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Hearing: Agent Orange Update

The Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee has scheduled a hearing to examine the reasons and evidence used to add these three conditions to the list of presumptive diseases related to Agent Orange exposure.

Jul-31-2010 The President signed the War Supplemental yesterday. In that bill is the $13.4 billion in funding for the three newly designated presumptive diseases related to Agent Orange exposure.

What does this mean for veterans who have already filed and those waiting to file on these conditions? The money is now in place and the authorization to spend it needs to be completed. The House overwhelmingly passed the VA/Military Construction Authorization bill earlier this week and now the Senate must do the same. The House version authorizes the money for these new conditions.

"Deadly 'toys' " {WMD's}: Ban In Effect, Not By The U.S.

Will we hear mention of this on the U.S. Sunday Morning talking heads shows, crickets! We the U.S. media be reporting on this, chances are extremely little if at all and most certainly not a front page story!

Cluster bomb ban comes into effect


The treaty prohibits signatories from using, producing and stockpiling the weapons [AFP]

1 August 2010

A global treaty banning cluster munitions has gone into force.

The Convention on Cluster Munitions, which became binding international law on Sunday, prohibits the use, production and stockpiling of the weapon, which is blamed for killing and maiming tens of thousands of civilians.

Attn: More Agent Orange Testing, in U.S.

If this stands as true and not properly cleaned up then the problems still exist as we've seen with the following generations of Vietnamese since our use during the occupation of!

Army Probes Its Use Of Agent Orange In Md. City

Jul 30, 2010 FREDERICK, Md. (AP) ― The Army says it's searching internal records for details on outdoor spray testing of Agent Orange at Fort Detrick in Frederick.

A Fort Detrick spokesman said Friday that the Maryland Department of the Environment asked the Army about the tests. The Veterans Administration says they were conducted there in the 1940s and '50s. Continued

Torture Memo: Eight Years On

All from a Country that is based on it's Laws and Constitution to hold it together, was and is the major architect of International Laws and Condemns those who fail to uphold Human Rights and those same International Laws, not to mention that torturing of others for so called intelligence doesn't work but those ordering and those doing get a perverse joy out of carrying out these acts!

Eight years after the torture memo, Obama should take a hard look back

Wikileaks: The Pakistan Connection

Wikileaks: The Pakistan connection Pt.1, visit link for Part 1.


Wikileaks: The Pakistan connection Pt.2: July 31, 2010 CIA AND ISI NURTURED MUJAHIDEEN AND TALIBAN

"Invisible History: Afghanistan's Untold Story"

Brit Iraq War Inquiry: Our Australian Friends

Second in the list of Op-Ed observations.

July 31, 2010 Slowly the lies are stripped away. A full-dress British inquiry into the origins of the Iraq war is revealing what some of us suspected pretty much from the beginning: that attacking Saddam Hussein was an act of bottomless folly, driven by the hubris of George W. Bush and the American neo-cons, and supported unquestioningly by that self-righteous prig Tony Blair. To which list of shame we can add the name John Howard. The inquiry has had little coverage here, crowded out by the election campaign. More's the pity. A killer blow was delivered last week by the Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, who sounds like a character from an Agatha Christie whodunit but who was, in fact, the head of the British counter-intelligence service MI5 from 2002 to 2007.

Mullen "blood on the hands": Wikileaks

And They Claim 'christianity'


This is just the recent but think back these years and all read and heard or watched, this is what a big part of recruitment looks like {and rise of hatreds and thus blowback}, add in the killing, maiming, destruction and creating refugees from their homes and countries, and while in these theaters demeaning those that live there and their neighbors and not only in theater but across this country!

Devil's Food Cake

President 43 will be 49 on August 4 and Mrs. 43 has e-mailed with a request. I’m sure many of you received the appeal.

Michelle says: “Every year, our family tries to come up with a fun way to wish Barack a happy birthday.”

The hostess of the White House continues with: “This has been a big—and hectic—year for him.” Duh.

