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Shooting to Kill Immigrants on the Mexican Border: WTF? A Border Agent Fired First at Immigrant Smugglers?


By Dave Lindorff

Sometimes it takes a small tragedy to call attention to expose a much bigger one.

The small tragedy happened when Nicholas Ivey, a US Border Patrol agent, was shot dead on a dark night in rough terrain along the border with Mexico in Arizona, a state that has been obsessing about illegal border crossers coming into the US from Mexico seeking jobs.

The Birthday of Occupy


By Charles M. Young

Is there anything less threatening than a morbidly obese cop on motor scooter?

Failing the Test: Obama and Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett Must Go


By Dave Lindorff

Just because someone has the ability to do something, does not mean he or she should do it.

Funding Teachers Doesn't Get Embassies Attacked

We're not out of money. We've stopped taxing billionaires and corporations, and we're funding war-preparation so generously that we're sparking a global arms race that will eventually generate some enemies with which to justify the war preparation . . .  which will make sense to students who were never taught to put events into chronological order.  They couldn't be taught that because their teachers had to be laid off so that greedy billionaires could stuff a little more cash into their fat "Job Creator" tote bags.

Coalition Skewers U.S. Negotiators For Lack of Transparency in Trans-Pacific Trade Talks

TPP summit hosted outside Washington, DC is met with protest
WHAT: More than fifty labor, environmental, public health and community organizations, including Occupy Wall Street, will hold a rally outside the Lansdowne Resort on Sunday, September 9 demanding a public voice in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations taking place inside.
WHO: Allison Chin, President, Sierra Club, Ron Collins, Chief of Staff, Communications Workers of America, Matthew Kavanaugh, Director of U.S. Advocacy, HealthGAP. Erich Pica, President, Friends of the Earth US, Occupy Wall Street, and over 50 organizations.
WHERE: Outside the Lansdowne Resort, 44050 Woodridge Parkway, Lansdowne, VA  20176
WHEN: Sunday, September 9, 3:00pm

Leesburg -More than fifty labor, environmental, public health and community organizations gathered outside the Lansdowne Resort on Sunday afternoon for a rally demanding a public voice in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations taking place inside.  The secretive pact is poised to become the largest free trade agreement in U.S. history, and is expected to affect the economy, the environment and consumer safety in Virginia and beyond. The secretive TPP is poised to become the largest free trade agreement in U.S. history, and is expected to affect the economy, the environment and consumer safety in Virginia and beyond.  “The TPP is shaping up to become one of the biggest and most destructive trade agreements because it could lead to even more offshoring of our manufacturing and service sector jobs, downward pressure on wages and benefits, and the subversion of our labor rights and environmental protections. But the public is unaware that the TPP even exists because neg
 otiators are keeping their proposals hidden,” said Ron Collins, chief of staff for the Communications Workers of America.  “Americans deserve the right to know what’s being proposed in our names.” 

“The TPP would allow transnational corporations to challenge environmental laws that protect our air, land and water. The TPP could lead to an explosion in natural gas and other energy exports — something that would expand dangerous fracking and accelerate global warming,” said Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth US.  “With such dire environmental impacts, it is no wonder U.S. trade negotiators want to prevent this pact from being debated in the open.”

The Leesburg TPP summit is the fourteenth major round of negotiations on the proposed trade and investment pact between the U.S. and countries throughout the Pacific Rim.  To date, the U.S. Trade Representative has refused to publicly release the texts of any of the proposals its office has made for a reported 26 separate chapters, covering everything from financial regulations and government procurement to food safety and the environment.  Meanwhile, approximately 600 corporate lobbyists have been granted access to the negotiating documents.  This is a rollback in transparency from many past trade negotiations.  The World Trade Organization publishes draft texts on its website, for example, and the Bush administration publicly released draft texts of the Free Trade Area of the Americas back in 2001.

“It’s outrageous that middlemen like Cargill and Land O’ Lakes are provided ongoing access to the negotiating texts, while the family farmers whose livelihoods will be affected by the TPP are being barred from commenting on specific texts until after the negotiations have concluded,” said Katherine Ozer, executive director of the National Family Farm Coalition.  “It’s only reasonable to expect farmers, consumers and the environment to suffer under such an imbalanced negotiating process.”

“Leaked texts reveal that U.S. negotiators are pushing for TPP provisions that would reduce access to lifesaving, generic medications — jacking up healthcare costs here at home and becoming a literal death sentence for people with AIDS and other treatable diseases in much of the world,” said Matthew Kavanagh, Director of U.S. Advocacy for HealthGAP.  “If I were a negotiator trying to ram through despicable provisions like that behind closed doors, I’d be afraid to let the public know what I was doing, too.”

