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Prof. Jonathan Turley (GWU): "If Torture Occurred, he..." (Bush) "...Ordered It"

Investigation into CIA tapes

Jan. 2: An official criminal investigation was opened in the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes. Jonathan Turley, Constitutional Law Professor at George Washington University, discusses with Keith Olbermann.

Gee, tell me again, why those tapes - the EVIDENCE of torture - disappeared?


MSNBC says they are working so users can embed video ("in BETA").

Part 2: Media Broadcasts THE PEOPLE'S PARADE At The Rose Parade New Years Day

2008 WRC Press Conference
Cindy Sheehan speaking at WRC Press Conference

In my article on New Years Eve (, the night before the Pasadena Rose Parade and our White Rose Coalition's (WRC) unauthorized PEOPLE'S PARADE FOR DEMOCRACY, I questioned whether media would step up patriotically to broadcast our message to IMPEACH Bush & Cheney and END THE WAR. We were well aware that media would already be present in huge numbers, since it capitalizes handsomely on Rose Parade revenues every year. But we also knew, through previous disappointments, the difficulty in getting corporate press to broadcast negative public sentiment toward Bush, Cheney, and War.

With our Democracy in decline, an immoral war raging on, criminals and cowards controlling our government, and H.R. 1955 and S. 1959 threatening our First Amendment freedoms, our White Rose Coalition believed it had a duty to begin 2008 with the clarion call to Americans that this is the year to RISE UP. After weeks of strategizing under the inspired and frenetic leadership of Los Angeles National Impeachment Center (LANIC) Director, Peter Thottam, we ventured forward with our action. With visuals in tow, our group of 350 to 400 patriots from a dozen pro-peace/pro-impeachment organizations, embarked on our mission to usher in 2008 with THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHING.

Much to the delight of our 2008 White Rose Coalition, a substantial number of media actually did turn out. While the coverage was no where near what we would have liked, it exceeded our expectations.

Here's the follow-up report to my article: "Will Media Broadcast THE PEOPLE'S PARADE At The Rose Parade New Year's Day?":

ABCNews: Sources: Bhutto Was to Give U.S. Lawmakers Vote-Rigging Report

Sources: Bhutto was to give U.S. lawmakers vote-rigging report

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- On the day she died, Benazir Bhutto planned to hand over to visiting U.S. lawmakers a report accusing Pakistan's intelligence services of a plot to rig parliamentary elections, sources close to the slain former Pakistani prime minister told CNN Tuesday.

Will Media Broadcast "THE PEOPLE'S PARADE" At The Rose Parade New Years Day??

Here's a little puzzle to ponder. Consider these two American institutions... then guess which institutions they are??

One institution is over 200 years old and the product of passion, commitment, creativity and pain-staking labor. It is present every New Years Day in Pasadena, California, but it is NEVER seen.

The second institution is a spectacular floral extravaganza, over 100 years of age. It is also the product of passion, commitment, creativity and pain-staking labor. It, too, is present every New Years Day in Pasadena, but it is ALWAYS seen. The vision of the second displays its majesty. The majesty of the first displays its vision.

The first, much older UNSEEN institution allows the second institution to be seen. Without the presence of the first and older institution, the younger institution might not be.

Can you guess which institutions these are? Allow me fill you in.

CBS 2 LA: Peace Activists To March Before Rose Parade

Peace Activists To March Before Rose Parade

PASADENA, Calif. (CBS) ― Peace activists said they intend to march down Colorado Boulevard two hours before the Rose Parade begins, calling for an end to the Iraq war and for the impeachment of the President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

A group calling itself the White Rose Coalition said its members intend to march past the TV camera platforms at the Norton Simon Museum at 6 a.m. on New Year's Day.

Pasadena police said they had just learned of the protest and are checking on the legality of the march. An official said the police department would make an announcement on how the protest would be handled later on Sunday.

Bush to Veto Defense Bill

Bush to Veto Defense Bill
John Garcia |

ABC's Jon Garcia reports: President George Bush today said he intends to veto the $696 billion defense authorization that would include a pay raise for military personnel and fund the overhaul of veterans' health care program.

Hey Media!! Pencils UP For John Edwards!!

Mainstream media's (MSM's) manufactured Presidential campaign, spun by corporate punditz, has been a frustrating slog for John Edwards' supporters. Not because Edwards, himself, is disappointing. Quite the contrary. Edwards' supporters across the nation remain steadfastly loyal to their candidate, and to his unwavering commitment to a pro-PEOPLE/non-CORPORATE America.

It's the corporate media that's the problem. It's the fact that John Edwards is the target of agenda journalism which undermines his popularity and the extent to which his message resonates nationwide.

There are two rationales for MSM's strategy to weaken John Edwards:

Philadelphia Inquirer Opinion: Impeach Cheney Now!

Impeach Cheney Now
Philadelphia Inquirier
The allegations that he abused power are credible.

