitution in Crisis, Candidates in Denial

Constitution in Crisis, Candidates in Denial
by John Nichols |

Constitution Day has arrived without major statements from Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain on the need to restore this country's commitment to the rule of law.

In contrast, independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader's campaign produced a video statement detailing his commitment to constitutional renewal.

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