Countries represented in this month’s negotiations are the United States, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam, but the TPP is also explicitly intended as a “docking agreement” that other nations will join over time.  Canada and Mexico will be joining during the December round of negotiations, and Japan and other countries have also expressed some interest in joining in the future.  The U.S. had been pushing to conclude the TPP negotiations this year, but they are now widely expected to continue into early 2013.  The U.S. Trade Representative has said that he expects Congress to grant “Fast Track” authority in order to speed the TPP through Congress outside of normal review, amendment and debate procedures. 

Sunday’s rally was endorsed by Amazon Watch, American Jobs Alliance, American Medical Student Association, Bergen County Green Party, Borneo Project, Bronx Greens, Brooklyn For Peace, Cheri Honkala (Green Party vice-presidential nominee), Citizens Trade Campaign, Communication Workers of America, Doctors for the 99%, Fair World Project, Family Farm Defenders, Frack Free Genesse, Friends of Animals United NY/NJ, Friends of the Earth, Global Exchange, Gas Free Seneca, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment, Gronowicz for Congress, Healthcare for the 99%, Health Global Access Project, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, International Brotherhood of Teamsters,, Jill Stein (Green Party presidential nominee), Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution, Manhattan Greens, Mingas Network, National Family Farm Coalition, NY Committee in Solidarity w/ the People of El Salvador, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, Occupy Astoria LIC, Occupy Wall Street Environmental Solidarity, Occupy Wall Street Labor Outreach Committee, Occupy Wall Street Trade Justice,, Organic Consumers Association, Penley Global Law, Pennsylvania Fair Trade Coalition, Peruvians in Action NY, Public Citizen, Queerocracy, Rainforest Action Network, Rainforest Relief, NY Whale and Dolphin Action League, Sierra Club, TradeJustice NY Metro, United Students Against Sweatshops, West Queens Greens, and Wetlands Activism Collective. In solidarity: Occupy Queens
For a reporters’ memo on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, visit:

This "trade deal" STINKS! FLUSH the TPP dot ORG REPORT from the frontline of the battle for human dignity over the lust for power....


FLUSHtheTPP.orgI'm writing from Baltimore after a few days of preparation for operation FLUSH the TPP!

The TPP is a "trade agreement" to hijack our social contract and replace it with corporate courts, of by and for the the mega-corporations, uber-persons-become-uber-citizens, while humanity is to be further commodified and reduced to lab rats in an experiment in greed.

The TPP rally in Leesburg, VA is tomorrow, TODAY! Saturday's Backbone Artful Activism workshop was fruitful. Trainer of trainers, Kim Marks gave a tour of the art of beautiful mischief, with Backbone amplifying and reinforcing with a verve we are very proud of.

I feel deeply grateful to the web of collaborators we have locked arms with.

Please pitch in to support our work in the coming week.

In collaboration and gratitude,

Bill Moyer

News Media Blind (Again) to GOP Racism


By Linn Washington, Jr.

The news media have failed once again to report a significant story about an example of the racism always so obvious at Republican National Conventions.

Entrepreneur in Empire State Saves World Economy

No joke.  A little innovative thinking and economic calculation, and someone has come up with a model in Niagara Falls that could restore the U.S. economy and every economy influenced by it, not to mention the natural environment and what's left of our miserable souls.

The Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station has long been an economic drain (military spending produces fewer jobs than energy or education or infrastructure spending or even tax cuts), an environmental disaster (with the ground poisoned, what can replace this airport?), and a symbol of corruption (with the military trying to get rid of it, Congress members have insisted on keeping the base around as a make-work jobs program protected from charges of Socialism purely by its connection to war).

Charley Bowman of the Western New York Peace Center has come up with an idea that could generate jobs, increase the area's clean energy production by 60% (and that's saying something in a place already benefitting from a fairly largish waterfall), avoid killing anybody anywhere in the world, and last as long as the sun shines, rather than as long as the Pentagon pigs out.  (Playing along with the general pretense that the Pentagon is already facing big cuts may be a strategic move in getting these sorts of projects going, but the Pentagon is almost guaranteed to really face enormous cuts before the sun does.) 