U.S. Reps. Robert Wexler (D., Fla.), Luis Gutierrez (D., Ill.) and Tammy Baldwin (D., Wis.)

are members of the Judiciary Committee

From Sea to Shining Sea - East Coasters Will Gather at Philly's Mummers Parade In Anti-War, Pro-Impeachment Demonstration

East coasters are joining the west coast Rose Parade White Rose Coalition protest in kicking off the New Year by staging an anti-war, pro-impeachment protest at the 107th annual Mummers Parade in Philadelphia. The multi-event extravaganza lasts from the wee hours of the morning to well after dark; some don't sleep for 24 hours!

Activists are planning to assembled between 6 AM - 7 AM on Tuesday, Jan. 1st at the intersection of Broad & Washington in Philadelphia.

Santa Barbara CA City Council Unanimously Passed Resolution to Return Our Troops Home

Council urges withdrawal of troops

Thunderous applause, cheers, whistles and the claps of enthusiastic high-fives filled the Santa Barbara City Council Chambers Tuesday evening following the unanimous passage of a resolution urging the cessation of combat operations in Iraq and the withdrawal of American troops.

Perry Kucinich, Dennis' Brother, Found Dead

We express our sympathy to Dennis and Elizabeth and their families on the death of Dennis' brother, Perry.


CLEVELAND, Ohio (CBS) ― According to media reports the 52-year old brother of Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has been found dead.

Perry Kucinich was found dead in his home, by a third brother, Larry Kucinich.

Maxine & Ted - Don't Call Us If You Call Us Terrorists

On October 23rd, Congress voted to stifle Americans' right to dissent when it passed House Resolution 1955, the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007," sponsored by California Congresswoman, Jane Harman. In sanctioning the ambiguous definitions for "homeland terrorism" contained in this bill, Congress equated American participatory democracy to American "homegrown terror." The First Amendment is under assault:

Judge: White House Visitor Logs are Public Documents

Judge: White House visitor logs are public documents
Bill Mears |

The White House must release its visitor logs and cannot hide behind a shield of privilege, a federal judge ruled Monday. The Bush administration has resisted public disclosure while it fights a lawsuit over alleged political influence by conservative Christian leaders.

From Deep in the Heart of Texas, Impeachment Voices Rise Up


The coalition of groups and individuals delivered 337 petitions to the Fort Worth city council last night. (Coalition of CodePink, Tarrant County Green Party, North Texas Peace and Justice Org, 1919 Hemphill (The Space, and individuals). In keeping with the well known knowledge that local, grass roots organization is the mode in which the corruption, the war, and all social justice problems are ultimately resolved, we presented eloquently and without hesitation.

Journey to an Impeachment Vote

Journey to an Impeachment Vote
Anna Givens | Progressive Democrats of America

On December 4, the city council of Santa Rosa, CA (pop. 158,000) passed a resolution brought by the Resolution to Impeach Coalition petitioning Congress to initiate investigations for the Impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

Bush Administration Urges Judge Not to Inquire About Destruction of CIA Interrogation Tapes

Judge Urged Not to Ask About CIA Tapes
Bush Administration Urges Judge Not to Inquire About Destruction of CIA Interrogation Tapes

The Bush administration told a federal judge it was not obligated to preserve videotapes of CIA interrogations of suspected terrorists and urged the court not to look into the tapes' destruction.

Imagine a Campaign that Called for Slashing Military Spending 75%

While the Democratic and Republican candidates for president blather on about non-issues like who will be meaner to immigrants, who will use the most water on torture victims, who wanted to be president at the youngest age, who’s the best Christian and other such nonsense, and while Congress and the president dance their meaningless dance of pretend conflict, let’s for a moment ponder something more momentous.

Protest the Des Moines Register for Excluding Dennis Kucinich from Debate

Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich is being excluded from today's debate.

Okay folks ! Let's call the Des Moines Register and PROTEST !!! There are two numbers listed on directory assistance: 515-280-3271 and 800-365-4692

Send your angry emails!

How dare the "fourth estate" - the guardians of our "democracy" - exclude the major progressive candidate!

Kucinich, Top-Rated Democrat, Excluded From Des Moines Register Debate

Kucinich, Top-Rated Democrat, Excluded From Des Moines Register Debate |

The highest polling Democratic Presidential candidate among the Party's progressive, grassroots, activist base, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, has been excluded from the Des Moines Register-sponsored Presidential debate here on Thursday because his Iowa field director operates from a home office rather than a rented storefront.

In DC? Join New Orleanians in Protesting Demolition of Homes With Far Fewer Rebuilt


If you are in the DC area please join us tomorrow in front of HUD during your lunch break.

If you are not in the area you can read Bill Quigley's article HUD Sends New Orleans Bulldozers and $400,000 Apartments for the Holidays or visit AdvancementProject.Org to get more information about the issue to pass along to friends and colleagues.