Here’s some of the penciling on Barack Obama’s dance card.

A surge of militarism.

A surge in Afghanistan.

A surge in troop deaths.

A surge in suicide among veterans.

A surge in WikiLeak-ing of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A surge of droning in Pakistan.

A surge in civilian slaughter.

A surge of hatred.

A surge of mercenaries.

A surge in the insurgency.

A surge in war spending.

A surge of warmongering greed.

A surge of rhetoric to attack Iran.

A surge of wink wink to Big Insurance and Big Pharma.

A surge of uninsured.

A surge of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Emerging consciousness:

A soldier's recovery


Tony Senecal, a soldier in Iraq, comes out of a coma after suffering head injuries in a helicopter crash.


And as the Pakistani's Think........

Poll: Majority of Pakistanis View US as Enemy

A new opinion poll indicates that roughly six in 10 Pakistanis view the United States as an enemy, oppose the war in Afghanistan and are becoming less concerned about the threat of the Taliban and al-Qaida.

The survey, released by the U.S.-based Pew Research Center this week, shows that despite intense U.S. outreach and billions of dollars in aid, Pakistanis remain extremely skeptical of Washington's intentions.

Negative image

America's overall image remains very negative in Pakistan, says the center's president Andrew Kohut. Continued

Gee I wonder why, and the rest of not only that region.....................!!

Spanish arrest warrants for US soldiers

A Spanish judge re-issued international arrest warrants on Thursday for three US soldiers over the death of a Spanish TV cameraman in Iraq seven years ago by American tank fire.

National Court judge Santiago Pedraz's move followed a decision by Spain's Supreme Court earlier this month to reopen an inquiry into the death of Jose Couso during the shelling by US forces of a Baghdad hotel in April 2003.

The tank fire also killed a Reuters cameraman, Ukrainian-born Taras Protsyuk.


In 2006 Spain's National Court, which handles crimes against humanity and genocide, threw out an initial enquiry into the killing of Couso, saying it was an act of war and not premeditated.

Brit Iraq War Inquiry: "doubts about intelligence!"

And all along we thought the bush was hired as the president, as history will even record, wink, wink! They chose the right stooge to be the face of and to take their hits for the rest of time!

"former US vice-president Dick Cheney believed Iraq was "unfinished business" and was determined to press ahead with the invasion come what may. "You can't convince him of anything," Prescott said of Cheney."

Lord Prescott admits intelligence doubts prior to Iraq war

Lord Prescott arrives at the QE2 conference centre in London to give evidence to the Iraq Inquiry. Photograph: Lewis Whyld/PA

30 July 2010 Former deputy PM tells Chilcot inquiry he dismissed some intelligence about Iraq threat as 'tittle-tattle'

Probes Open in Military Insurance Death- Benefits

Gates Says Pentagon to Help Death-Benefits Inquiry


29 July 2010 Defense Secretary Robert Gates pledged to help the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs probe how insurers reap profits from death benefits retained for the families of deceased military personnel.

“I will be very interested in the outcome of the VA investigation,” Gates told a Pentagon press briefing. “We will do everything we can to help.”

Earlier today, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo began a fraud probe into the life insurance industry and subpoenaed MetLife Inc. and Prudential Financial Inc. for information about profits on the retained death benefits.

Military Stress: Army Releases Report on Suicide Prevention

I just can't think of anything more to add, as not only myself but many others have stated over and over thousands of times in these years, to the three reports and link to the study then are stated within them!

This is a 10MB, 370page pdf download, you can visit the Army site by click the graphic or the link.

Army Health Promotion, Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention Report

Aggression and the ICC

The Chilcot Inquiry, Aggression and the International Criminal Court

29 July 2010 The 2003 U.S. led invasion of Iraq was a crime--a profound and catastrophic violation of international law.

The crime was aggression: the waging of unprovoked war on a sovereign state.

A growing international consensus says that not only was the invasion illegal, but in the future such crimes will result in direct and severe personal consequences for leaders who organize the killing and give the orders to start.