Bowman's idea is to cover the airport with solar panels.  Covering 8 million square meters would produce 546 ongoing jobs maintaining the panels, plus power for 110,000 homes.  Bowman has laid out various options and their costs and savings.  The cost to the public would be no more than we now spend.  Instead of one more military airport, we'd have all that clean energy and a model for the country showing how to develop a local economy.  (What locality in this country doesn't have a military boondoggle that could be put to better use?)  And if we kill fewer Pakistanis and Yemenis and Afghans and Iranians and Somalis in the process, generating a bit less hatred for our country, who's going to complain?  The newly employed?  I doubt it.  Those benefitting from the clean electricity?  We're talking about much of Western New York being powered by sunshine via panels that make a lot less noise and air pollution than military jets.  We could try this in Eastern New York and Northern Pennsylvania and Southern Massachusetts, and … 110,000 houses here, 110,000 houses there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.

Does this solution make sense?  Does it in fact make so much sense as to threaten the Pentagon's bureaucrats?  "Bureaucrat" is, of course, a French term meaning "We'll do things the way we've always done things even if it kills you."  Never fear, bureaucrats!  The Secretary of War is on the case.  Leon Panetta, who 20 years ago favored exactly the kind of conversion proposed by Bowman, swooped in to the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station on August 9th waving around giant bags of cash.   "We're committed to maintaining this base for the future," Panetta said. "It's important geographically, it's important to our mission going forward."  Aha! Bet you didn't see that coming!  We need an Air Reserve base in Niagara Falls to hold off the Canadian menace and suppress the growing violence between New York and Ohio.  It's the geographic importance!  Or Congresswoman Kathleen Hochul is a Democrat.  One or the other.  The solar lobby just doesn't buy campaigns the way war and oil profiteers do.  Bowman is proposing 546 jobs at $50,000 each, but for a mere $52,950 total dumped into Hochul's campaigns (according to, the "defense" industry seems to have out-bid him.

Senator Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., ($194,403) has come to the principled conclusion that the base should remain a military base, and the Pentagon should figure out some way to waste money on it.  Schumer assures us that Panetta is a "thoughtful, perceptive and caring" man who understands the base's importance to the Western New York economy, according to the Buffalo News.  But, Panetta warns, if Congress doesn't undo by next January the "cuts" to the military that it passed last year, heads will roll, jobs will be axed, and Western New York will be forced to employ more people at a lower cost while generating clean energy for its residents.  Are you scared yet?  Panetta's dire warning of $487 billion in cuts is, as he sometimes mentions, "over 10 years."  This means that the cuts sound bigger if you multiply them by 10.  That's all it means.  The annual cuts are $48 billion.  But not really, because the cuts are smaller while Panetta and his boss are actually around, with most of the cuts pushed off into the latter part of the 10-year period.  On top of which, the cuts are to dream budgets, not to actual budgets.  Panetta's teasing of the people of Niagara Falls (You'll lose your jobs! You'll keep your jobs!  You'll lose your jobs!) is the equivalent of Lockheed Martin's sending out phony pink slips to scare its workers, and both are the equivalent of a hot steaming pile of what comes out the far side of a well-fed bull.

Following Panetta's shakedown of Western New York for the war profiteers in Northern Virginia, Charley Bowman responded:

"The August 9 performance at the Niagara Falls Air Base by our elected representatives -- and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta -- can be summed up: jobs at the air base are only available through war or military research.  They should know better.  Following a 'lengthy' speech about the need for defense cuts, Panetta promised the frantic search will continue to discover a new military mission for the air base.  His intended message was: no third world country is off limits, as we continue  our struggle in the war on terror. With serious expressions on their faces, Schumer, Hochul and [Congressman Brian ($52,500)] Higgins nodded in agreement.  Secretary Panetta did bring $6 million with him saying a flight simulator will be built at the air base. None of our elected leaders brought up the fact that flight simulation does not need a functioning airport. Such simulation could be done just as well in an urban setting, such as Buffalo's East Side or downtown Niagara Falls. (During the 2.5 hour long vigil outside the Niagara Falls Air Base that day, I counted 3 planes landing -- barely surpassing the flight activity at grass landing strips in rural Western N.Y.)"