Black is White. And (For Bush at Least) No Nukes is Bad News

By Dave Lindorff

President Bush got run off the track by the CIA analysts over at the Langley, who apparently, after being trampled by Vice President Dick Cheney and his Neo-Con and AIPAC-backed hordes into twisting intelligence into lies about Iraq’s non-existent nuclear and WMD programs in 2002, decided that they wouldn’t do the same thing this time on Iran for two lame-duck warmongers.


revolutionary tricorn hat

With our beloved Constitution under attack, and new legislation (H.R. 1955 and S. 1959) that will further usurp our freedoms, Americans are reaching back into history for the familiarity of their Revolutionary past. American freedom fighters, determined to reNEW their democracy, are digging into the fashion of their Founders, donning tricorn hats, and preparing to reNEW their Constitution.

The New American Revolutionaries are here!

Pledge Not to Ship With FedEx Ground This Holiday

Anyone up for a little solidarity?
Pledge Not to Ship With FedEx Ground This Holiday
FedEx has built a successful company on the backs of its drivers while pledging to "never recognize any unions" at the company. Only public pressure will drive FedEx Ground's leadership to stop harassing workers and meet them at the bargaining table. Take this pledge to show your support for the drivers at FedEx Ground.

It's easy: just don't use FedEx Ground for your holiday deliveries this year. We'll deliver the signatures to FedEx to show them we mean business.
Full Petition Text:...

Wake-Up Call

By Dave Lindorff

I’m looking out my window here in southeastern Pennsylvania at a wild cherry tree that, on November 28, is still covered in green leaves. A butterfly bush nearer to the house is still blooming. We have yet to have a “killing” frost this year in this part of Pennsylvania, though just five years ago and earlier, such frosts were the rule by mid October, and sometimes even came at the end of September.

War-Making is a Socialist Government Program

War-making is a socialist government program, hobgoblin of the right
posted on November 19th, 2007 by Don Williams
I’m amused when far right ideologues denounce equitable health care, affordable housing and other safety net features of liberal democracies as “socialized medicine” or other derisive labels. Such offenders of language are insulted when I fire back: “There’s nothing more socialized than the U.S. military.” It’s true. Every soldier gets government housing, price-fixed salaries, government education (indoctrination into killing), health care, clothing and much more. And with an annual budget that threatens decades or centuries more of national debt to finance war in the name of “spreading democracy,” children not yet born will pay for our socialized army should civilization last long enough...

Term Limits For Congress - Let's Restart The Discussion

Last week I turned on CSpan. I planned to watch the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the FISA Amendments Act of 2007, which contained the issue of telecom company immunity.

On my TV appeared the usual suspects - current Committee Chair Patrick Leahy (D-VT), former Committee Chair and current ranking member Arlen Specter (R-PA), and former two time Committee Chair Orrin Hatch (R-UT). Their faces were all too familiar, and their seats were all too owned.

Between Leahy, who took office in 1974, Hatch, who took office in 1976, and Specter, who took office in 1980, and who's served on the Judiciary Committee since day one, I was staring at a cumulative 91 years on the job.

Damn that's a lot of years! - 33 for Leahy, 31 for Hatch, and 27 for Specter.

Hillary Clinton's SMUG MUG & Her Bush-like Disdain For Dissenters

After nearly seven long years of Americans being derided by a smug dictatorial President, there is a near compulsion amongst the electorate to choose a leader in 2008 who understands participatory democracy. A leader who sees the President as the RESPRESENTATIVE and SERVANT of The People. A leader who accepts dissent and dissenters - not simply as Constitutionally ordained - but as sincere patriotic investors in their nation.

Under the regime of George W. Bush, those who oppose him have been ridiculed and persecuted. Patriots are arrested and jailed when disputing his policies. The FBI has compiled a list of citizens charged with misdemeanors for non-violently opposing the war on Iraq, rendition, torture, and other unConstitutional and impeachable crimes of his administration.

RCMP Tasers Man to Death at Vancouver Airport

Does anyone else think it's time to take away thier tasers?

Taser video shows RCMP shocked immigrant within 25 seconds of their arrival Last Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2007 | 12:52 PM ET CBC News

An eyewitness's video recording of a man dying after being stunned with a Taser by police on Oct. 14 at Vancouver International Airport has been released to the public.

The 10-minute video recording clearly shows four RCMP officers talking to Robert Dziekanski while he is standing with his back to a counter and with his arms lowered by his sides, but his hands are not visible.

About 25 seconds after police enter the secure area where he is, there is a loud crack that sounds like a Taser shot, followed by Dziekanski screaming and convulsing as he stumbles and falls to the floor.

Another loud crack can be heard as an officer appears to fire one more Taser shot into Dziekanski.

As the officers kneel on top of Dziekanski and handcuff him, he continues to scream and convulse on the floor....

Two Brothers and Two Scandals

By Dave Lindorff

The State Department’s top internal investigator, Inspector General Howard Krongard, revealed in a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing Tuesday, that his brother, Alvin B. Krongard, was a member of the advisory board of Blackwater, the very private mercenary company whose bloody, murderous behavior the IG office was supposed to be investigating.

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