In A War/Occupation Theater

There are always plenty of good deeds done by the soldiers serving in theaters, rarely reported on as they are numerous and happen like they would anywhere and done by the greater majority serving in the theaters. In Afghanistan if there had never been an Iraq devastating diversion and much more cooperation, for our money, from Pakistan, we wouldn't have greatly increased the hatreds towards us and we would have been helping the Afghans in rebuilding these past years and greatly marginalized the extreme criminal terrorist threats and groups as we would be reading and seeing many real winning hearts and minds stories.

Local Soldier Saves Afghan Children From Floods


Dutch Leaving Afghanistan

Dutch troops to leave Afghanistan

29 July 2010 THE HAGUE — The Dutch troop deployment in Afghanistan, often held up as a model for other peace missions, ends after four years on Sunday amid concerns about the void it will leave.

"We offer the majority of the population relatively safe living conditions and advancements in health care, education and trade," chief of defence, General Peter van Uhm, said of his troops' legacy in the southern Uruzgan province.

"We have achieved tangible results that the Netherlands can be proud of," he told a news conference on Wednesday.

Around 1,950 Dutch troops are deployed in Afghanistan, mainly in Uruzgan where opium production is high and the Taliban very active, under the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Investigating Fallen Soldiers' Death Benefits

Apparently what started out as some thinking this might be a better way to help and handle the Death Benefits of Soldiers, and possibly others, didn't stay that way as Corporate Greed stepped in and like everything else rules were developed, over the past decade, and not explained properly or just left unexplained to those who were receiving the Death Insurance Policies Payouts!

Veterans Affairs to Investigate Fallen Soldiers' Death Benefits


Why still there nine years after the invasion?

MPs launch Afghan war inquiry

28 July 2010 LONDON — An inquiry is to be conducted into the Afghanistan war, MPs said on Wednesday, examining why British troops remain there nine years after the invasion and whether they have been successful.

The House of Commons defence select committee has called for written evidence on "the justification for the continued participation" of Britain's 10,000 troops in the international coalition in Afghanistan.

Amid polls showing a lack of public support for the mission, the committee will also examine "the success of the government in communicating this to the UK public". Continued

(R)'s Wanted To Cut VA Budget, Right After Voting More On War Spending!!!

And not with just one amendment but Three of them, which we All know they would have walked in lockstep in voting for!

Not only do they not want their pimps, the wealthy, the corporations, whoever else they get on their knee's for, to pay for veterans issues, and more, but they keep trying to Cut VA Budgets by millions while pushing Defense and their Wars of Choice Spending to the limits!!

The following link just popped into my e-box, a quick search didn't bring up another just yet, wondering if the FOX and company will be outraged, or even report on this as they wave their flags and yell patriotism meme's, they're patriotism definitions!

Proposals to slash VA funding are withdrawn at last minute

More Scum War Profiteers, Blood Wealth

And remember, these Extremist War Profiteers, making their comfortable livings on Blood Money of War, not only garner huge wealth, legal or illegally, but they don't even pay a fair share of that wealth for taxes, huge tax cuts, which would help cover the monies needed for the Veterans of our Wars and Occupations of Choice in fulfilling the contracts with the Country for their service in these Wars generating that Wealth, but hey neither does much of the Country want to pony up, they don't even pay attention to the Wars nor the Veterans of!

Body armour boss looted $185m to pay for prostitutes and parties, court hears

David H. Brooks and co-defendant Sandra Hatfield

War Profiteers Keep Their Blood Wealth

Hexavalent chromium case: Iraq contractor cut deal for lawsuit immunity

July 13, 2010 American taxpayers -- and not KBR-- will likely pay if the war contractor is found to have harmed Oregon Army National Guard veterans who say they were exposed to cancer-causing chemicals in Iraq. The startling details emerged in documents related to a U.S. District Court hearing Monday that illuminate the secretive world of defense contracting.