Worldwide Protests on Friday, August 24th at GM sites and U.S. and Colombian Embassies

International Call to Action:
Support the General Motors-Colombia Hunger Strikers

Thirteen members of ASOTRECOL, the Association of Injured and Ex-Workers of General Motors Colombia, launched a hunger strike on Wednesday, August 1st outside the U.S. embassy to demand that GM justly compensate, provide medical care, and reintegrate over 200 workers who were fired after suffering work-related injuries. As proof of their commitment, the workers have sewn their mouths shut and plan to carry out the hunger strike to the death. August 24th marks the 24th day of their to-the-death hunger strike and 387 days of a tent occupation in front of the U.S. embassy in Bogotá. General Motors walked out of negotiations on August 6th and has since refused to return to the table. A few days ago Colombian authorities shut off the electrical supply to the hunger strikers' camp, leaving them without light and necessary medical equipment.
Protests organized for August 24th
Detroit: GM Headquarters, 300 Renaissance Center --- 12pm
Washington D.C.: Capitol Hill --- 12pm

New York: Colombian Consulate --- 12pm
Bogotá: U.S. Embassy, 24/7
São Paulo: Colombian Embassy
Hanover: Colombian Embassy
SPONSORS (as of 8/22): Witness for Peace; United Steel Workers; São José Metal Workers Union, Brazil (Sindicato dos Metalurgicos de São José dos Campos e Região); International Automotive Workers Council (Internationaler Automobilarbeiterratschlag); Service Employees International Union 32 BJ; Occupy Wall Street Labor Outreach Committee; South East Michigan Jobs with Justice; Washtenaw Community Action Team; Graduate Employees’ Organization, AFT-Michigan, Local 3550; Lecturer Employees' Organization, AFT-Michigan, Local 6244; Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice; Moratorium Now!; U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange; Autoworkers Caravan; Organization for a Free Society; Solidarity; International Action Center
ASOTRECOL website:

Tell the City of Charlotte and the Democratic National Convention: Support the City Workers’ Demands for Basic Workers’ Rights!

Click HERE to sign

August 13 Charlotte City Picket Workers Charlotte Aug 13 Picket

Click HERE to sign and send a message to the Charlotte City Council, the Obama administration, the Democratic National Convention Committee and others, telling them you support the City of Charlotte workers' demands for a city ordinance enacting a City Workers Bill of Rights.

Support the City of Charlotte Workers' Demands for a city ordinance inacting a City Workers Bill of Rights calling for:

Equal across-the-board raises for all workers, not "merit" raises
An End to unfair disciplines
Payroll union dues deduction
Meet-and-confer with union representatives
Collective bargaining rights

Click HERE to sign!

Let's Start a Medicare and Social Security Action (MASS Action) Party!


By Dave Lindorff

If you want to know how moribund the Democratic Party is, how completely owned by Wall Street the president is, and how sick our national politics have become, just consider Social Security.

Democracies Don't Start Wars, But Fake Democracies Sure Do!



By Dave Lindorff

We’ve all heard it said by our teachers when we were in school, we’ve all heard it said by politicians, including presidents: “Democracies don’t start wars.”

US Leadership Increasingly Just Serves Big Corporate Donors


By Dave Lindorff

This article originally appeared on the website of PressTV

When the Military Had Less Money It Produced More Jobs

Never mind these facts, we must spend more more MORE on the military or we'll all die of something other than the military!

Olympic Security's Dual Motive: Conservative English Officials Ignore Lessons of 2011 Riots


By Linn Washington, Jr. 

One year after riots rocked 66 areas across England for five days in some of the worst disturbances in that nation’s history, the issue that initially ignited those disturbances – police abuse – remains an unresolved problem.

America a Democracy? Really?

By Dave Lindorff

This article was originally written forPressTV

We Americans are taught it in school. The propaganda put out by Voice of America repeats the idea ad nauseum around the globe. Politicians refer to it in every campaign speech with the same fervor that they claim to be running for office in response to God’s call: America is a model of democracy for the whole world.

But what kind of democracy is it really that we have here? 

Guilty Conscience or Cynical Ploy? Architect of Too-Big-to-Fail Banks Says It Was a ‘Mistake’


By Dave Lindorff

Imagine for a moment what would happen if former President George W. Bush were to give an interview on television and declare that his invasion of Iraq, and the ensuing nine years of death and mayhem that resulted from that war, had been the wrong thing to do. Imagine if he were to say of that decision, “Mistakes were made.”

Demanding that Chipotle’s ‘Food With Integrity’ Include Farmworkers, Calling on the Restaurant Chain to Commit to the Fair Food Program

Florida Farmworkers and Allies from Around the Country Announce National Day of Action

Immokalee, FL (July 25th, 2012):  

This Wednesday, July 25th, conscientious consumers and fair food advocates in 25 cities around the nation will call on Chipotle Mexican Grill in a National Day of Action, demanding that the restaurant chain live up to its marketing image as a socially responsible corporation and join the Fair Food Program, an innovative program pioneered by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, an organization of Florida farmworkers. 