Documents show that within days of the 2003 Iraq invasion, Kellogg, Brown and Root delivered an ultimatum to the Pentagon:

Either the Army cover the potential cost of any soldier or civilian killed or harmed on a KBR project – or the defense contractor would not carry out its no-bid contract restoring Iraqi oil.

Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry: Hans Blix

Allies used 'poor' intelligence ahead of Iraq invasion

Hans Blix, the former head of the UN monitoring, verification and inspection commission in Iraq. Photograph: Seppo Sirkka/EPA

27 July 2010 Former head of UN weapons inspectors tells Chilcot inquiry 'alarm bells' should have rung when his staff failed to find evidence of WMD

Britain and the US relied on dubious intelligence sources ahead of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the former head of the United Nations weapons inspectors said today.

Giving evidence to the Iraq inquiry, Hans Blix said it should have set alarm bells ringing in London and Washington when the inspectors repeatedly failed to turn up any evidence that Saddam Hussein still had active weapons of mass destruction programmes.

We Didn't Have Computers, An Internet, 24/7 Cable News or a Wikileaks

By now most have heard about the Afghanistan Docs, some 92,000, that were released by Wikileaks and with coordinated release at roughly the same time by three News Media outlets:

The Guardian: Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation

New York Times: An archive of classified military documents offers an unvarnished view of the war in Afghanistan

Der Spiegel: The Afghanistan Protocol; Explosive Leaks Provide Image of War from Those Fighting It

Whoever hasn't will as it's become the main News Story today hitting every level and the links above give you the main outlets of the reports on the documents released and more.

Search is On: Afghan war logs:

massive inquiry launched into source of leaks

July 26 2010 A massive leak inquiry has been launched to find the source of tens of thousands of classified American documents on the war in Afghanistan that were leaked to the media.

The documents - detailing military operations between 2004 and 2009 - disclosing how Nato forces have killed scores of civilians in unreported incidents in Afghanistan.

More than 90,000 documents were leaked to the Wikileaks website and shown to several newspapers around the world.

The release of the huge file of classified papers is described as one of the biggest leaks in US military history.

The White House condemned the leak which it said threatened the safety of coalition forces.

Just 19years for Thousands of Lives in Massive War Crimes!!

Khmer Rouge jailer faces 19 years for 16,000 dead

26 July 2010 Cambodia – A war crimes tribunal convicted and sentenced the Khmer Rouge's chief jailer Monday for overseeing the deaths of up to 16,000 people, in the first verdict involving a senior member of the "killing fields" regime that devastated a generation of Cambodians.

Victims and their relatives burst into tears after hearing that a 35-year sentence given to Kaing Guek Eav — also known as Duch — had been whittled down to just 19 after taking into account time already served and other factors. That effectively means the 67-year-old could one day walk free.

Wikileaks Strikes Again: Afghanistan Docs!!! {UpDated w/Vidoe's}

This was just coming in on the MSNBC site, only minutes ago:

90,000 Afghan war documents being leaked

Previously unreported civilian deaths among the disclosures by Wikileaks


25 July 2010 Some 90,000 leaked U.S. military records amount to an blow-by-blow account of six years of the Afghanistan war, including unreported incidents of Afghan civilian killings as well as covert operations against Taliban figures, two newspapers and a magazine with access to the documents reported Sunday.

The online whistle-blower organization Wikileaks was planning to post the documents on its website Sunday. The New York Times, London's Guardian newspaper and the German weekly Der Spiegel were given early access to the documents.

A National Shame

Returning vets suffering stresses of war are getting help, but needs are still enormous.

July 24, 2010 A poignant story in last Sunday's Chronicle drew attention to the plight of Houston-area veterans — in this case, an Iraq veteran coping with finding himself homeless, alienated, confused and angry to the point that he found himself attacking his own mother and spending four days in jail - all within six months of his Army discharge.

As reported by Lindsay Wise, the soldier, Jacobí Montgomery, from Beaumont, eventually found help at the Veterans Administration in Houston, where he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, apnea and insomnia.

The story is all too familiar with returning vets - the invisible wounds of PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and depression.


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