The Fair Food Program is a unique partnership among farmworkers, tomato growers, and ten leading food retailers – including major fast food corporations Subway, McDonald’s and Burger King – that advances both the human rights of farmworkers and the long-term interests of the Florida tomato industry. It is the first large scale program for real, lasting social accountability in the domestic produce industry. The program improves the wages and working conditions of Florida farmworkers by committing major buyers of tomatoes to pay a premium of a “penny per pound” of tomatoes to be passed through to farmworkers by the growers for whom they work, and to target their purchases to growers willing to implement the Fair Food Code of Conduct developed together by farmworkers, growers and buyers.

Talk Nation Radio: U.S. Poverty Is Expanding and Worsening

Poverty in the United States is surrounded by myths and misunderstanding.  Poverty is expanding, and extreme poverty is expanding.  The social safety net is retracting.  Congress has just slashed food stamps.  But corporate media coverage that misleads us on the nature and causes of poverty is neither expanding nor improving.  Karen Dolan is a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and coordinator of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.  She discusses this project, which is producing reporting on poverty while providing work to unemployed and under-employed journalists. Learn more at

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The Spread of Sacrifice Zones

Chris Hedges' and Joe Sacco's new book, "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt," is a treasure. Hedges wrote the plain text. Sacco produced the text-heavy cartoon sections and other illustrations, which even I -- not a big fan of cartoon books -- found to enrich this book enormously.

Elmer in Dairyland


By Charles M. Young

Between college and graduate school, I worked for a year in a factory in Verona, Wisconsin, which is a few miles and a paradigm shift outside of Madison. It wasn’t the worst place to work. We had a union. We had benefits. We chopped, folded and riveted large sheets of metal and turned them into the air diffusers that you can see in the ceilings of theaters and other large buildings.

'Our imperative is to promote growth and jobs,' G-8 Leaders

By Michael Collins
So, now it's an imperative to "promote growth."

The joint statement (full text after the jump) from the G-8 meeting in Chicago documents the utter failure of the very leaders who issued it.  Were they capable leaders with the least knowledge of economic downturns, the statement would not be necessary.  Nevertheless, they deserve some credit for admitting their deficiencies.  Unfortunately, they have no serious solutions.  (Image Banksy)

The joint statement has some weasel words like "We commit to fiscal responsibility" to balance the urgent words about growth and jobs".  That reflects the atavistic positions of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron.  Merkel suffered a huge set back in the Westphalia  state elections with her Christian Democratic Party losing 25% to 50%.  Corporate media maintains that her popularity as a leader is higher than ever.

Her Scrooge faction comrade, PM Cameron is also pushing austerity.  Nobody can pretend that his polling is any better than his party.  The Conservatives were wiped out in local elections and Cameron is going down without a life jacket.

Texas and the World Say NO to a "NAFTA of the Pacific"

The TPP Opening Bash
Global Activist Reception & Teach-in on the Trans-Pacific Partnership
     Thursday, May 10, 2012
     Reception at 6:00pm  *  Teach-in at 7:00pm
     Community Center for Cooperation
2900 Live Oak St  *  Dallas, TX
     Free and open to the public


As trade negotiators from throughout the Pacific Rim continue to meet in Addison to hammer out final details on the secretive new Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement, it is worth exploring what trade policy has meant and could mean for the economy, the environment and democracy itself.

The TPP is poised to become the largest trade deal of its kind ever.  It is likely to influence the types of jobs available in our communities; the wages and benefits that many jobs pay; tax revenues available for public services; greenhouse gas emissions and the environment; access to affordable, generic medications; consumer safety standards; financial regulations; the health of family farms; global migration patterns; and more. 


Corporate lobbyists are advocating for a business-as-usual vision for international trade - but veteran "trade justice" campaigners from around the country and around the world are offering alternative visions on what trade policy could mean to communities at home and abroad.   


Rub elbows, ask questions and scheme with long-time trade justice champions from the U.S. and beyond during a free, public reception from 6:00 to 7:00pm, followed immediately by a panel discussion featuring:

  • Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, on the significance of the Dallas Round of TPP negotiations
  • Celeste Drake, trade policy specialist at the national AFL-CIO, on the potential economic impacts of the TPP
  • Ilana Solomon, trade representative for the national Sierra Club, on the TPP's threats to the environment
  • Sanya Reid Smith, an attorney with the Third World Network, on the TPP's rollback of access to medicine and the global movement around it
  • Kelli Seals-Obazee, executive director of the Dallas Peace Center will moderate

NEW:  Please help us spread the word by promoting the new Facebook event page!/events/429902193705698/.


Sponsored by the Dallas Peace Center, Texas Fair Trade Coalition and Citizens Trade Campaign.  This is one of several events taking place will the TPP negotiations occur at the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel from May 8 to 16.  Learn more at  For more info, please contact the Texas Fair Trade Coalition at (512) 912-6630.

First-of-its-kind "Refrain From Political Spending" Resolution to Be Voted on Today at Bank of America Shareholder Meeting

Resolution would ask the corporation to opt out of the unlimited, often secret spending ability afforded to it by the Supreme Court in Citizens United
*UPDATE:* On Tuesday, May 8, at 3M Corp.’s shareholder meeting, investors urged the board to adopt the resolution to refrain from spending the company’s general treasury funds on influencing elections. Despite evidence that political spending can lower stock performance, the board voted down the measure.

The ‘Subsidized’ Loan Charade: The US Government is Profiteering on Struggling Students

By Dave Lindorff

The Senate is currently deadlocked on taking action to prevent the interest on new Stafford guaranteed student loans from rising on July 1 from 3.4% to 6.8%, with Democrats saying they want to “pay for” keeping the current “lower” 3.4% rate by closing a loophole that allows some wealthy people to avoid paying Social Security and Medicare taxes, while Republicans want to “pay for” keeping the lower rate by eliminating a fund for preventative health care in the 2010 health care reform law.

But what is all this nonsense about “paying for” a supposedly “lower” interest rate of 3.4%?

Bank of America Prepares for Shareholders Meeting as if Under Assault

Bank of America has hired G4S for its shareholder meeting.  According to Wikipedia:

"G4S plc (formerly Group 4 Securicor) (LSEGFS, OMXG4S) is a global security services company headquartered in Crawley, United Kingdom. It is the world's largest security company measured by revenues and has operations in more than 125 countries.[2][3] With over 630,000 employees, it is the world's second-largest private sector employer (after Wal-Mart Stores).[2][4]"

G4S and its subsidiary Wackenhut have a lengthy criminal record:

"In March of 2006, whistle-blowers employed at Wackenhut released information to the press revealing that the company cheated on an anti-terrorism drill at a US nuclear site.

"... In 2009, an Aboriginal man from Western Australia died of heat stroke after being transported in a G4S (then GSL) van without air conditioning or water.[26]

"... On June 13, 2010, a video posted on YouTube by documentary filmmaker James Fox showed Wackenhut guards preventing reporters from covering the BP oil spill.[30]

"... In October 2010, three G4S-guards heavily restrained and held down 46-year old Angolan deportee Jimmy Mubenga on departing British Airways flight 77, at Heathrow Airport. Security guards kept him restrained in his seat as he began shouting and seeking to resist his deportation. Police and paramedics were called when Mubenga lost consciousness. The aircraft, which had been due to lift off, then returned to the terminal.[31] Mubenga was pronounced dead later that evening at Hillingdon hospital.[32]"

The kind souls from G4S, being housed in two downtown hotels by B of A, will be joined by off-duty police hired by B of A, wearing their police uniforms, and empowered to arrest on B of A's behalf and at the order of B of A security.

What is this militarized, privatized emergency preparation for? 

Are foreign armies descending upon the shareholders meeting of the Bank of America?


Actually citizens of the Country of America.  Newspaper headlines explain:

Bank of America braces for protesters onslaught

"In Charlotte, protesters are expected to demand a complete halt to foreclosures, forgiveness of student loan debt, a stop to financing coal projects, an end to political spending and an end to seven-figure compensation packages."

Uh oh. More cops! More guns! Quick! What would Bloomberg do?

The protesters' plans, of course, are for a nonviolent march and rally.

B of A billionaires aren't afraid for their physical safety.  They're afraid their shareholders may side with their victims.

'Human Rights Won’t Get in the Way': The Selling Out of a Chinese Dissident


By Dave Lindorff


There are two truths about the US that come clearly to the fore in the current diplomatic blow-up between the US and China over the case of people’s lawyer Chen Guangcheng, though neither is really getting stated in the corporate media coverage of the story.


The first is that the US does not, and has not really ever, cared about the issue of human rights abuses in China, and the second is that the Obama administration, including the supposedly “tough” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, doesn’t know squat about how to negotiate -- not when it comes to dealing with Republicans in Congress, and certainly not when it comes to China.


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